MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins said his program is “aware of the issues” facing new signee Tarik Phillip, who has an outstanding arrest warrant in North Carolina.

Phillip, a point guard who played last season at Independence (Kan.) Community College, was charged with stealing an iPhone in February 2012, when he was attending Queen City Prep in Charlotte, N.C. He failed to appear in court in Gaston County, N.C., three months later on the larceny charge, described as a low-class felony. The Dominion Post newspaper in Morgantown first reported the warrant.

“We are aware of the issues that took place more than two years ago, but it was our understanding, as well as other parties, that the issues were resolved,” Huggins said in a statement. “Our expectation is that the issue will be resolved.”

Phillip also faces a second warrant in Mecklenburg County, N.C., reportedly after failing to appear for another court date regarding an arrest in December 2011—this on the charge of injury to personal property.

Phillip is a 6-foot-3 guard originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., where he sat out his senior year of high school basketball because of a school disciplinary issue. He signed with South Carolina in 2012 but failed to qualify and eventually enrolled at Independence, where he became eligible last December.

He averaged 18.7 points and 6.7 rebounds in 18 games last season, earning Jayhawk Conference player of the year honors. Phillip signed with WVU last week over interest from Kansas, Memphis and Oklahoma State.

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  • jay zoom

    lets face it the mans an alleged felon just what WVU needs to deal with. I haven't seen where he has turned himself to the authorities as of yet and is their more problems we will have to deal with. Looks like he has had problems since high school. Huggins needs to ship this kid back to where he came from regardless of his talent. most will say but he can score 18 points a game. we need him. just like a dog needs another flea. ship this loser and move on

  • B

    Looks like another Rhodes Scholar recruit of Thuggins.

  • Shawn 108

    Well 2 things i have learned from this article. 1. This guy has some character issues and Huggins is ok with that. 2 He is in terrible defensive position in the picture above. Huggins is NOT ok with that.

  • Holgie

    Here's something interesting, John Chambers the Chairman of Cisco Systems is a WVU grad and guess who his favorite sport's team is?
    Duke basketball. That something that makes you go....hmmmmmm.

  • John b

    Doesn't matter who Huggs recruits because they will get tired of Huggs blaming them after losses and will not listen to him. Huggins is a stiff! He should kiss Beliens butt for leaving him talented and intelligent players that allowed him to go to the Final Four! WVU will never see the Final Four again with an ego maniac like Huggins running this team.

    • Aaron

      Proven wrong on so many occasions. Why do people continue to post this lie. You may not like Huggins but the final four team was his doing, not Beileins.

      If you don't believe me, read what Joe Mazulla has to say about it.

  • Holgie

    This is too much. You can't make this stuff up.
    Now I see why he committed to WVU. All the others backed off once the criminal record came to light.
    Huggs, is this the best you can do?
    What a shame.
    I guess we are getting the nickname Hugg's Thugs!

    • Aaron

      Hugg's thugs...I like it. Maybe I'll print up a 1000 shirts and see if I can't make me some money.

      • Holgie

        Aaron, You have to cut me in on the profits.

  • mook

    Huggins still looking to pick up jailbirds to play for him. One mistake OK, can happen to anyone but TWO, really!

  • Rick55

    Gotta love a post from a guy who wants to be referred to a "gnarly dude" who is apparently offended by tats. That goes right up there with the guy who said that Huggins has bad breath...

  • Dan

    I hate how people like David still talk about Belein. He left us so move on. It's not like we were the only team after this kid. There were multiple schools that wanted him ex: Kansas and Memphis

    • Omg

      Interested and offering are two different things. Quit making stuff up people!

      • Aaron

        Doesn't an offer begin with interest?

  • David

    Huggins is one wants to play for the alcoholic jerk and we have to take criminals...Beline could take 2 star recruits and go to the Elite 8.....I am a long time WVU but no longer buy any WVU merchandise because Oliver Luck has run the program into the ground...

    • charlie town

      then how about purchasing you some green clothes and move over to the Marsha articles, you will at least appear smart over there

      • HUD

        We are lucky to have Huggy Bear. No one is perfect, but his record speaks for itself. If Luck is running us into the ground, why was he a top candidate for Texas ( the best AD position in the country). Chumps like you give us a bad name.....Huggs is two years removed from a serious title run out of the Big East. Shut up!!!!!!!!

    • justin

      david. wv is better off without fans like you. im sure marshall could use a few more fans. maybe you could cheer for fairmont state.

    • Jonus Grumby


    • GoEers

      Huggins took those same two star recruits to the final four.

