CHARLESTON, W.Va. — All indications are House Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) will not make the restoration of extended unemployment benefits a priority issue for the U.S. House of Representatives in the weeks ahead, but a Republican candidate for Congress in West Virginia’s Third District says the extension needs to be addressed.

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Sen. Evan Jenkins (R-Cabell, 5)

“I would be a member of the Republican caucus who would stand up and say, ‘We need to extend these benefits,'” said state Senator Evan Jenkins (R-Cabell, 5) on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

“That’s what this benefit is.  It is for people who have been put out of work, for no fault of their own, and we have seen that, unfortunately, chapter and verse, here in West Virginia.”

Emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) is the federally mandated program for people who have exhausted their regular unemployment benefits but still have not found jobs.  Nearly three million people nationally, including more than 7,000 in West Virginia, have lost those long-term benefits since the latest extension expired on Dec. 28, 2013.

“For these coal miners and others who have been penalized by this anemic economy and the war on coal, (they) should be allowed extended benefits until we can get this economy going and get the coal industry out from under the attack that’s being waged against it,” said Jenkins who has been an advocate for responsible government spending.  He said the EUC extension falls into that category.

“I’m for doing what is right.  We can find, within our federal government, the money.  About $20 billion is the expected fiscal note for the extension of this benefit.  It’s a big number, but it’s certainly manageable,” Jenkins said.

Third District Congressman Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.), the incumbent Jenkins will likely face in the November General Election, also supports extending the long-term unemployment benefits that were first implemented after the recession in 2008.

The U.S. Senate approved an extension that would last through May 31 earlier this year.  Republican leaders in the U.S. House, though, have opted not to take up the measure.

Jenkins’ appearance on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline” is part of a series of interviews Hoppy Kercheval is conducting with the statewide candidates leading up to the May 13 Primary Election and Nov. 6 General Election.  Early voting for West Virginia’s primary election begins this week.

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  • susan

    I just hope when it comes time for Boehner to be re-elected, he is standing in the unemployment line.

    • Jeanna

      AMEN!!! He needs to feel what it is like to live scared!

    • Barbara Doyle

      I live in Ohio,and trust me when i say he will not be re-elected if he does not bring this bill to the house floor soon. We are trying to hold out and see if he will and if he does not.,There are to date over 25,000 people here in Ohio that's ready to speak up against him. We are ready for him to be unemployed he is a JOKE.

    • Clarence

      I'm so glad I have the right to vote!!!!!

    • Jason412


      I don't know what's worse. The fact that there's hundreds of comments directed at you about this, or the fact you seem to took the time to respond to almost every one of them.

      • Aaron

        The fact that you took the time to read them Jason.

    • Diane

      He and his family should suffer. I'm going to pray that it happen to him.

    • Kelton Scott

      Amen, that man need to experience the soup line for a change. If anybody votes for him then they are the ones that don't care about a person losing his or her job to unemployment!

    • Kiki

      Right thank you he's an ass whole..

    • Roxanne


    • Lio

      Republicans (not all) want to know how we can fund the unemployment extension: $37,680,000,000 That’s How Much the U.S. Spent on Foreign Aid in 2012. All political parties should look a little closer!
      Now lets fix home!!!!! Enough Said!!!

    • Daniel McKee

      They went on vacation paid by us while people are are unable to put food on the table.

      • emma b.

        It wasn't vacation. They go back home to their respective states.

        • Adam

          Then why is it labled easter recess fool. The job requirements are to be in both d.c. and there respective states. How many of you even understand the congressional process. Realy origanaly this was a house bill right.

      • Jan

        Way too many days off and not enough acomplished when they are on the hill. You know they will take off for the Fourth of July and then scheduled vacation in August.

        • Lisa

          If us non-politican everyday folk took as many days off as our house republicans..we'd be fired. One way to create jobs. Starting now only buy stuff if the label says MADE IN THE USA. or learn to make it yourself or learn to do without If we start doing that Jobs may start returning to the USA. Boener and his buddies can continue their arrogant sefish behavior. And that behavior will backfire on them. The american people are tough smart and resourceful.

