CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Police made a third arrest in connection with this week’s deadly shooting on the city’s West side.


D.J. Carter

Police on Saturday charged Darrell “DJ” Carter, 18, with first-degree murder in connection with the shooting of 18-year-old Tymel McKinney. The Charleston teenager was gunned down Wednesday night while sitting on the front porch of a house on Sixth Street.

Detectives previously arrested Mark Gaddy of Detroit and a Charleston juvenile in connection with the shooting. Reports Saturday indicated the McKinney shooting was gang-related.

Police also charged Carter with malicious wounding in connection with a March 30 shooting on Stuart Street.

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  • Vinman

    Gang related?

    I'm shocked...SHOCKED!!!!!

    Not shocked.

  • Dr. nate!!

    It's chipper time!! I've said it for years, chip them wanta be gangsters, I can do even the biggest Obama voter , for less than $00.20 each, shoot it straight into the kanawha river, but down from American water intake! There is no downside to this plan, but a huge downside to keep letting these thugs/pillheads/druggies/retarded gangsters go in and out of the system!

  • RT

    I knew Carter as a juvenile offender and he was a piece of garbage then. The sad thing is I knew he would murder someone eventually and it has come to pass. Enjoy Mt. Olive D.J, and don't drop the soap!!

  • Gary Karstens

    I applaud Mayor Danny Jones for taking a brilliant stand against guns in his city. It is time for the gun massacres to stop! YEESH!

    Guns all over the place.........and you see what happens. YEESH!

    • Another Perspective

      You are without a doubt--an idiot!

    • timbo g

      So you believe that criminals from Detroit would come to Charleston WV unarmed and without weapons-- YEESH!

  • TV

    I'm terribly surprised to learn the shooter was black, almost as surprised as the recent shooting on Capitol st

  • Thatguyoverthere

    Statistics don't lie.

  • CFS!

    CANT FIX STUPID!! When will the African American population start taking care of their kids? Are they all really this stupid?

    • ignorant fool

      You sound just like one of those tunneled vision Republicans people like you are the problem you think it's the color of your skin is to why these crimes are being committed here in Charleston no these guys come to a small place like this and try to make a name for themselves if the police keep locking them up black and white offenders who both commit crimes here in Charleston it will not be a place they will take for granted to commit there crimes here.

      • timbo g

        I don't understand your post because it is rambling and without logic. I think you are trying to say that Republicans cause black on black crime and that they make guns more available to thugs and criminals. These folks have backgrounds that are polluted with crime. This is more a personal responsibility and how you treat others issue than a "someone made me do it" issue. Jesus said to treat others like you want to be treated. I don't think most young men are begging to be shot in the face. Just sayin'.

        • Read the post again

          What the post is saying is that small time thugs from the big cities come to small places like wv to make a name for themselves because in the city they are probably not as relevant.So if charleston PD continue to lock them up with highest level of punishment then this trend will stop never said Republican are the cause of black on black crim I just hate those comments like there is a specific person or race thats committing all the crime here in charleston. This is what my rumbling post meant in basic terms.

          • cfs

            Like those tunnel vison republicans....... thats what your post says. Look at the jail population in the USA and you will see its mostly black. Just a sad fact. Has nothing to do with be a republican.

      • DWL

        As opposed to you? A what? A black that thinks that the conservatives are responsible for the black-on-black killings? It's always everyone else's fault. That why you blaze the trail for the entitlements.

  • Time to end this

    Burn him at the stake!!! End of story.

  • jb

    Hoodrats gonna hood.