  • gnarly dude

    Those tats aren't doing him any favors. I'll just have to listen to the games rather than watch. Yikes!

    • Aaron

      I see similar tattoos every day in interactions in the real world that includes all type of professionals.

  • hailey

    Hopefully Phillips will be a great player for WVU... I going to go out on a limb and predict he leads the teams in steals next year.

    • Omg

      Haha very funny.

  • wvjoker

    It is your and mad hatter's repeated rhetoric that is getting old. Aaron at least provides the sources for his comments. You two pull,yours out of your plumbing work. And no, I am not married to Huggins either.

    • Omg

      I'm a huge WVU fan! I haven't said anything negative about the team or the coach. I would just like people to state their source or the link they get their info from.

      • GoEers

        So OMG why are you so mad that this kid has signed with WVU? He seems like he can provide immediate help. Since you claim to be a big Mountaineer fan, shouldn't you be happy about this?

        Also you seem like a very classy person based on your response to one of my posts below. Calling you out for being the Marshall fan that you are really showed your true colors.

        • Omg

          I would rather be called a Richard head than a marshall fan any day. So I find your comment about me being a Marshall fan very offensive, almost fighting words. I would be less offended if you said something about my momma pal. You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house and if you have a glass jaw you should shut your mouth!

          • Omg

            I'm not mad at this kid. I don't think anyone should make it seem like he's the save all player some think he is. I really hope he helps the team and that he gets a quality education while doing so. Some of the best players we've had were no star recruits. Some posters act like they know more than the reporters reporting the story. Also, I don't need to question idiots and their idiotic post. I have enough common sense to know when someone lacks common sense. Aaron seems to respond to every post like he knows more than the original poster. Sometimes he's correct and other times it seems like he's making things up to win the argument. I have issues with the latter!

          • GoEers

            So are you going to answer my question,or just post about how tough you want us to all think you are?

      • Omg

        Further more, I asked Aaron to copy and paste the link to the story that says Tarik is rated as a four star recruit. He posted a link to buy a membership to the site and not the story. I want to read the story myself.

        • Aaron

          And I don't believe I said he was a 4-star recruit. If I'm not mistaken (I rarely am but it is possible) what I said was a blog by a self proclaimed juco expert stated he had "4 star talent."

          For the most part ratings are subjective and vary from site to site. What is not subjective is that Phillip played well enough to garner POY honors in only 18 games in a league that has numerous D-1 talent.

          Does that address your concerns?

          • Aaron

            I respond when the poster is wrong or I am addressed either directly or indirectly. In our conversations, you engaged me. As I know how to search, I do not make stuff up. The fact that I don't make stuff up thus I prove others wrong so often is why so many do not like to engage with me. I understand. If someone consistently proved me wrong, I would not want to engage them either.

          • Aaron S

            I posted 3 links but it's being held for moderation OMG. Google 'rivals South Carolina Basketball recruiting and go to their insider forum. It's in a thread from late 2011. You'll have to do either have an account log in or purchase one and then do some research if you want to find it.

            At any rate, I've helped you all I can on this subject so unless you've got something else, I'll consider this topic closed.


          • Aaron S

            Well h***, I thought you were talking about his status out of junior college.

            That's the 2012 class but as Phillip did not play his senior year, thus he did not have a rating.

            If you want the information regarding his rating, it's on the insiders forum in a thread from late 2011. You're going to have to pay to join if you don't have an account.

            If you have an account, sign in and search for Tarik Phillip. That's how I found it. At the time, either rivals had him as a 3 star recruit and the other had him as a 4 star recruit.

            Is there anything else I can do for you?

          • Duane

            Making things up doesn't make you sound more knowledgable about WVU basketball Aaron!

          • Omg

            This is from the article "Juco guard Phillip commits to WVU after visit" on April 13th

            "I can see WVU being the only offer given that he's only been on the market for a few weeks after recently announcing he would not return to the community college for his sophomore year. I would assume he realized he was eligible for Division I ball hence his desire to play Division I ball. After all, he was a four-star prospect who originally signed with South Carolina out of high school."
            April 14, 2014 at 11:27

        • Aaron

          You get what you pay for son.

  • dan

    well at least it is good to know he is still time of arrest he was 6ft. 2in..

  • Dave

    Anytime J.R. or any of his companies has a chance to smear the WVU name, they will and they have.

    • Wenkev

      Dave, that's exactly what is going on here. Seems like NC law enforcement was REALLY worried about Phillip since a Mo'town reporter had to call and remind them about him.

      • GoEers

        Yeah sounds like there was a real nationwide manhunt. Such a petty crime North Carolina officers could really care less about it.