          • dermot

            I completely agree. We need manufacturing industry here. Our house speaker will not put benefits up for a vote but has scheduled a vote to let GE avoid paying taxes on 27 billion profit from overseas. Yet half the country will vote gop.

    • darls


    • kiwi


    • Kimberly Haines

      Amen. Enough is enough!!!!!!

    • Shanon

      No there won't be an unemployment line in Boners future he gets full benefits after 4 years Beauty of our government

      • meek747

        Okay time for microeconmics lol, employers only pay taxes on the first 14,000 not ever dollar you earn as an employee is taxed, You are correct in a way saying employers pay for EUC. they pay into a trust fund based on employees, there individual company layoff rate, an a couple more factors determing the amount they pay.In which monies is drawn upon to pay EUC. However where do you think the money they pay comes from since only the first 14000 you make is taxed ? So if you make 60K your employer is only taxed on that first 14000. So ask yourself who really pays for it. thats the way is suppose to be it pays for itself...DUHHH

      • Jan

        So I think the retirement of elected officials needs to be more reasonable. A man like "Boehner" gets lifetime benefits after four is a crime.

      • Richard

        Shanon is correct. He will never need unemployment. That's exactly the problem with our government. Most, if not all, are 1%ers. They have no idea what it is like to be a common, everyday hard working American earning (when employed) a modest wage.

        Boehner came from a poor family (the claims go) but it seems he has so much pride in what he has accomplished he is blinded to people like his parents.

        • Aaron

          You couldn't be further from the truth. While I'm not a huge fan of his, I won't begrudge the Speaker his accession to his current post. He's certainly earned it. Don't take my word for it, do the research yourself.

        • Todd

          Talk about a handout? Work 4 years, do hardly anything then live off the taxpayers the rest of your life making more than the average worker makes.

        • Denise Butts

          God has the power to move Boner. Now vote on that.

          • Karen

            Amen for God is in control. This is hard for everyone, and I pray that we all will be restored to what is rightfully yours. God will take care of all who have put millions of diverse people in severe jeopardy.

          • Princess

            Sister Girl you got that right I've been praying for the Lord to turn That mans heart and humble him the way he did King Nebechanezer; Jesus has the power to do everything! Lets pray this prayer together in the name of Jesus the Christ.

          • cheary smith

            How can the HOUSE let one person stop anything if the house agree then vote without him and let the president put it into action now tired of the foolery. People need some type of income just to enven look for Work.

          • Sheree

            Amen Amen Amen.. He needs to check himself. Being so highminded and proud... Could call for a sudden discipline... All I want to say is remember Nabal

    • Darlene Long

      I hope so to .He doesn,t care about people if they have no money he makes big bucks.

      • Aaron

        Perhaps he understands that you cannot pay people to set it home indefinitely. Sooner or later you have to take personal responsibility for your self, get off your duff, and find a job. It's not governments responsibility to make sure you have one. Employment is not a right.

        • Tammy

          Do you really think people are just sitting on there butts really?I worked my whole life an it isn't my fault that i got laid off. I think its pretty rude to just assume people are just lazy an don't wana work. It is very hard to find a job even with a good solid work history. Some people should just keep their comments to theirselves. Everyone needs a little help at some point in there life.

        • Marie

          I suggest you all call boehner's office at 202-225-0600. I did this morning and was told that he doesn't want to bring it up for vote because it won't pass. I sd that's not his call to make he just has to at least let it be seen the rep got flustered and asked me what did I want from them ....I that's why republicans lost last to presidential elections cuz they don't care....unfortunately I didn't tell her if he is so sure it won't pass what harm will it do to at least bring it up for a vote then ....we know y it's cuz they know it will pass.

