CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Charleston teenager was shot and killed Wednesday night as he sat on a porch with friends on Charleston’s West Side.

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Tymel McKinney, 18, was shot an killed in Charleston on Wednesday night.

Charleston police detectives said Tymel McKinney, 18, was shot in the face at a residence on Sixth Street. Police charged Mark Anthony Gaddy, 23, of Detroit, and a Charleston juvenile with murder. Gaddy was arraigned Thursday morning. Police didn’t release any information about the underaged boy who was charged.

The 11:30 p.m. Wednesday shooting followed a shooting earlier today on Glenwood Ave. also on the city’s West Side. Two men originally from Detroit have been charged in that shooting. Gaddy was also questioned but not charged.

“I don’t know if it’s a direct retaliation or not,” Charleston Police Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said. “But I do know this is the second day in a row where criminals from Detroit are shooting openly in neighborhoods.”

While Cooper wouldn’t say if this shooting was drug-related, he cited a Detroit connection to Charleston’s drug trade.

“It’s an organized system. They don’t just come down, hop off a bus and start looking for a place,” Cooper said. “They have a system in place. It’s how they make their money. They set up in places like Charleston, Huntington and Lexington.”


Mark Gaddy of Detroit was arraigned on murder charges Thursday morning in Charleston.

McKinney dropped out of Capital High School several months ago but his family said Thursday he was working toward his GED. They said he loved his family and 4-month-old daughter.

Cooper said Cpl. James Wilson was patrolling in the area and heard the shots, about 20 in all. He saw the men fleeing the area. Police used a K-9 unit to track down Gaddy.

Cooper said the city must remain vigilant.

“As long as there are drug users there are going to be drug dealers and as long as there are drug dealers there are going to be incidences of violence,” Cooper said.

Lt. Shawn Williams, who heads up the CPD Patrol Bureau, said there are many good things happening on the West Side despite the recent shootings.

“We’re going to keep fighting the good fight and try and run these guys back to Detroit. We don’t want what they’re selling,” Williams said.

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  • I feel so sorry for his family and friends

    I'm really not convinced that this guy was innocent. I'M NOT SAYING HE DESERVED IT but, don't get mixed up in the wrong crowd. Gangs don't just kill people. He was picked out and was ordered to be shot. I feel so sorry for his Girlfriend, his baby and all his family and friends. Violence is always going to be around. My friend made a good point, there was people out there watching this happen how can a whole neighborhood stand there and watch as someone got shot 20 times in the face? Most of them had to have some type of weapon. But I can't really say what I would do in a situation like that. Like I said I feel very sorry for his girlfriend, his baby and his family and friends. Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Natty Bumpo

    Dump Jones Now!

  • big j

    This inner city black culture is a huge cancer to America

    • Are you serious?

      That was THE most ignorant thing I've ever read in my life.

      • Randy

        Not sure of big j's intended point. But as to most ignorant----Have you never seen a Gary Karstens thought train rolling down the tracks?

  • big j

    Trust me this wasnt random the guy came in from Detroit to take care of someone who was skimmin a lil too much off the top the one thwt died wasnt innocent

  • jenn


  • taylor collins

    I'm sure this is isn't the first person he's shot and killed. He probably done it back home and come to wv to run and sell his dope....keep these people out of our state please and do us all a favor.

  • Saianya Rose

    I'm so sick and tired of people talking crap and don't even know whats really going on. Please make sure you know all the facts before you start running your mouth. This was a very respectful young man. He played little league with my son. He was a kind person. It is very distasteful how the news tries to make him sound bad. So what if he dropped out of school. What does that have to do with him getting shot. For all we know this whole thing could be mistaking identity. This type of stuff really erks my nerves. People always have something to say and don't even know what the heck they're talkiing about. ALL N ALL SHOW THE FAMILY SOME REPECPT. What ever happened to MORALS. I guess some don't have it anymore. SMH.

    • Abbagoochie

      Speaking of MORALS. Where were his? He had a child out-of-wedlock as are 80% of all black babys born in this country and most likely was on some kind of handout that i pay for by working. Answer this. Did he work? Was he on ANY kind of freebies?

      • Are you serious?

        That was so rude. So what he had a baby out of wedlock many people do. It's not only black babies. Someone just buried their son and all you care about was his baby being born out of wedlock. Show some respect. Good gracious.

    • Rayne

      It's horrible for the family but if you want to paint the picture that drugs was not involved. .myself and the general public will still be in disbelief. I didn't know the young man but being respectful as a child in little league is a Long time ago to growing into a man at eighteen. However you look at it I still feel bad for the family especially if the young man was pursuing his GED. My condolences to his family and friends because losing anyone especially a child to mayhem and violence is gutwrenching.

  • ...smh

    Has nothing to do with race...gun violence happens no matter where u go. Im just sayin

    • Rayne

      Sorry but I disagree..the black on black crime on the West Side must be stopped. Period. Selling and dealing on the West Side must be purged. If parents do not want to raise your kids with morals..please let someone else do it. I know plenty of families wanting to adopt. Career Welfare breeds the lazy and incompetents. Purge the West Side..instead of accepting defeat..people should unite and overcome.

      • Really you're rude.

        Gun violence and dealing drugs is EVERYWHERE! Parents can only guide kids so far before they become their own person and make their own choices. You can't blame the parents for something the kid wants to do. As for the Welfare comment that was uncalled for. He was getting his GED and making something of himself because if you haven't noticed high school isn't for everybody! Some people do need Welfare assistance to make it. My mom gets foodstamps and didn't create a lazy incompetent. So with that being said next time you wanna call a Welfare recipient makes '' Lazy, incompetents. Don't because not all of us are. Have a good day. (:

  • Rayne

    The new HUD home welcomes more Violence. The West Side is what makes Charleston ugly as a whole. Ignorant minorities collecting Welfare is the career. At some point when the West Side is cleaned up..only then will things change. But let's be honest that will never happen.

  • Randy

    As soon as I saw Detroit, I figured drugs. You see the Detroit connection all the time. But they go where the money is. Sadly our bigger cities are markets for crack and our smaller towns for meth. Although meth might be a homegrown problem. Anyone young and reading this who is not a user but may be some day-ask yourself. Did they think they would end up dead in a drug/gang shooting or be a meth head? And if I start using, how am I going to end up different? Naw. I'm not like that.

  • De Lou

    You know what makes me sick! Every year we loose more charleston citizens to our own citizens and we fail to point that out! Lol the media are our biggest down fall we are actually be divided as a huMan race because we are from different states! This confuses me my husband is from Detroit and is a honest working man! And we fear that the statistic will some day ruin our family, because of the hate the media continues to draw upon us who have to live among each other! First it was New York, then New Orleans, now Detroit, who will it be next DC. We are a people we are not states! Let's get it together and stop killing us!

  • Larry

    I wonder if anyone has ever moved to the west side of Charleston for non drug dealing or criminal related purposes?

  • Wv forever

    This will only get worse. You can blame democrats or republicans doesn't matter . It's the whole USA . We must put a stop to the drugs. No more jail time, you get a warning first time your caught. Here's your warning next time you hang. When we start hanging the repeaters then things will change. If they are dealers give them no warning just hang them. Be a lot less trash in this world.

  • BH

    What a sad worthless piece of trash. Please prosecute the juvenile as an adult, too.

  • teebird

    Here we go again... another murder and the killer is from Detroit. Can we please send these people back to where they came from! I understand Detroit is totally boarded up and a third world country but please keep your drugs and guns out of West Virginia. Every time I read about a drug bust or murder it seems to always be connect to a Detroit thug or thugs. Come on!