MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia four-star commitment Jovon Durante endured an interesting Easter weekend, reportedly flipping to Alabama and then refuting those reports as inaccurate.

WVU class of 2015 receiver commitment Jovon Durante has offers from Alabama, Florida State, Auburn and numerous other high-profile programs. reported that Durante—a Miami-area receiver who pledged to WVU last July—was among five high-profile 2015 recruits who committed to the Crimson Tide following Saturday’s A-Day spring game. But Durante subsequently denied those reports, though he was on campus in Tuscaloosa and reportedly maintains an interest in Alabama.

Durante’s stock has only risen since Mountaineers assistant JaJaun Seider landed his commitment last summer, part of a 2015 class that some recruiting analysts are projecting as West Virginia’s best ever. Along with Alabama, the 6-foot-1, 180-pound Durante holds offers from the likes of Auburn, LSU, Florida State, Florida, Miami and USC.

Another South Florida receiver who joined Durante in Tuscaloosa this weekend, Rivals five-star prospect Calvin Ridley of Pompano Beach, committed to Alabama. That could bode well for WVU, if Durante doesn’t want to join a Crimson Tide class that includes two top receivers and two other highly rated “athletes” who project as possible receivers.

Stay tuned for more updates Durante, who’s among 10 commitments currently on board to sign with the Mountaineers next February.

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  • Gangsta lean

    Look all these dumbazz hillbilly crackas posting about real playas

  • B

    I tell ya, if Holgerson can't recruit the best athletes with all the money that is being pumped into the program, then he needs to go. The embarrassing amount of money that WVU and it's fans have committed, has not been the answer so far. I wish that money could be directed to help the good students who want a quality education instead going to satisfy the silly needs of a group of over aged, jock- sniffing adults.

  • Protechcpa

    Like many of you, I am a Mountaineer by birth and that runs deep. I live and die with the success of WVU sports teams and I inherited that from my father, God rest his soul. Having said that, we must accept the fact that WVU will NEVER be in a position to compete head to head with the likes of Alabama or any of the other national power house schools. NCAA football is about long standing tradition and more than anything, MONEY. West Virginia does not have the market or the standing to go toe to toe with the elite. If the unionization of players comes to pass, it gets worse. In that scenario, which schools will bleed out first? Deep pockets always win. We will have to settle for going from Kings of Nothing (Big Least) to once in a decade contenders. Tough pill to swallow, but I have no plans to jump ship. Mountaineer for life!!!!!!!

    • markd95

      Gangsta lean, B and Protechcpa all loosers. You don't have a team so f-off. Especially Protechcpa, a hippocrit.

    • GoEers

      So does that mean that Texas and Oklahoma state aren't considered elite schools? Those are two teams that WVu has beaten the last two years.

  • GoEers

    I sure hope this kid stays committed to WVU as he will see early playing time as WVU loses at least 2 receivers after this season. I absolutely love the fact that this coaching staff has commitments from 3 4-star players all of whom are being heavily recruited by other schools. It just goes to show the quality of the staff that Coach Holgorsen has put together as well as the benefits of playing in the Big 12 conference. These facts seem to really bother all the haters and jealous fans on here!!

    • CouchOnFire

      Make that four! David Sill, a 4 star QB from MD and former USC commit, is now a Mountaineer!

  • jwg66

    Other schools are going to try to take our recruits. Truth is they are not WVU players until they sign the LOI & qualify/enroll. Even then one has to hope they are as good as advertised, good citizens, and good students too. The point is, if he flips it is his right to that. Clearly we are getting high caliber athletes to take a hard look at us which is good. It is even better to win some of the battles. Finally, good players come from freshmen (hopefully Durante), transfers (like Hostetler), Juco's (like Bruce Irvin) and even walk on's (like Owen Schmitt). As fans, it is way too early to think any recruit is a lock. We need to let the coaches do their jobs and see what happens in Feb/Aug...

  • Rick55

    I tend to go with the philosophy that some of these commits and decommits, who are middle school and high schoolers in reality, are really in it for the attention and the hype. Lots of them never really add up to much anyway because they're in it for the wrong reasons. I'm not ready to say that Durante is this high schooler; maybe we should take him at his word.

  • Alex

    I wouldn't worry so much about Durante going to Alabama... A four star receiver going to the place where they have already 2 five star receivers.... Keep this in mind these young men who are four and five star players wants to be the top dog in the program... At Alabama it would be difficult at times to be that top player,, but at WVU he could really let his talent be showcased.... Believe me I know that's what they think and what they want.... As for WVU we have a quarterback that will be in on campus as soon as high school is out.... I'm not picking Crest to start the season but don't be surprised if he does come in a game just the way Pat White did and then things really could be a different WVU team.... I really like this kid.... He's got the height, he's got the arm, and he can run.... You who have not seen Crest in action look up his videos...awesome young man....

  • cutty77

    Talk about them all on The First Wed. in February.

    • hailey

      ok... we will not talk recruing at all until February. Sounds like a great idea

      • cutty77

        Why do you continue to talk about things you can't control,its a waste of time. But its your life. Sorry

  • Joel

    Hi Allan,
    if he jumps, OK.
    if he's that good he's going to a great program at Bama.

    Until the Mountaineers prove to be a consistent winner, you'll see more de-commits as these players get more offers...from schools with consistently winning programs.

  • Master of One

    Thank you so much Oliver for giving us winning teams we can cheer for and win championships....

    • ViennaGuy

      And if had been left to Ed Pastilong, we'd still be sitting in a dying conference.

      • Rick S.

        Do you mean the conference that won the men's basketball national championship, the women's basketball national championship, and beat the Big 12 football champion in a BCS bowl?

        • don

          Rick s, you are so right. I'm as big a mountaineer fan as anybody but I have to say I get irritated hearing folks on this site run down the big east just because we now belong to the big 12. Facts are facts, the big east was a power conference in both major sports and wvu was a top contender. At this point we couldn't contend in that conference any more than the big 12. Regrettably, our sports program has taken a turn for the worse. Sure would like to see it turn around.

    • Aaron

      I couldn't agree more. How many Big 12 Championship trophies does WVU now have? 6, 7 or 8? It's hard to keep track of them all.

      • squad

        what is this? the comedy section? weve been in the b12 for now many years?? you all are truly just weak in the head

        • Aaron

          Are you disputing the championships!

      • mad hatter

        mrs. huggins, who really cares who you agree with

        • Aaron

          You do.

  • whatamoroon

    At the end of the day we want kids who want to be a Mountaineer. I think that means high character and loyalty. If he doesn't have it, he can go roll in the tide.

  • mad hatter

    i partially recall a story on him not too long ago, where he allegedly said he wasn't going to wvu and would flip sometime along the way.
    It is still up in the air i suppose,, and if we never get a div 1 qb, most receivers won't be headed to wvu..
    We need that top flight qb, why can't holgorsen and dawson get one, they have failed so far. they just can't seem to recognize talent... now hopefully, crest will turn this around,,, but who knows dawson as the qb coach and holgie asthe hc.

    • Aaron

      'i partially recall...'

      Yes you do.

  • Rich

    I will be very surprised if this kid honors his commitment to us. That being said are we looking to give JuJuan Seider a raise and/or a promotion because it looks like he's going to be a Doc Holliday type recruiter in FLA, it's just a matter of time before we may lose him as well

  • Rick55

    Next February? A lot can happen in college football recruiting in nine months!
    I'm going to take the same attitude about this that I take about most things in my life: expect the worst and hope for the best.......sorry for the cliche but IIWII It Is What It Is.

  • Holgie

    Game over. He's gone!