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Washington senior basketball standout Dominique Newman is facing a felony count of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — Washington High School basketball star Dominique Newman is facing a felony count of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

The charge comes following an incident earlier this month where state police seized marijuana and drug distribution paraphernalia from his home.

Police say police collected a separate small black bag of marijuana during a traffic stop from another individual who told police that Newman had sold him two grams of marijuana and had a large quantity of the drug.

The 19 year-old senior at Washington was taken to the Eastern Regional Jail and later released on $25,000 bail.

Newman helped lead Washington to an undefeated regular season record this past season, as the Patriots earned the top seed in the state tournament last month, falling to eventual champion Huntington. He was named Class AAA first team all-state as well.

If convicted, Newman faces a fine of up to $15,000 and/or one to five years in a state correctional facility.

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  • Slush

    It is very unfortunate that this happened to this young man. I agree he is 19 and knew what he was doing and also the consequences he would suffer. However, is it our place to judge him? I would like to know how many of the people posting rude comments about him have really had a conversation with him or know him. People make stupid choices. It doesn’t mean that they are bad people, but just made a really dumb choice. I can’t point a finger and say “OMG, you are a horrible person” because regardless if he was smoking, dealing or whatever the only difference between him now and many of us when we were in HS with our friends is that we didn’t get caught. That doesn’t make any of us better than he is, just makes us damn lucky it didn’t happen to us.

  • Sophomore at WHS

    You know when I first heard that he got arrested I was SO surprised because he seems like the absolute perfect kid. Literally everyone loves him. Every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him lol. But regardless of who he is, he deserves to suffer the consequences. If he was locked up for a year or even 5, he would still be on top of his game. (: #Domonation

  • lee

    Why are some of you people standing up for this POS ? He knew what he was doing was against the law but he could care less because he knew if he got caught you idiots would try to justify it for him. Some of you are truly pathetic.

  • Oh na na what's my name

    Why would someone risk their entire future for something so worthless? It was coming eventually, maybe this will snap him back into reality. Defending his actions is pointless because he knew what the outcome would be if he got caught.

  • Rick55

    Little esse Mexicans and their gangs?!?
    What does it mean, you racist xenophobic
    It's a shame that this young man did it because high school students look up to athletes, whether you think they should or not, and they are the ones who should be upset by this. What you can do is hope and pray that he will turn his life around, but calling him thug and wagging your finger tsk tsk is unbecoming and unhelpful; it only somehow makes you feel superior. You may not have dealt marijuana but I know when I was 19 I made plenty of mistakes; were your mistakes any better than his?

  • joseph

    A lot of racist people on here. Wva is full of them.I hope none of you folks throwing shots at the kid have a child that makes a mistake. NO ONE IS PERFECT.

  • Jack Kennedy

    Congrats to all of the hard working Washington seniors, who study hard, show respect to others, and respect the rule of law. Further thanks to the students who work honest jobs in their off time to earn some extra money, often at minimum wage. The young people that choose the other path will find as this young man will, you don't get something for nothing. Much of this starts in the home with the parents or lack of quality parents. All the statistics prove this. This is a free speech forum, protected by the first amendment. Everyone here is entitled to their opinion. It would be nice to be civil. One last opinion regarding scholarships. These should be reserved for the students that follow the rules, no cheating, hard study, respect. It's not fair to award bad behavior.

  • jughead

    Bob Huggins is waiting to sign Newman on the dotted line!!!

    • Jack Kennedy

      Look back in recent years at the numerous WVU athletes mostly on the football and basketball teams that ended up wearing orange instead of blue & gold. Take note that the best team at WVU by far and they have the awards to prove it, the shooting team.

  • Dave

    The eastern panhandle has become a suburb of Baltimore Washington and has inherited the problems of those areas.


    When he was doing his things metro news didn't give no love wouldnt even write a story about yall want to write something... God has his back. Regardless of what yall think God has the last saying

  • dogs

    Yeah because the southern part of the state is so amazing nothing ever bad go's on do"an e just in the episode kid made a mistake.

  • Roswell

    Pot. Big deal. I hope he gets a slap on the wrist

    • chasmo

      This kid has been a HAND FULL since way back in middle school. Apparently , he STILL has NOT learned about the DOS AND DON'TS of life. What a terrible mistake and , as stated before, if he doesn't get his life " straight" he will be either a statistic of a " lifer".... and , IT IS A BIG DEAL , especially at 19 yrs old

      • Unknown

        It's pathetic that you have nothing better to do with your life but comment on his. Yes he made a mistake, is it your place to judge? No it's not. Maybe you should worry about yourself and leave your nasty comments to yourself.

        • Jack Kennedy

          Actually the comments were not nasty. Freedom of speech, it is America you know. And pushing drugs is a big deal!

        • chasmo

          Do YOU realize this kid had a chance to get a FREE , that's correct , a FREE EDUCATION , yet he would not listen to ANYONE !!!

          • Motownguy

            Ummm.. He still has a chance to get a FREE , that's correct , a FREE EDUCATION , in prison. People in jail get GEDs all the time and your taxes pay for it.

          • Unknown

            You think he doesn't know that? Yeah he messed up, why do you need to bash him even more with rude things to say, he has more than enough going on right now. If you have so much to say to him then say it to his face, and if you can't then that shows you don't even know him well enough to be judging what he's done.

  • Shame


  • Epanhandle

    ^^^^^^ this is so true

  • No Mercy

    Thank god it was only drugs and not a murder. It is a common theme though, and don't be surprised when your small town starts to experience it on a regular basis. I lived in Jefferson county in 2004 and loved it. Peace and quiet, minimal traffic and very convenient. How things have changed. Just wait til you're infested with the little esse mexicans and their gangs. Then graffiti on your buildings, then gang wars. This is what happens when you brush off drug problems as only mistakes.

    • Renee

      The only graffiti I have seen in Jefferson county has been the racial slurs against Blacks, Gays and Jews on the Locust Hill Golf Course sign. So much for that thought.