Andrew Hall, 23, and Brittany Edgell, 24, were arrested Monday and charged with felony child neglect resulting in death.
Andrew Hall, 23, and Brittany Edgell, 24, were arrested Monday and charged with felony child neglect resulting in death.

MONONGAH, W.Va. — A Marion County couple is being held on $5 million bail each after being charged Monday in connection with the overdose death of their two-year-old daughter.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies charged Andrew Hall, 23, and Brittany Edgell, 24, both of Monongah, with felony child neglect resulting in death.

Investigators said Hall and Edgell were asleep on April 12 when their daughter apparently got a hold of the painkiller prescription drug Tramadol and ate it.

Hall told investigators when he woke up he saw his daughter stumbling around the room.

Deputies said Hall and Edgell did not seek immediate medical attention for their daughter but instead gave her a cold bath, made her vomit and put her to bed. The little girl suffered a heart attack and died in her sleep.

The sheriff’s department is continuing its investigation.

Both defendants are being held in the Northern Regional Jail.


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  • jon

    Look we all make mistakes sometimes this is what has to happen I was in prison. With people who did ten times worse than this I just wrote her a letter hoping to help her spirits a little bit maby we should blame the pill epidemic instead of everyone else yea she was in the wrong im not saying she isnt but if god can forgive her why cant we as society forgive her?? Maby everyone is worried and angry at the wrong thing we shouldnt be only blaming her we should blame the state and government for allowing people to obtain pills with no problem and in some cases just giving them away theres somethkng to think about

  • smurray

    I diidnt kno her but talked to her that day she was all messed up it was sad now look what she did to that baby!!!! All of us at valley been talking about it! She was gone out of her mind that day even nurses were askin if she was ok. HELL NO!!!!!!!

  • smurray

    This is awful this dumb b**** went to my group at valley and failed a drug test right before this happened there worthless I seen it my self sad!!!! Poor baby girl!!!!

  • Maxeer

    Bless that little baby...Another case of trash handouts and crackheads...a good drive-by will eliminate this problem..WV has turned into a "ESCAPE FROM NY" syndrome..

  • yo mama

    they should be beaten

  • griff

    Thankfully the poor child will not have any more grief to deal with. The parents need beat to death in jail since we dont have a death penalty to take are of them. They are probably living it up in solitary, will get out soon & wont be long till she is pregnant again. scum of the earth

  • Mr Bullsnip

    Plug in old sparky and light them up. nuff said

  • justin

    why must everyone reproduce? too many people as it is..

  • Voter

    Here we go again. Another passed out un-wed couple with children that will not marry to get welfare benefits. They just keep having unwanted babies to get more money each month. We need drug testing for anyone receiving assistance and major welfare reform.

  • abram

    Sometime in the life of these thugs they sat before a judge who allowed them to be free. Time after time after time. Thugs walking the streets because of prison overcrowding. Really?

  • Herb

    I don't think anybody here believes the parents were actually asleep, but that's a nice PC way to word it.

  • taylor collins

    Another baby this week bc of poor parents that need to be held responsible and not in jail either. Poor baby and god bless how that poor child felt and went through. I will be praying for these worthless people to have the worst happen to them.

  • TB

    These mouth breathers should be locked up for good. What a shame-poor child.

  • northforkfisher

    They need to first be fixed from having more children, second let the inmates know what they done, and last bury them under the jail.

  • Tyrone

    The sad thing is these two will be fed 3 meals a day and a roof put over there head and a tv to watch all day.. And most likely will be free within twenty years to do it all over again.Laws do need to be changed we all know it .