SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. –– The West Virginia State Police announced Friday veteran trooper Brandon Moore has resigned his position. Moore was assigned to the Williamson detachment and was implicated in the ongoing federal investigation into political corruption in Mingo County.

A federal indictment against former Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury named Moore.  The indictment alleged Moore was involved in a plot to arrest Robert Woodruff on fabricated charges. Woodruff is the husband of Thornsbury’s former secretary. Investigators claimed the plot was an effort by Thornsbury to rekindle a past relationship with the woman.

Moore, who was named State Police Trooper of the Year in 2010, later transferred to the Beckley Detachment.  He had been on administrative leave since August when the allegations came to light. State Police had been conducting an internal investigation into the case and announced his resignation on Friday. State Police Spokesman Mike Baylous offered no reason or time for his departure from the agency.

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  • Aaron

    He's immensely qualified for a job in Martinsburg.

  • william

    Bad cop, bad cop, what you going to do when they come for you.

  • Aaron

    All of this news coming out of Mingo County makes me wonder if the Federal Prosecutor for Southern WV ever investigated the comments made by the gentleman who assassinated the Sheriff a few years back.

  • P1

    looks like a great opportunity to utilize the new ruling by the wv supreme court......and access his personnel records;

  • Tom

    Don't we have a former Ohio Trooper of the Year in the 1990s in jail for murdering his wife?? Yep I think we do.

  • Wv forever

    Another crooked cop, imagine that. I personally have no respect for any of the small minded crooks. They are nothing but cheating lying wife beating, wife stealing smart asses that think they are better than everyone else.

    • AppiKid

      I call FOUL! You are taking the actions of a few and judging the whole who serve everyday! Everyday they put their lives on that line to protect and serve! I have served in the fire service and have seen what these guys deal with everyday! It makes me sick when I hear someone throw good men under the bus while sitting on your behind and enjoying the protection that they provide! Yes every where you look there are a few among many that are bad apples, but, don't condemn all for the irresponsible actions of a few! If you think you can do it better strap on your bullet proof vest or your bunker gear and serve your community!!! I am thankful for these guys and gals that risk their lives everyday and you should be too!

  • WB

    WV state troopers have poor leadership that develops no moral compass or reasonable standards of conduct. It's a closed culture that tries its best to take care of its own. They need better people at the top and better processes to evaluate / correct inappropriate attitudes and behavior.

    • Tom

      I concur!! It all starts with the Gov!!!!

  • Col. Klink

    WV finest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL. Just like the one in Charleston, a Lt. was drunk and shot threw his cruiser, went to work for another state agency and is drawing two pensions from the state.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Corrupt politicians, public officials and cops should be held to a higher standard and have their sentences doubled if they are found guilty of criminal activity.

    • DWL

      It hard to have a set of moral standards when the leftist leaders, i.e. the m0r0n & "vacation queen" Mooshell (aka wookie), Race-baiter Holder, "Benghazi" Killery, "Read-it-later" Pelosi, "Liar" Dingy Harry, et el, have a morality standard well into the negatives. This administration, including the state's political hacks are the most crooked bunch that has ever existed.

      • scott

        Ahhh, another important , thoughtful comment from D.....nope just cant make it.

      • LB

        Yea. It's Obama's fault there is a dirty cop in Mingo County.

        • Ut Oh

          No George Bush, Right Barrack?

  • Harpers Ferry

    "Corrupt" is the term used to describe a white person who violates the law.

    "Thug" is the term used used to describe a black person who violates the law. It is also a convenient substitute for the N word. I would say the word because I don't believe in PC, but WVMetronews would, sadly, edit and delete my post.

    I look for the day when others will call a person who violates the law a "thug" no matter what the color of his skin might be.

    • Jonus Grumby

      The Race Card: Don't leave home without it.

      • Tom

        Doggone crackers!!!

        • One Sided whining

          Yeah they use that term all the time in their group settings but you never hear about any hate crime arrests or protests when they use that derogatory word. It's all one sided.

      • DWL

        The fairy from Harper's never leaves home with out the RACE card. That the way they do it in the liberal land of the Jefferson County. It's jam packed with thugs, bugs, and most have a mug.

  • JWP

    Trooper of the year 2010??? WTF?

  • Rich

    Another state employee is allowed to resign rather than be fired. Keeps his pension.

    • Jonus Grumby

      Uhhh, let's wait until this is over before we assume, OK? If he is guilty, hopefully he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We'll see.

  • stating the obvious

    Corruption amoung public officials...nothing new to this news either. Everyone already knows this is an epidemic in this state. On an unrelated side note....anyone that has been following the updates ( or lack thereof ) on the 11 who was shot and who's parents have remained unnamed, WDTV channel 5 news has obtained the 911 recordings...GET WITH IT METRO NEWS and get it posted on here.

    • stating the obvious

      *11 year old...hate typos

  • Not again!

    Another bad cop in a corrupt state.

  • DR. Nate

    IT'S CHIPPING TIME!!! Another dirty, lowrent, p.o.s. , bi-polar, pillheaded, cop!! But will skate on out, because he snitched like the lowlife bitch that he is!! Not even enough man, to take the punches! Think of how many more, that haven't been caught! Like the joker said in the dark night, "when things go bad, they will eat each other". They should spend more time doing background, and mental health checks on these (mall cops)!