CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A Harrison County woman who was on probation for a drug charge is now accused of child neglect after allegedly taking illegal prescription drugs, passing out on one of her twin babies and suffocating him.

Tricia Brooke Moore McCoy, 27, of Shinnston, and her husband, Clovis Harold McCoy, Jr., 32, were charged with child neglect resulting in death and child neglect creating a risk of serious injury or death — both felonies.

Clovis McCoy is accused of giving Xanax to Tricia Moore and then leaving her alone with the kids, knowing she was under the influence.

Ms. Moore allegedly told investigators with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department she took several pills before sitting on her bed, last Tuesday, while holding her baby boy who was three months old.

The other twin, said to be a girl, was not injured and is now being cared for through Child Protective Services.

If convicted, the McCoys could be sentenced to spend a decade behind bars.

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  • r u kidding me?!

    I knew this worthless girl and her POS husband. They both deserve to rot in prison and have the keys thrown away. They both have been in and out of jail and have been given chance after chance to stay clean. And she already had 2 kids taken away from her now she lost 2 more. And she should of known better than to take xanax on top of subutex especially while caring for her 3 month old babies. I heard he will be getting out soon and be on 3 year supervised probation and she will get maybe 4 years. There is no justice for what was done!! Zaiden is gone and I believe that poor innocent and precious baby deserves more than that. They will have an even harder time when they get out than either one realizes. They are best to not come back into Harrison county bc no one has forgave either one of them for the death of Zaiden and their hazardous lifestyle that led to all of this for the family to be the ones left to clean up the mess. Oh and she has a baby on the way again. Another for her family to raise, not her! While she's in prison and after giving birth to her 5th child they should castrate her!!

  • Manson

    They need to be on suicide watch now that they see what a murderous scam their coping mechanism has turned out to be.

  • Brian

    Time for the liberals to wake up. It's just a matter of time before they start blaming the drug manufacturers for this senseless death. They'll blame guns, drugs, economics, race, gender and sexual orientation for everything - all the while overlooking the gross lack of personal responsibility that's the cancer of this country. Let's hope intelligent minds intervene and put children in responsible hands. Why not drug testing? Everybody outside the home that deals with kids must be, why not those inside the home collecting a check?

  • Test them all or none

    It's time for random drug testing for every body on the state payroll and government assistance. That includes all state employees, welfare, state and federal assistance recipients, etc. Don't ask your citizens to do something you aren't prepared to adhere to or abide by. So when everyone who is on the state payroll submits to these requirements, then I am all for it as drug abuse is now prevalent at all levels of employment and assistance program recipients. It's everywhere. I am no longer shocked at who is abusing prescription meds or illegal drugs. Get your head out of the sand and start testing those on the state payroll and assistance.

    • loresca

      They don't test everybody because it would be entirely too expensive, unless you want taxes raised quite a bit more, perhaps they should just bill YOU for the cost of all these tests. I agree a lot of people in all sectors are abusing drugs, both legal and illegal, but there are also a lot who DO NOT. Way to waste tax $$$

  • stating the obvious

    Ten years isn't enough. I bet these people were on government assistance. If they would only make drug testing a requirement to recieve assistance, so many children could be saved from their so called parents who are too doped up to watch a dog let alone children. So sad.

    • really

      Why do people always assume when a crime happens the "criminal/s" must be on welfare of some sort? And to say they deserve hung, killed or jailed for life?? Have some compassion! I hate, absolutely HATE that a poor, innocent baby died but drug addiction IS a disease just as diabetes and cancer. It's progressive and fatal. But it's stigmatized. I actually know this girl, I'm not condoning what she did and I wasn't friends with her, to be honest I didn't really like her but addiction is real. It doesn't discriminate, poor or rich, black or white, young or old

      • really

        ...young or old, it's everywhere. It's sad. It causes tradgedies. But don't assume. In fact, I'm pretty sure she wasn't on any assistance. And I'm SURE as the sun sets and rises, after coming out of her drugged haze, no one is more upset over her actions than she is. I'm praying for her, her family, and surviving baby. COMPASSION.

        • really

          Oh, and before anyone gets my words twisted, I'm not saying she deserves no punishment. But all the negative comments... and, agreed, suicide watch indeed. She's got to be torn up over what she unintentionally did. WV, plain and simple, needs more drug treatment centers!!!

          • JK

            WOW. This seriously makes me laugh. Are you that stupid? Seriously? A NEWBORN died bc of this girls so called "disease." I've said it once and I'll say it again, I DON'T CARE who you are, what you make, or what color you are, if you want to go do drugs or whatever, fine do it, overdose and kill yourself, but DO NOT put a helpless childs life at risk. K THANKS BYE !

  • taylor collins

    Down right disgusting. A decade doesn't replace an innocent child who didn't ask to be in this world. The parents deserve to be neglected and hung. God bless the baby girl to a family whom will love her and the innocent angel who will carry her through life because his was taken. So sad.

  • ViennaGuy

    The child paid the price for the parents' irresponsibility ... how sad.

  • DWL

    Guess there weren't an special concerns on this case.

  • Phil

    She should have never been out if jail to create another victim. 95% of all crime is drug related.