HUNTINGTON, W.Va.– Marshall fans had been holding out hope that Mike D’Antoni would return to his alma mater and lead its basketball program out of the doldrums of Conference USA but those dreams were dashed Tuesday. D’Antoni informed Marshall Athletics Director Mike Hamrick he was not available to take the job.

The Charleston Daily Mail’s Chuck McGill first broke the news that Herd fans did not want to hear. Hamrick pursued D’Antoni and was reportedly “all in” to persuade the Herd basketball legend back to Huntington even spending several days in Los Angeles making his best pitch to D’Antoni. However, even after the worst season in Lakers’ history, the storied franchise is not ready to hand D’Antoni his walking papers.

D’Antoni met with Lakers brass — team executive Jim Buss and general manager Mitch Kupchak — multiple times this week to discuss D’Antoni’s future with the organization. At this point, the Lakers just aren’t going to budge and are adamant about keeping D’Antoni as the coach. D’Antoni is two years through a three-year, $12 million contract he signed on Nov. 12, 2012. The Lakers hold a team option for a fourth season that would bring D’Antoni back for the 2015-16 campaign at another $4 million. — Charleston Daily Mail 

Now, Marshall’s coaching search must do an about face and it must move quickly. Tom Herrion was relieved his duties all the way back on March 14 and a fanbase that Hamrick described as apathetic during the press conference announcing Herrion’s firing, needs to make a move to energize the Herd faithful.

Other candidates who have reportedly interviewed for the job include Eastern Kentucky’s Jeff Neubauer, Stephen F. Austin’s Brad Underwood and West Virginia assistant Ron Everhart.

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  • R Charleston

    What about Jeff Battle? Played at Marshall and has some coaching experience, just saying

  • R Charleston

    What about Jeff Battle? Played a t Marshall and Jason's coaching experience, just saying

  • Mister Man

    Patrick Beilein would, also, be a good choice.

  • Mister Man

    Everhart would be an excellent choice.

  • Adam

    You guys suck lol

  • bill

    Chas Wolfe @highmajorscoop---Marshall basketball search has reached 40 days. AD has givenn up basketball for lent.

  • Herd98

    D'antoni not coming is no shocker. The media stirred that whole thing up anyway. Sure MU fans liked the way it sounded but in reality the timing wasnt right. The Mu job is not a terrible job, but its not on the level of Uk or UNC obvioulsy. Your going to make 3 or 4 hundred thousand not a million. A young up an coming coach at a small school should be who is on the radar. Of course all that matters is the W's so the fan base wants a winner. I hope it works out and a quality candidate comes in because the fan base is getting frustrated.

  • steve

    Fire hamrick over this joke of a coaching search!

  • MU

    What about Jarod Calhoun

  • Shawn 108

    D'antoni is not going to come to Marshall. I think Marshall should go after either Mike Carey or Patrick Beilein. That is more realistic.

    • GetReal

      Mike? ..... Carey? ...... Get real! 1) Coaching WVU women’s basketball to NCAA tournaments each year is more appealing than never making the post season with Marshall boys. 2) WVU wouldn’t let Marshall take him money wise, even if it meant paying him more than double what he makes now. 3) Nobody looks good in that shade of green.

  • Holgie

    Ron Everhart is a good candidate. He can turn things around for the Herd.

  • WVU fan in Boston

    D'Antoni did not have a say in his future. The Lakers own him for the next two years as reading the report above. And the 4m$ he is paid is peanuts for a NBA coach. Regardless, he could benefit Marshall's next coach to help recruit for Marshall depending on who the next coach is.

  • richard


  • RPP

    Those in the MU community that are shocked D'Antoni is not returning as the basketball coach was upset when they discovered there was not an Easter Bunny.

    • Charleston

      No belittling, Bill, but more so about timing. As the 'talk' was going, I thought that D'Antoni was going to get fired and then MU had a window of opportunity for him to fill the spot, right? That wasn't out of the realm of possibility, hence Larry Brown at SMU.
      Note: Not all Mountaineer Fans have disrespect for MU

    • Mike

      Bill B. Just a MU fan that has no understanding about WVU. Now D'Antoni coming to MU that is funny. Mu is a nothing school with a nothing sports program. Playing in C-USA is like playing in Small college football. Look at the teams,most are ranked in the bottom 90-125. Now Bill,that will make you laugh.

      • Billy

        I saw on Bleacher Report that Marshall football is ranked in the preseason top 25. They never mentioned WVU.

      • Bill B.

        Yes, I know....wvu is ranked probably around 100? Or is that too optimistic?

        • Mister Man

          How much higher would Marshall be?

    • Chris

      Once again Marshall is at a Delusional state.. Next thing you know they will tell media folks that Billy the Kid will leave Florida and return to Marshall

    • Greg

      What??!! There's no Easter Bunny? Does that mean there's no Santa Claus too? In spite of those boorish Moo fans, I hope they get someone good.

  • Mike

    This was not a surprise at all. Why would Mike ever come back to MU. Get real folks. Now the search will go on. My bet is that the new coach just as in football will have WVU ties. Just look at the football staff DC,BL and until this year JS. Need I say more.

    • Bill Wagner

      The two best names mentioned in the article were Ron Everhart and Jeff Neubauer. Everhart is a product od Morgan Wooten and Bob Huggins and Neubauer is a product of John Beilein. Marshal would be well served to have any of these men at the helm. Both know how to turn programs around, play defense and how to coach it, and both run fast, up-tempo offenses. Finally, both have proven that they can recruit. Both men are humble individuals who only ask for a chance to succeed. I am not a Marshal fan but I am a West Virginian which means I want them to succeed for the sake of our state. Good luck to the University.

      • cutty77

        Jeff is not leaving for The Marshall Job,ever.Mike Carey is not coming either.Marshall Basketball is a Terrible Job,then couple that with the pay you get. Marshall hasn't been The Same since They Ran Greg White out of town.