DOH crews cleaned up a rock slide on state Route 99 in Raleigh County Monday afternoon.

BOLT, W.Va. — Crews with the state Division of Highways were busy Monday afternoon cleaning up another rock slide.

It happened at shortly after noon on state Route 99 on Bolt Mountain in Raleigh County near the community of Bolt.

There have been dozens of rock slides across the state since last fall in connection with rainy weather and the severe freeze-thaw swings of the past winter.

The Bolt Mountain slide could be handled by DOH crews but several times in the last few months the DOH has had to call in contractors to finish the work on other slides.


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    I knew they were on rockslide patrol in addition to deer patrol, litter patrol and pothole patrol. How I knew? 1 worker walking along the roadway with 4 following in a DOH vehicle.