Dan D’Antoni, the older brother of Mike D’Antoni, has been an NBA assistant with the Knicks, Suns and most recently, the Lakers.


HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Marshall’s 42-day basketball coaching search end with a D’Antoni after all.

Just not the one who had been the focus of numerous reports and speculation.

Dan D’Antoni, the older brother of Lakers’ head coach Mike D’Antoni, was announced as the Thundering Herd’s new coach Thursday afternoon.

Athletics director Mike Hamrick announced the hiring via Twitter ending a search.

Like his brother, Dan D’Antoni, 66, is a Marshall alum. The Mullens native replaces Tom Herrion, who resigned after four seasons with The Herd.

Mike D’Antoni had been the center of speculation for several weeks as Marshall’s coaching search continued to drag on. It seemed as if circumstances were aligning for Mike D’Antoni to return to Marshall. However, the Charleston Daily Mail reported Tuesday, the younger D’Antoni had withdrawn himself from consideration due to his contractual obligations to the Los Angeles Lakers. D’Antoni still has one year left on his contract and the Lakers own him $4 million next season.

Stephen F. Austin coach Brad Underwood removed his name from consideration Wednesday and Eastern Kentucky coach Jeff Neubauer, a former John Beilein assistant at West Virginia, informed his team Thursday that he would not take the Marshall job.

Dan D’Antoni has a long resume of coaching experience, however this will be his first adventure into college basketball as a head coach.

D’Antoni served as an assistant for The Herd in the 1970-71 season then spent 30 years as a high school coach at Socastee High School in Myrtle Beach where he won more than 500 games.

Since 2005, he has worked as an assistant on his older brother’s staffs in Phoenix (2005-08), in New York (2008-12) and in Los Angeles (2012-14).

D’Antoni was inducted into the Marshall Hall of Fame in 1990. He led The Herd with 17.5 points per game during the 1968-69 season and is among 49 players in the program’s history with 1,000 career points.

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  • Jake from State Farm

    I think this is a good hire for several reasons. First, he wants to be here likely for the remainder of his career. Second, in spite of what some say, his name will mean something to young players that think they can go to the NBA. Finally, something that I don't think has been said much, is that he has connections to foreign basketball. Dan D'Antoni could provide that 1 or 2 players from Europe that play that style of basketball, like a 6'8'' or 6'9'' player that is able to hit outside shots.

  • Go Mountainbeers

    Older WVU fans have never forgiven Dan D'Antoni for going to Marshall and still to this day hate his brother for turning away from Morgantown and coming to Huntington.King Oliver thinks that Dana and Hugs will bring national championships to WVU,but the facts show they are at best middle of the pack in their own conference.The facts show the ACC wants nothing to do with drunken coaches and couch arsenist.Joe Paterno went to big ten to get away from them even though he beat them regularly.BIG 12 will learn,no class is easy to spot.

    • Aaron

      That's about as big a ramble of stupid as I think I've seen on these threads in sometime.

  • JB

    Dan will bring in Alvin Green (Bridgewater College (VA) Asst Basketball Coach) to coach the guards. There's your age factor. Alvin is 31/32, a great coach, excellent former player at Socastee and Coastal Carolina University (Big South), and OUTSTANDING ALL-AROUND MAN (The #1 factor). I believe he was SC's Mr. Basketball in 2000 and a finalist for Mr. Football the same year.

    I can't say much about Dan (pun intended), but Dan will bring Alvin....and that Marshall is your future. http://www.bridgewatereagles.com/sports/mbkb/coaches/Alvin_Green

  • Go Mountainbeers

    Mountaineer fans just cannot root for the herd.Danny will do a great job and even Herrion beat the eers.Unlike the football and basketball coaches at WVU,Marshalls coaches will be sober.Can you overbearing WVU fans come up with a 2nd cheer that [lets go mountaineers cheer],is so old and it makes you look like you are not smart enough to learn a second one?The WVU cheerleaders do not have to put in much time learning cheers.1 cheer 3 words keep it simple.

  • jay zoom

    this gentlemen is going to be a winner at Marshall. Huggins might want to take a few lessons from him.

    • Hailey

      This is not going to work at all, .... as Gary Parrish from CSB sports said "this could be the worst hire ever" ....THANKS HAMMIE!

  • Billiam

    I'M LOVIN IT!!!

  • Herdman

    What is his Delta Tau Chi name?

  • Don Smith

    Great news!

  • BBall Fan

    Age 66. Never been a college coach at any level. Good luck with this one. Obviously a long-term move to get a stable, winning program for the next 10-15 years. Throw away the Gatorade. Bring on the prune juice.

  • Mister Man

    Good job, Marshall, and good luck.

  • Mister Man

    I think Marshall did a great job getting Dan. Good luck.

  • Jake

    Dan is the man ! Best of luck to marshall basketball . Tryouts at south mullens playground friday at 5 pm .

    • Mullens guy

      It's actually been moved to the middle school gym due to weather.

  • Bagdad Bob

    Dan's a great brother!
    Dan is just keeping the seat warm for Mike when the Lakers - errr Kobe fires him next year.

  • Larry

    I'm shocked, still can't believe Marshall was actually able to hire Mike D'Antoni....................................'s older, lesser known brother.

  • jerry thomas

    exactly what I have been suggesting we do, under the circumstances.

    • Mister Man

      And where did you suggest that?

      • Tom

        ...On the can?