CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Division of Corrections is looking for a few dozen men and women to join their ranks. The WVDC held a recruiting event Friday at WorkForce West Virginia in Charleston.

Amy Boggs, a recruiter for the WVDC, said there are plenty of jobs to fill.

“I would say there are at least 100 officers positions across the state. Some facilities have a greater need than others. We may have a small facility that needs one or two people. We may have a large facility who needs 20 or 30,” explained Boggs.

She stressed they’re good jobs. Starting pay for an entry officer is $22,500 a year. However, when you add in benefits and other options, it adds up to a lot more.

“We have officers who can almost double their salary, actually double their salary, if they want to get the extra hours they can certainly get it depending on the facility,” according to Boggs.

The WVDC oversees 15 prison facilities and 15 parole offices. There are job openings all across the state. Boggs said you don’t need any formal training to become an entry level corrections officer.

“When we’re talking an entry level correctional officer you just need a high school diploma or a GED. You need a year of general work experience,” explained Boggs. “You don’t have to have any related experience whatsoever to come in as entry level.”

The WVDC is looking to recruit those who will show up for work day in, day out, who are professional and act as role models for prisoners.

If you’re interested in a corrections position, you can log on to and click on the Jobs Open for Application icon.

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  • mook

    NO SHOW JOE MANCHIN will fix it when he gets reelected to governor.

  • Gary Karstens

    If you want more money, then quit voting for these Republicans who refuse to tax the coal barons.


    • the truth

      I hate to tell you this but the last governor who treated his employees with some respect was Cecil Underwood. He was the last to hire competent person to run DHHR.

    • Delusional

      Democrats have been in charge for 60 years and the coal industry is going bankrupt, but facts shouldn't get in the way of your point of view.

  • JimJim

    I wonder how much it cost the state to house all the inmates?

  • justme

    Worked in corrections for many years.Higher ups treat employees like crap and lie to the public all the time.Why do you think the turnover rate is so high.

    • Been there,Done that

      I to worked at HCC for a few years, and it wasn't the inmates you had to worry about, it was the Higher ups,from shift commander up that were dirty. I still remember the big three, Murphy, Robin and Rosie all the time harassing staff and threatening them up for nothing. Never again will I work for the DOC.

  • susanf1218

    Is that woman delusional?? Who on earth would think that a starting salary of $22,000/yr. for a full time job is a good salary?? And in order to make enough to actually live on, employees would have to work overtime, which would be maybe another 40 hrs/week. Yeah, I'll just bet they will have people falling all over themselves to apply for these "good" jobs!

    • Jason412

      Considering what is paid by almost all other jobs that require no experience or more than a GED, I would say 22k with benefits and optional OT isn't that bad. Sure beats the 15k and no benefits a lot of full time workers with the same qualifications make.

      • Joe

        It's not optional overtime. They call it mandatory overtime. I call it involuntary overtime. You can't refuse it, if you do you get written up and suspended without pay.

  • The truth

    Stay away. Almost all state jobs are deadend. You cannot get a raise for hard work and you will have staffing levels that will put you in danger or they will burn you out by making you work over every day. Plus, Tomlin in following Manchin by starving his employees but you can bet he is taking care of his cronies.

  • Richard

    Why in the heck would you put yourself in jail for 22.000.00$ a year when you can make more than that working for Simonton windows or for that matter go mart pays better and you do not have to put up with the garbage of working in a jail or prison.

    • Jason412

      I'd doubt Go Mart paid close to that. Assuming their employees are paid minimum wage, the jail job would pay about 7k a year more than full time minimum wage.

      • Richard

        @Jason Go mart in Ellenboro starting pay is 9.00$ and they offer heath insurance that is not far behind working for the DOC their are plenty of jobs that pay way better than working in a jail that can get you hurt or killed.

        • Jason412

          Oh, my mistake then. Good to know Go Mart treats their employees decently