BLUE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Those working to keep the Blue Sulphur Springs Pavilion from collapsing in Greenbrier County say they have raised enough money to keep the structure, built in 1834, standing at least temporarily.

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The pavilion is all that’s left of Blue Sulphur Springs Resort which opened in 1834.

However, it will take an additional more than $200,000 for a permanent stabilization solution at the site which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

“It is beautiful, historic treasure for the county,” said Alex McLaughlin, chairman of Friends of the Blue.

The Greek revival pavilion, which includes 12 columns, is the only surviving structure from the Blue Sulphur Springs Resort, a 19th century mineral spa resort with space for 200 guests, named for the iridescent color of the springs on site.  It is located nine miles from Alderson and 15 miles from Lewisburg.

“It was started as a major resort for the healing waters, the sulphur waters,” said McLaughlin.  An economic downturn and competition from other resorts, including The Greenbrier, though, lead to the closure of the resort in 1859.

“Around the time of the Civil War, the hotel started in decline.  It became an educational facility and then, during the war, it became a hospital for the south and, at the end of the war, either accidentally or intentionally, the north burned down all of the resort except for the spring house which remains today,” said McLaughlin.

He said, by trying to save the pavilion, they’re saving history.  More on the fundraising effort is available at the Friends of Blue Facebook page.

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  • Alex McLaughlin

    Thank you Marizel and Silas lynch for your info.Vienna guy You can drive by the pavillion and get a good view. The site is not open for visits because it is not yet safe and construction on the initial stabilization will begin shortly. Thank your for your Interest.

  • ViennaGuy

    Is the pavilion open for the public to visit?

  • Marizel

    Drove past this last year--beautiful, standing there in it's cow pasture!

    Why no link to the Facebook page?

    www. facebook. com /BlueSulphurSprings

  • Silas Lynch

    The resort was not accidently burned and destroyed by U.S. Troops, it was purposely burned and destroyed by, I believe, Gen. Crook of the U.S. Army. Crook also refused to let the people of Lewisburg bury their dead and instead made them lay their dead out on Church Street until they rotted beyond recognition. Few know of the mass Confederate grave in the shape of the Christian Cross of 80 foot with a 50 foot cross section in Lewisburg.
    Blue Sulphur is certainly worth the effort to preserve.

  • Margaret Hambrick

    Thank you to Hoppy Kerchevel for hosting Alex McLaughlin on the show and helping us get the word out about The Blue. Any donation, large or small, will help and all are tax deductible through the Greenbrier Historical Society, 301 W. Washington St. Lewisburg, WV 24901. GHS is the umbrella organization for the Friends of the Blue and is a 501 (c) 3 group. Thanks to all who help with this restoration!

  • David Kennedy

    Cudo's to this great, civic minded group of citizens.
    If this structure was located in Fairmont, it would be leveled for a new CVS pharmacy.