        • Marie

          Ok Aaron so you say people should make their own way I was working full time and going to school to get into the field ad nursing my job bought in new mgmt. and let go of 90 % off old staff and brought their own people in I qualified for unemployment I am having a hard time finding a full time job in my old profession but I did take the first part time job I found so I get unemployment based on my income plus I pay my own tuition and now am 1 wk and state board testing away from a new job but guess what due to the lack of extension I am unable to pay my last tuition payment so my paperwork won't be cleared for me to take boards I don't hv the $350 to tk boards and my electricity was turned off last night in the middle of finals week never mind I had been paying consistently for 3yrs and asked for 2wks til next paycheck came so I did what u sd I went back to school took the first job I was offered heck I had a part time job before my 1st benefit check came n now my 3 children n I sit in the dark while I study.....just to say u don't know everyone's story n u shouldn't judge

        • Roy

          Aaron im a combat vet. I gave this country 8 years, been at war 3 times. I lost my job due to government contract relocations. I cant relocate because I have kids here and im a single father. Its been months trying to get a job and feeding my kids. More and more companies are leaving california hence TOYOTA. BOEHNER cant bring this up for a vote? This is the person we elected to represent the people? This guy BOEHNER shows up to work drunk making six figures and doesn't care about Americans. Republicans dont have a chance at re-elections. BOEHNER CAN KISS MY ASS....

        • Shae

          It is wrong to assume that ppl who are drawing unployment bc we wasnt to.. I don't get anywhere near the amount needed to pay bills as I did when I was working.. So unless U've walk out walk? Stop the verbal nonsense responses.. U dont know Wat someone's situation is..

        • Rosemary

          Aaron is just an auto response computer responding to all comments. Although the many spelling and grammar errors along with incorrect data confuse me. Guess the computer is malfunctioning! Maybe it needs to take some time and reboot!

        • Val

          You are an idiot and I hope your stupid ass looses your job so you can see that no one sits at home and collect a check it's not welfare it's UI you have to have worked to get it so you try being in folks shoes first befire you speak!!!! Asshole

        • Losing my family

          I have 6 children and lost my job through no fault of my own. My kids is barely making it and I'm about to be evicted cause my unemployment has been cut off. Please sir, I don't have no place to go with my children, plz reconsider your thoughts about this matter.

        • D

          Aaron- don't sit there on your high horse and judge others. I have an undergrad in pre-med and a masters degree and can not find a job in the city I live in even at Wal-mart!!!! I'm not being picky and don't care where I work at this point. How dare you state people are sitting on their duffs and being lazy!? Do you think I want my two young children to suffer and lose my home and not have the basic needs like toothpaste etc...don't ever judge unless your in someone else's shoes. Even then don't judge. While John boehner is making 900,000.00 and hates the president- others who are not so fortunate are suffering. Stop your ignorance on here and keep your uneducated comments to yourself. Karma is a bit**!!!

          • Aaron

            I'm confused. A PA's is one of the most highly sought after degrees going. If you have a pre-med degree and a Masters, unless of course it is in literature, surly you could find a school to obtain your license. I found online programs with a cursory search. Or how about nursing? You can become an LPN in as little as one year and the demand is through the roof.

        • GLO

          aAaron if its was that simple people woult not be waiting on no little check like unemployment if you cant fine a job you just cant you cant make no one hired you . so stop the boost because will take your job and than see how you feel these words in a god voice becareful how you talk about other

        • Adam

          Aaron is an illiterate dumb truck driver. We should meet up and talk about this like men. Learn to spell you heartless piece of dung. Please post your address.

          • Aaron

            I will note that no one has answered a very simple question. How about you D the cheerleader? Can you answer the simple question?

          • D

            Good for you Adam!!! Go kick his ass as he hides behind his computer!!!!!'n

          • Aaron

            Sorry pal, if you ever make it to West by-gawd Virginia, let me know. I have no use for California.

