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Members of the Communication Workers of America have rallied several times to bring attention to contract negotiations.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Communication Workers of America and Frontier Communications have agreed to a fifth contract extension.

The latest extension was set to expire Friday but the union announced Thursday evening it’s been extended to May 31, a 37-day extension.

The contract, which originally expired Aug. 2, 2013, covers 1,600 Frontier workers in West Virginia. Health care has been a big sticking point during negotiations.

“We continue to make progress at the negotiating table,” said CWA International Representative Elaine Harris in a prepared statement. “The extension alleviates some of the pressure on everyone involved and it allows us to keep the focus on the issues important to our members, not an upcoming deadline.”

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  • Karen Voelker

    I just hope frontier treats their employees better than their customers. Their service sucks mine is out both phone and internet more than it is up and even though tech support numerous ones have said issue is bad server frontier had their local people come up with lies and excuses saying tech support doesn't know what they are talking about it's your equipment you use not ours which is a crock. Wish a better co would come and these workers could work for a decent company

  • WV Citizen

    Local Frontier service men and women have no control over the quality of the infrastructure, so your poor internet/phone service is not their in their control. Linda A has a good point.

  • WVoutdoorsman

    That is awful epeer. I'd be switching service if i was you that's for sure. I was just stating that my service/ experience has been fine but i guess it varies across the state. Still never the less i don't wish people in our state to lose their jobs like someone else suggested i do think the the FCC or whoever should require them to offer quality service statewide. But i hold the the company big wigs responsible for the poor quality of service not our local wv workforce

  • Larry

    Frontier claims to have a 100% USA based workforce, I don't believe that, when you call in you are speaking to somebody in Pakistan or India or someplace like that.

    • Jonus Grumby

      I doubt that. Believe me, with their inferior service I'm on the phone with their support people a dozen times a year and they are in the states. And I thought Verizon's service was bad.

  • Linda A

    The workers at Frontier are good people whom live and volunteer in our communities, schools, churches, local fire departments and numerous other activities. They deserve fair employment and job security. People seem to have forgotten or may not have ever known the necessity to stand for strong family values. I commend these workers and wish them success in getting a fair contract.

  • epeer

    Good for you outdoorsman. I live less than 5 miles from the square in Martinsburg and can get nothing better than 56k dial up from Frontier. Truly pathetic service!!!

  • WVoutdoorsman

    My Frontier service is great have 12mg internet in rural Greenbrier county really fairly priced and from the business office to the installation tech top notch . So I'm a thankful Frontier customer and support them in their fight for a fair contract

  • DWL

    Let 'em strike! Then fire them all! As poor as Frontier's service is, they will be bankrupt very soon anyway.

  • ViennaGuy

    It's great to hear that they are still making progress. As difficult as negotiations can be at times, it's better than being on the picket line.