CHARLESTON, W.Va. —  A bar bouncer in downtown Charleston remained in critical condition Saturday following a late-night shooting.

Charleston detectives said Jimmy Beasley was walking two women to their car at closing time Saturday around 2 a.m. when two men opened fire, shooting him 12 times. Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said Beasley had thrown the men out of the Charleston Cellar earlier in the evening.

Beasley was shot in the head and several other areas. One of the bullets grazed one of the women he was escorting.

Police have charged George Sawyer with malicious wounding alleging Sawyer and Tasheem Collins shot Beasley and then ran toward Kanawha Boulevard. Police said Sawyer jumped into the river but swam back to shore, where he was apprehended. Police are still looking for Collins.

Sawyer is being held in the South Central Regional Jail.

The state Alcohol Beverage Control Agency commissioner suspended the Cellar’s alcohol license for 10 days while the agency conducts an investigation into the incident.



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  • Indian Boy

    Have you noticed most of these incidents, regardless of where they occur in WV, happen between 2 and 3 AM. Yet the legislature didn't think there was a need to change the last call law. Close the bars at 12 AM. No one needs to be out and drinking later then that.

    • An opportunity to start anew

      That would go a long away to help the situation. Nothing good happens after midnight. Everybody knows that saying and it's absolutely true.

    • wvu999

      IB by your logic the state department of highways should move the deer crossing signs away from the busy road ways so drivers don't hit deer. The deer will only cross where there is a sign lol

    • JWP

      Do you really believe that's the issue? People drink in Vegas round the clock and you don't have this problem. Its a societal issue. West Virginia # one, needs to re-instate the death penalty and enforce it. It may, just may, make these worthless fools think before they draw.

      • Fact Checker

        The death penalty does not deter crime.

      • Tom

        For what type of gun crimes would you suggest people be put to death...drawing a gun, firing a gun, wounding another person with a gun, or killing another person with a gun? Anything else?

        • B

          Tom ,
          Are you protecting these punks?

        • JWP

          If you shoot the pizza boy dead for free pizza small and small change.....death penalty
          If you shoot the thief that kicked in your door pizza and a metal from the Gov.

        • Mike

          Rape, kidnapping, murder, Crimes against children. B&E. That is just a start. Also those that sell drugs to our kids. Drunk drivers that kill someone. That will do for now.

  • Todd

    This man shoots another individual twelve times and they charge him with malicious wounding? What does a person have to do in order to be charged with attempted murder?

    • Traci

      I agree completely, they should both be charged with attempted murder and do hard time in a high security prison.

    • Randy


    • Jonus Grumby

      As I understand, the charge of malicious wounding carries a stiffer penalty than attempted murder in WV.

  • MOCO man

    Sorry Gary but I don't guns are the issue here. It's the weak punishment that is used to deal with these people........if there were a system to hold these people accountable, this kind of ignorance would be greatly reduced.......

    • Tom

      What kind of system (or punishment) would you recommend?

      • DWL

        The death penalty would be a good start, but that would endanger too many blacks and politician's families, plus it's difficult for them to find the time to visit relatives on "the row". They are too busy waiting on the welfare check, talking on the free m0r0n phones, or working the corner for one thing or another (and these apply to the liberal politicians also).

        • justin

          yeah because black people are the only ones that collect welfare and sell drugs on the corner in wva. nice right winger racist comment...

        • Mike

          DWL, Great response. I agree with you 100%.

      • Wv forever

        How about we just hang him on capital lawn. He's guilty, he's worthless and is a drain on society. Instead we'll pay to feed and house him for the rest of his life.

        • WV Common Tater

          Your idea of public hangings doesn't sound too bad. They used to be great crowd drawers and good for business. I am sure it would impress the kids not to make crime an occupation.

      • Kevin

        Charging them with attempted murder rather than malicious wounding would be one hell of a start.

  • Gary Karstens

    Another day and more guns, guns and guns.


    • Silas Lynch

      Another day and more guns in America DIDN'T kill anyone than did and more lives lost in Auto Accidents than by guns....

    • Randy

      We all have sinned. Hell just ask Jimmy Swiggart! I and others have conspired to rebuff and almost deny Mr Karstens his astute political voice. I feel we have been remiss and unfair trying to silence a visionary (the likes of which haven't been seen since Ghandi.) A bold and in your face (or up your a**) form of self expression is ritual public suicide. Let's not discourage this great man from making his ultimate statement. Sign the petition and give a man his due.NO FIREARMS PLEASE! KEEP IT SAFE.

      • Randy

        And as them Duke brothers would have said had they been from West By God Va-------------YEESH-HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aaron

      It should be noted that the victim did not have a gun and was dependent upon law enforcement to defend him. Who knows what would have happened were he carrying a weapon.

      • justin

        there wouldve been a shootout had he had a gone. duh

        • Fact Checker

          He MIGHT have been able to shoot back but he also MIGHT have shot a passer-by or provided another gun to the individuals who had already fired into him several times.

          So, doesn't it make more sense to imagine the same situation without guns instead of suggesting there were more?

      • AppiKid

        Let me start by saying I am a conservative. I don't believe in racism! I have many African American friends that I love dearly! I also believe in the 2nd amendment, I don't believe for a second that guns are the cause for violence, it is the individual that commits these crimes! Perhaps if this man had a gun he could have defended himself! I would be interested to know if these that have been arrested were the legally registered owners of the guns they used? I would almost bet they weren't registered! God bless this victim, my prayers are with him and his family! And God bless America, this country is in sad shape!

      • DWL

        Yep. And as usual, they can't be everywhere.

  • william

    I never go to Charleston without my two buddies -

    • Randy

      But you'll meet your two enemies-Danny & Jones.

      • Jess

        Not anymore, legislature has correct that. You can carry your concealed wepon (as long as you have your concealed weapons permit) in Charleston Municipalites but not in federal buildings or federally owned buildings. This is a blessing and a curse.

  • Natty Bumpo

    Under Danny Jones Charleston has been sliding further down the tubes...ironically this used to be his old bar the #8 I do believe. Dump Jones Now.

  • DWL

    Sounds more like they need Jones control, not gun control. Every law abiding citizen needs to carrying in this lawless state.


    drunks low life's bar trash!!!!

  • Craig

    Charleston would be a much better place to live if they would get rid of nanny jones. He wastes time and money fighting against good law abiding citizens. You would have to be completely crazy to come to this town without arming yourself. The drugs, and thugs run this town. The west side ( represented by mesha poore) is the sorriest place in the state and ms poore is running or congress. She also voted against the rights of legal gun owners who wanted to be able to protect themselves if they ever found themselves lost in her district. Seriously, refocus your efforts, deal with dope, and thugs and leave regular people the hell alone!! Get it right charleston kick nanny jones ass out!!

  • Richard

    Charleston the arm pit of WV.

  • stating the obvious

    More drunks with guns...nothing new about this news.

  • Larry

    Real shocker, shooting at a bar on Capitol St., you'd have to have a death wish to go to any bar in Charleston.

  • Lew

    I guess this is spillage from Huntington... No worries czar Jones will handle it.

  • Next Door Neighbor

    What? Was Huntington too busy?

  • P B and J

    Stay classy Charleston

    • Get Serious

      When was Charleston ever classy?

      • Worm

        Charleston is in a free fall to the bottom. The chemical industry which was the economic life blood of that area is on life support. It's a worn out dying city with no future.

        • Joe

          You nailed that right on the head !

      • P B and J

        When Ron Burgandy started at WCHS in the late 60's.