            If you ever do come to WV, you will find that I am not illiterate nor a Republican.

            And for all your bravado sir, I notice that you failed to refute anything I've posted.

            I'll ask you the same thing I've ask others. Why stop at 99 weeks? Surely if we can find the money to extend benefits 73 weeks, we can find it to extend them another 73 to 172 weeks. Surely in that amount of time, the unemployed can find work in that amount of time, right?

            Please refrain your internet tough guy act and respond intelligently and concisely.

          • Adam

            Coffee realy just like a republican , smooth it over .

          • Adam

            Pinon hills California. As to not shock the kids we will meet at your location you dumb truck driving military robot. No offense to intellectual or intelligent military americans. Just the dumb ones that come out staunch repulicans. I had to take a job that was 20 dollars an hour less but am doing it. So let me know when you and your fat ass truck driving ass is in my neighborhood. I will teach you an old american lesson about respecting your fellow man wether you are at there class level or not.

          • Aaron

            Where would you like to meet Adam? As I'm working and you are not, I will buy the coffee.

        • samuel

          your a ahold who will get your one day soon

        • Shane Dietz

          But we give billions to egypt and other stupid places...joke

        • Ryan

          Sir, your views are what is wrong with our country today. I'm sure you have a job, or were fortunate enough to find one sooner rather than later. There are people out there that are just sitting on their duffs as you say but that should not stop our government from helping out the unemployed who lost their jobs from no fault of their own, or for their jobs that were outsourced to another country! Personally I believe it's your uncompassionate views that are going to be the downfall of our already faltering country. Seriously take a look at the big picture not everyone can just go out a get another job! It's a little embarrassing when you decide to take any job that you can for $7.25, or whatever, to just be told you are way to overqualified!! It's not the majority that's on their "DUFFS" it's the government that's on their duffs and not creating jobs, and not helping out it's hard working peoples that have done nothing wrong! I hope this does not ever happen to you ever! But sometimes it takes to hit rock bottom and to be living in your car without a savings, credit maxed, nothing left and still applying for work daily to see why this is NEEDED!! Have a wonderful day sir!

        • Deborah Smith

          People who work hard their whole lives and face a temporary setback should not be penalized! Unemployment is necessary to help get us through the hard time as we look for work. This is not an issue if us getting off our duffs and finding a job, as you so rudely out it, it is about helping the 3 million people through this time of need. We are not lazy and do not want a handout!! John Boehner needs to step up and do something to help us now!

        • Jake

          Aaron, why do assume someone is setting at home all day while collecting benefits. You do not know me. Therefore. you need to put a lid on your rude remarks.

        • Jake

          Aaron, you are clueless. I cannot force someone to hire me. There is no guarantee that someone will hire me within 26 months. The intensity of someone's job search doesn't equate to finding a job within an allotted amount of time for everyone. That is just plain common sense.

        • Susan

          Aaron: Why do you think we, the unemployed, are sitting on our duffs? I have a MBA from DePaul University and 30 years experience. I spend 40+ hours a week applying for jobs and going to networking meetings. Some applications take 5 hours to fill out and include 45 minute assessments, essay questions, writing samples personalized for that job, sample presentations, personality tests, etc. They check credit, criminal, references, etc. now. My foreclosed house will fall off my credit in December and I lost out on a job 9 blocks from my home because of that black mark on my credit report. One application I filled out was 14 pages long. I have applied to jobs in 22 states. I have interviewed in 3 states and would leave my family and pets, friends, church and home to work. You are terribly misinformed or ignorant of our plight. The jobs are not there.

          • Aaron

            If you have an MBA and 30 years experience, have you not thought about opening a consulting business?

        • Pete

          Id be carefull Aron people are going to be at your door

        • Danny

          Hey Aaron, getting layed off from McDonald's and getting job at burgerking don't count,

        • Jose Santana

          Perhaps he understands that you cannot pay people to set it (correction: sit at) home indefinitely. You're a joke Aaron.

