CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Yeager Airport Board is considering allocating more of its revenue from airport parking to the airport’s general budget next fiscal year in order to hold the price down for airlines that use Yeager.

The proposal would take the revenue contribution from parking from 20 percent to 25 percent. Airport Manager Rick Atkinson says that will make a difference.

“It will be about 250-thousand dollars more a year from the parking operations by increasing that by five percent,” Atkinson said.

Yeager went to more automated pay lanes at the airport’s parking garage recently. Atkinson says 80 percent of those parking there are using those automated lanes. He said four people who used to work parking recently retired and Yeager has not filled those positions.

“You don’t have to have health insurance on a credit card reader machine. You don’t have to pay them a salary. So it cut down on our costs,” he said.

Atkinson said attracting and keeping airlines is a very competitive business so it’s important to take revenue from other sources to keep those rates down.

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  • Chris1529

    I think paying to park at any airport is rediculous. Airports receive plenty of funding from the FAA. There is no reason to charge for parking.
    Why not charge to go through security too?

    • Guardian

      Chris1529 - your statement is patently false. FAA funding, like all federal funding, is shrinking. Further, paying for parking is an industry standard at any airport of any size in the USA - strike that - at any airport of any size globally.

      Further, users of Yeager should be thankful. The number of flights and destinations available is unheard of in US cities of comparable size to Charleston. We are very lucky.

      • Chris1529

        My point is that I don't think it should be an industry standard to pay for parking. You are already paying to fly. You should not have to pay to park at any airport-domestic or global.

        • Aviation guy

          I see your perspective and don't blame you for having it. It would just cost more to fly. Most parking infrastructure isn't free, nor is the management of said infrastructure. The money always has to come from somewhere.. The money airports get from the FAA has rules as to how it's allocated and used. The majority of it is used for necessary facility improvements and other things pertaining to staying legal for aircraft and airlines to operate there. Airports can also apply for project funding, but not for funding to cover the cost of something like running a parking facility.

  • Aviation guy

    I'm laughing hysterically at the commenter that said Clarksburg airport has more than TWO destinations. Because they have TWO destinations. Washington Dulles, and Orlando. It's only been about 10 years since they've had Pittsburgh flights, so I can see how that information hasn't made its way to some yet.. Both airports have good air service for the size of markets they serve. Yeager has more flights and destinations than any other airport in any city the size of Charleston in the United States. It's $7 per day to park. That's about normal for an airport the size of Yeager. Airports with real facilities have real costs associated with them. Sick of all this ignorance...

  • Independent View

    Yeager's parking fees are outrageous! As a result of these outrageous fees a mere 5% of their annual parking revenue nets $250k!!!
    One can park at the Benedum Clarksburg/Bridgeport/Fairmont Airport for free!!!! And, fly direct to Florida and other destinations such as Pittsburgh, DC, etc.
    The diffrerence in the way these two airports are operated is a head-scratcher.