CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Charleston teenager was shot and killed Wednesday night as he sat on a porch with friends on Charleston’s West Side.

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Tymel McKinney, 18, was shot an killed in Charleston on Wednesday night.

Charleston police detectives said Tymel McKinney, 18, was shot in the face at a residence on Sixth Street. Police charged Mark Anthony Gaddy, 23, of Detroit, and a Charleston juvenile with murder. Gaddy was arraigned Thursday morning. Police didn’t release any information about the underaged boy who was charged.

The 11:30 p.m. Wednesday shooting followed a shooting earlier today on Glenwood Ave. also on the city’s West Side. Two men originally from Detroit have been charged in that shooting. Gaddy was also questioned but not charged.

“I don’t know if it’s a direct retaliation or not,” Charleston Police Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said. “But I do know this is the second day in a row where criminals from Detroit are shooting openly in neighborhoods.”

While Cooper wouldn’t say if this shooting was drug-related, he cited a Detroit connection to Charleston’s drug trade.

“It’s an organized system. They don’t just come down, hop off a bus and start looking for a place,” Cooper said. “They have a system in place. It’s how they make their money. They set up in places like Charleston, Huntington and Lexington.”


Mark Gaddy of Detroit was arraigned on murder charges Thursday morning in Charleston.

McKinney dropped out of Capital High School several months ago but his family said Thursday he was working toward his GED. They said he loved his family and 4-month-old daughter.

Cooper said Cpl. James Wilson was patrolling in the area and heard the shots, about 20 in all. He saw the men fleeing the area. Police used a K-9 unit to track down Gaddy.

Cooper said the city must remain vigilant.

“As long as there are drug users there are going to be drug dealers and as long as there are drug dealers there are going to be incidences of violence,” Cooper said.

Lt. Shawn Williams, who heads up the CPD Patrol Bureau, said there are many good things happening on the West Side despite the recent shootings.

“We’re going to keep fighting the good fight and try and run these guys back to Detroit. We don’t want what they’re selling,” Williams said.

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  • Big Deal

    The Westside drug/crime/Detroit problem is as detremental to the City of Charleston as the chemical spill stigma.

  • JS

    Not convinced the victim in this shooting is innocent. The drug/crime culture is just going to get worse if law enforcement does not act to toughen the sentences for these thugs. Remember, if there is not a market for drugs, then the Detroit (or other out of state) criminals would be forced to go elsewhere. Let's protect ourselves and out state NOW.

  • Hillbilly

    Someone once said, "Used to be that the black man's worst fear was the KKK.. now it's the BBB - Big Black Brother."

  • Larry

    Sad, the victim looks so innocent. It's pretty bad that things are so bad in Detroit, what with the terrible economy and democrat leadership, that the dealers have to come to Charleston, WV to sell their drugs.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Maybe Danny Jones should just pass an ordinance banning all people from Detroit.

    • upelk

      Governor should introduce legislation... any out of stater convicted of crime involving a gun gets an extra mandatory 10 years on sentence and no bail. Why be easy on these thugs.

      • P B and J

        Agree 100 percent. However it shouldn't only be for a gun crime. This state needs a tough on crime agenda. Anyone form out of state caught dealing/shooting/murdering gets double the sentence. No exceptions. No one day for every day you serve either.

        For once, those elected need to serve the people.

        If we can't get the death penalty back, I'd gladly pay taxes to supporting a 5k population MAX Prison for bandits to work all day busting rocks and digging holes.

  • JWP

    So Charleston has the same problem as "Moneyton and Cashland" ???

  • The Truth

    But I am sure this Detroit thug would have never violated the Charleston city ordinance and carried a gun into the MLK center

  • DWL

    Did the 18yo have a halo? Was he involved in the illegal trades? Shooting someone in the face is a person / sending a message killing. I'd be very interested in the victim's race also. Wonder if they are enforcement messages?

    Black on black murders! Until the black community decides to do something, stack the bodies like cord wood.

    • Larry

      His photo is shown above.

      • DWL

        Thanks Larry. I missed that. I was blinded by his halo glow.

  • JMB

    Detroit's scum truly is a plague on the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Truly disgusting

  • Maxeer

    If Obozo had a son....

    • teebird

      pat yourself on the back for the one.. you true Patriot lol

  • C. F. T.

    Type and frequency of street crime corresponds to the tolerance of political leaders. So is Mayor Jones excessively tolerant of Detroit Gangs?, it would appear so.

  • No Mercy

    Why do these losers insist on bringing their problems to WV?? Just cause their mothers decided to leave their legs open to produce 6 or 7 kids, with no job or father and growing up in poverty don't mean they need to take it out on other people. People don't want to live here anymore and I don't blame them. It didn't take long for these people to ruin a thriving community. The government doesn't have any balls to do anything about it. Not like they didn't know this would be a problem eventually, not just here but everywhere that has to deal with this nonsense. Responsible gun owners, thank these thugs for ruining your rights. And people wonder why there are so many racist people here, like we're supposed to just accept it. They do inhumane things but complain when inhumane things are done to them. Examples need to be set!!!

    • Renee

      Right on!

      • Renee

        @ No Mercy.. Well said

    • P B and J

      About 80 percent there with your words! Don't forget the great WV welfare they collect, the fine Charleston HUD housing (I think there's as much HUD as real homeowners in Charleston now), and the 6 kids they will produce with the women here. I blame a lot on the liberal WV judiciary/correctional system. 1 day credit for every day served is a joke. That's a win win for a criminal. No wonder they come here and act like hard asses. Detroit Sh!t heads are the scum of the earth!

      A new statistic needs to be added of why people leave WV. It used to be for jobs, but Detroit Trail will give it a run for its money.


      • teebird

        Not sure a Detroit thug can collect "West Virginia Welfare"
        Its just not that easy. Get your non facts straight.

        • P B and J

          Do you think these Detroit bandits shack up with 9 to 5 workers herre?? No, they hook up with welfare and assistance queens who gives them meals and a place to crash.

          As law enforcement I see this daily

          Use your head, that's the facts

          • Citizen

            Glad to know for a fact we have racists/prejudice serving as law enforcement to protect our community. Makes me feel real safe.

  • taylor collins

    Such a scum bag! I like the idea of killing him and shipping him back! God bless the family of the student.

  • Hillbilly

    Peddling Detroits finest wares.. just shoot this trash and mail him back to Detroit with a message that says every one caught like this gets it too..and then do it.

  • me

    Freaking Detroit slum. Go figure. Just going to get worse ...ugh