        • Karan Meyers

          Its not the government responsibility! Your right but when they deduct from our checks when working every pay period it becomes their responsibility... Aaron!

        • monique

          Aaron. I totally disagree with your comment. Families are out here struggling to make ends meet. There are several people that have looked for month s to find a job. It's not that easy. People have worked hard for years and when the economy took a hit a lot of people was affected by this and they lost their job.

        • Kim

          Aaron, I certainly hope you are never in a position of not having a job. You should be more careful of the comments you make about others. You have no idea what their situations are. I myself lost my job last August along with 350 other people due to a reduction in force. I've had 6 interviews just in the last 3 weeks alone. I am highly offended by your assumption that I am "not taking responsibility for myself and sitting home on my duff"!

          • Aaron

            Might I suggest truck driving school. The industry pays well and is begging for drivers.

        • Danny

          Some of us are not on our duffs Arron,..I'm a out of work steamfitter I need to keep my bills payed to go to work. I'm going to school to further my skills and education. Our Republicans need to be sent to the unemployment line!!!!.

        • Rob

          Maybe we can just get the money we paid into unemployment for me I've been paying for it for 15 years. So rather than sending my money over seas ill just take that to support my family

        • Jamie

          Aaron, after reading through your posts, I think you should really reevaluate your position in life, you are part of the reason this nation is in trouble.There are so many topics that were touched on, but sticking to unemployment. Remember these people were working they lost employment, by no fault of their own. In many cases because the fields that they were working in are downsizing, meaning the jobs available are less and the people looking for them are greater. You can not force jobs to be created unless the economy gets stronger, by removing the money funded by federal aide you are taking 20 billion dollars from the national economy, making it even weeker. Good for you that you were able to secure work, after you lost your job, but it's obvious it has not been as easy for 3.1 million Americans at recent count. Your not talking about a handful of people taking advantage of the program, your talking about a large portion of people looking for work. If you honestly think that the jobs that are available are not discriminating against older people, or well established professionals, your sadly mistaken. Companies are looking for people with knowledge but not experience so they can undervalue them and train them in their methods rather then untrain them from previous jobs. To the point of benefits. People are not taking weekly pay checks home, they are getting just enough to get by, or barely maintain things like a mortgage, utilities, food, children. The average benefit is $290. That is about a quarter of what I made weekly, the bills I took on were based on my salary. So essentialy it took a month of benefits to make what I made in a week. So at that pace your savings and the things you have worked for your entire life go very fast. These people, myself included didn't want to be put in this situation. Let me put this in perspective. The company I worked for Astra Zeneca, as a chemical operator gave us a 3 month notice they were going to downsize. They were closing several locations and eliminating 4800 jobs, 600 from my location. The other similar company, DuPont was also doing mass layoffs. So not only did that put over 5000 people looking for work at the same time, it put at least 600 looking in the same job market. Even if there were 50 job openings, which we know is not the case that leaves way to many people still searching, and as they are searching more layoffs are going on, and the downwards spiral gets worse. Even if a new company opens and takes in 1000 of those people, it leaves many out of work. The emergency extension was created because the 26 weeks the state's provided was not enough with a 6.4% unemployment rate. The benefit has been extended every year since 2008 because it is needed. We are currently at 6.7% unemployment, greater then the "Great Recession" I also saw you said you can't collect if you get hurt or sick. Your 100% wrong on that one, if it is long term you collect through another Federal benefits program, either Disability or SSI. Even if you die those benefits continue on to their spouce and or children. If it is short term, most employers offer a short term insurance or workers compensation. So the individual can collect a check. Just one last word on all this because I could go on about things you have said. The people that collect these benefits have to have proof every week they are searching for work, or going to interviews. They are treated like individuals whom are let out of prison for work release, and have to have employment contacts papers signed, call in their job search efforts every week, and in many states they go through training classes to build resumes, interviewing skills, and basically self promotion techniques. This is not an advantage, it puts them on the same level as the other hundreds of people looking for the same jobs. These people did not quit, or get fired. They were gainfully employed and fully willing to work, the problem is now there are not enough jobs. Not that we are looking for government to find us work or give us handouts. You can obviously see you are in the minority opinion here, so as you added in so many comments, "what is so hard to understand" . The funny thing I have witnessed in my many years, is that what goes around, truly does come around. The opinion you have voiced is yours, and you stand by it. So don't be surprised if you find your self struggling like the 3.1 million Americans are now, with the EUC their only life line, and nobody will extend the help to prevent massive negative life change to you. Personally I'm fed up with the ideas of people like you and Boehner. It amazes me how we can find billions for economic aide around the world that is not paid for, but borrowed in many cases, but the EUC could be paid from other programs and it would be aide for our own people. Just yesterday 6 billion in aide for the Ukraine was approved. However they can't help their own nation, and you are ok with your tax dollars going there and not here. The National debt will never be paid, take your head out of the clouds on that one. At this point just trying to pay the annual interest is impossible, the value of the dollar gets less every year, and you think other reforms should not be done until the debt is paid. I hope that is a joke. Just like raising the debt ceiling. If your issue is about not giving the people EUC instead of other much more major issues, you have a sad economic idealism.

