CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Have you bought a flower while filling your gas tank or grabbing a snack?

Fundraising efforts to benefit the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia continue at 500 convenience and grocery stores across the Mountain State.

Less than three weeks remain in the “Every Child Deserves a Loving Home” campaign from the West Virginia Oil Marketers and Grocers Association.

“As you pass convenience stores and grocery stores throughout West Virginia, you will see a large pink flower in the windows or on the coolers throughout the stores,”¬†explained Jan Vineyard, president of OMEGA.

“We are selling (those flowers) to promote Children’s Home Society which helps West Virginia children.”

The flowers are being sold for $1 from now through Mother’s Day.¬† “It adds up,” said Vineyard.

Last year, OMEGA stores raised $93,000 for the Children’s Home Society which operates eleven homes in West Virginia and works with children in foster care or awaiting adoption.

Currently in West Virginia, she said there are 1,200 children who need adopted and 4,000 being cared for outside of their homes.¬† “We’re trying to make a difference for West Virginia’s children,” she said.

This year, the participating stores include Little General Stores, One Stop, Par Mar Oil Company, BFS Foods, DeFazio Oil Company, Go-Mart, TWJ, R.T. Rogers Oil Company, Stop In Food Stores and the Kanawha City Foodland.

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  • Luther

    What type of fundraiser are they going to do that involves fathers? What has the CHS of WV done to further the cause of the male parent?

    CHS of WV is a group of poorly educated social workers with a feminine bias.

    When was the last time you heard CHS of WV do an outreach to fathers?

    Sexist, second generation feminists.

    • WVnative

      Actually CHS provides lots of training for fathers and does a number of activities with fathers and the children. This fundraiser comes from the fact that Mother's Day started in WV.

  • Frank/Moundsville

    Beware of all these charities "helping kids". Most of them end up just enriching the adults running them. Don't be a sucker, even for one dollar.

    • WVnative

      As someone who works for the Children's Home Society, you need to check your facts before you comment. The Society puts every dollar it brings in to helping foster families care for children.

      Frankly, your comment is insulting and maybe you should volunteer with the Society to give you some perspective.

      Here's the link to the organization's page:

  • Fred

    If Ms Vineyard (a gasoline industry lobbyist) and her pals want to help the state's children perhaps they should pay a living wage to their clerks, many of whom are single mothers.

    • Steve

      Well put, Fred. Also, many of these charities mismanage their money and do not put it where it belongs. I have worked in residential settings for children and can attest to that.