MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown businessman John Raese has sent a letter to new West Virginia University president E. Gordon Gee critical of the recent termination of long-time wrestling coach Craig Turnbull by athletics director Oliver Luck.

MORE: Read Raese’s letter to Gee here.

In newspaper articles after the firing, Turnbull contended Luck said he “was too old to coach.” Turnbull was told to turn in his keys along with his cell phone and was informed that he was not allowed to return to the facility when he was fired in March.

In his letter to the new WVU president, Raese outlined what he said was a series of legal and ethical missteps by Luck going back to the 1990 election when Luck was a candidate for the House of Representatives.

Raese is chairman of West Virginia Radio Corporation, which is currently in a legal dispute with the university and several other defendants regarding the multi-media rights contract awarded to IMG College, irregularities in the WVU procurement procedure and a series of multi-million scoreboard contracts that were secured without bids.

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  • william

    Why would any true Mountaineer fan ever support
    Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins
    Dana "The Man in Black" Holgerson
    Oliver "Money Man" Luck
    Had bad does someone's CHARACTER have to get?
    Don't people want leaders with CLASS and GOOD CHARACTER?
    I think old timer Mickey Furfari was right a long time ago with EVERYTHING he wrote about WVU> He saw what was going on long time ago about all the SHADY DEALS WVU was involved in.
    Mickey Furfari is a GREAT GUY with CLASS and GREAT CHARACTER.
    Who out there can say this same thing about these 3?

    • Mister Man

      Had bad?

    • Mister Man

      Or you.

    • Aaron

      I find it ironic that someone who publicly post in the manner you do William has the gall to question another's character.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Oh, hey. It's will "Renowned Caps Lockster and Serial Purveyor of Tiresome and Unclever Nicknames" iam.

    • GoEers

      William I like your nickname for Oliver Luck. He has been money in his decisions involving WVU athletics and is doing what an athletic director is supposed to be doing...making the athletic department $$$!!!

      • Shadow

        And all this time I thought it was entertainment and student development!

    • John

      William I would venture a guess that a man of character would try to refrain from simple minded name calling.

      It is a sad day to hear Craig Turnbull is fired. He knew how to create really good wrestlers and how to use wrestling to create well educated men. His firing is just one sign of the new times in university sports: produce more and more, produce winning teams for a profit or you are gone.

      • william

        By what you said -
        Huggins and Holgerson should be FIRED!

        • Mister Man

          Your spec-ed classes are not helping, are they?

        • hailey

          Jay Zoom, you are a weird LITTLE man. Let me guess,divoriced... unemployed back home living with your parents? Hang in there lil' guy it will get better soon.

  • Bob Melphis

    Just another example of regression toward 19th century robber baron exploitation.

  • Mister G!

    As much as I hate to side with John Raese, the guy is spot-on about Oliver Luck. Interest in Mountaineer athletics may be at an all-time low. Most fans are indifferent to the Big 12, turned off by increases in ticket and parking prices, outraged by the way Bill Stewart, Craig Turnbull and others have been treated, and won't forget Luck had his bags packed for Texas just a few months ago. I imagine things might reach a boiling point this coming football season when a team coached by Luck's handmaiden will again lose far more games than it wins.

  • NY'eer

    Who cares what Raese thinks? He has become a pariah for WVU.

    • Ken Turner

      Sure agree with NY'eer. This guy is very detrimental to WVU.

      • Shadow

        WVU is very good at shooting itself in the foot. They are so good it has become a habit.

  • Joe

    Why does John Raese get a more prominent voice than anybody else? Because he owns the local media outlets?

    This is exactly why the Dominion Post, and to a lesser extent, WVRC, is not taken seriously as a media corporation.

    All that these "open letters" mean is that John is still trying to somehow gain an advantage in the whole IMG contract debacle. Face it: if WVRC was a competitive company, they would have gotten the media rights.

    John, do us all a favor and go back to polluting Deckers Creek.

  • AJ

    It's articles like this that make me wish Fairness Doctorate wasn't repealed. This letter reeks of intimidation. Mr. Raese is threatening E. Gordon Gee if he continues to side with Mr. Luck. To make the president's life miserable if he doesn't give in to his demands. He is using extortion to gain back control of WVU. I worry that Mr. Raese will take things to a far more deceit treacherous level that may actually hurt Mr. Luck's well being along with those who rightfully side with him. And this fierce rivalry between the two goes back what 25 years? Let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Dave

    Sore loser.

  • Bill

    If you don't like what Mr. Raese says, don't purchase what he sells. That's the only thing guys like him understand........

  • william

    Some people can't take the TRUTH!
    The truth hurts sometimes.
    We have a new sheriff in town,
    Go JR go, don't let them come up for air.

    3 mins · Like

  • FNP

    And since WV Metronews is part of WV Radio Corp, I guess you guys were made to put this article out there.

    I would say half of the Luck haters that comment on these articles are probably employees of the WV Radio Corp.

  • FNP

    One of the worst letters i've ever read. Somebody needs to send him to Guam or something. He's a crybaby who likes to stir the pot and IMO makes the state look bad. Its about time for him to move on and stop bringing bad publicity to the state and our great University.

    • Wilson

      Actually, its not Mr. Raese that is bringing bad publicity to the state and University.....Its Oliver Luck. All Raese did was to state his opinion about the situation to the President of the University. Why do all of you Luck supports hate to see the truth in writing? Do you think by ignoring it or not mentioning the facts that it will go away or people outside the state won't know?? Please! Its time that the whole truth came out and Luck is pushed he has done so many of the Athletic staff that helped build our University to the status it used to be...

      • Aaron

        What truth is that? What are these facts you speak of?

      • scott

        new name william?

        • hailey

          New name same ole loser, unemployed , divorced, back home living with his parents. Sad life..hang in there Jay and keep your head up

      • Wvufirst

        Did luck air any bad laundry in public?

        • GoEers

          Nope..only those who lost a bid. Some people just can't handle losing.

      • matt

        Bringing up some faux scandal from 25 years ago, and championing Craig Turnbull is proof that Raese is reaching for material.

        And Raese would know all about being "soundly defeated" in elections

  • Jeff

    John Raese needs to find another hobby besides attacking and criticizing every move that the WVU Athletic department makes. You got the lawsuit pending leave it at that.

  • thornton

    If Mr. Raese has a friend near by, that friend might consider suggesting that Mr. Raese consider an option besides letter-writing...perhaps mosaics.

    Appearances are not always be deceiving.


    Sure, I'm sure an astute lawyer would terminate someone by saying "you're too old"... Good grief, in my opinion just using the media to stir up the public. Amazing what people can do to tarnish someones reputation. Free speech, I know, but when it is abused, the damage can not be repaired.

  • matt

    John Raese talking about questionable ethics, meanwhile he is using his newspaper as a vehicle to publicly smear Oliver Luck.