          • Lj

            I agree 100%

          • Aaron

            Man, that's a mouth full. Most of it relevant, thought provoking and sad but there are many inaccuracies.

            "If you honestly think that the jobs that are available are not discriminating against older people, or well established professionals, your sadly mistaken."

            I firmly believe they are. I believe may companies are using the recession to get rid of older workers and discriminate, just as you claim. Many who were let go when I was were older individuals. I gave a deposition to a labor department official citing age discrimination and I hope someone is prosecuted but I do not hold out hope. I would urge anyone who believes they are victims of age discrimination to seek out legal representation. If a patter can be identified, you can win your case.

            "So don't be surprised if you find your self struggling like the 3.1 million Americans are now, with the EUC their only life line, and nobody will extend the help to prevent massive negative life change to you."

            I've been there. If I go again, I will move or go back to driving a truck, which I did for many years as a young man. I will not need extended benefits.

            "It amazes me how we can find billions for economic aide around the world that is not paid for, but borrowed in many cases,"

            I stated yesterday I believe foreign aid should cease until our national debt is paid off.

            "At this point just trying to pay the annual interest is impossible, the value of the dollar gets less every year, and you think other reforms should not be done until the debt is paid."

            But we have to pay the interest as it is required by law.

            I'll close by asking you this. Why stop at 99 weeks? Surely if we can find $20 billion to extend benefits to 99 weeks, why not another $20 billion and extend them to 172 weeks? Wouldn't that be the moral thing to do?

          • Karan Meyers

            I also agree

          • Charleston

            Sorry to interject, then if what you say is true, then our society truly has descended from apathy to dependence. The next stage: From dependence to bondage. In esscence, our Democracy is failing and the downfall of America has come.

          • Donna

            I agree

        • Don

          Aaron, do you think before you write! Are you that dumb...don't you get it. Here is what you said..."get off your duff, and find a job" ......THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH JOBS. Get it now! That's the problem in this country we face in the 21st century. All you people who are lucky enough to have jobs always have the solutions to the unemployed. Your time will come with a visit by Karma, and then lets see how easy it is to follow your own advice. Trust me, no job today is secure and certain. For all you folks with jobs that think it's easy to hop scotch to the next business and get hired on the spot...if its that easy...I dare you to quit your job and show ALL of us how easy it is....I dare ya. No...I thought so.

          • Anne

            Please, don't waste your time responding to 'Aaron', folks.Think about it--'Aaron' just spent six hours goading and arguing with random commentators. Yet, 'Aaron' is supposedly some hard-working, meritorious individual. To each his or her own, I guess. Anyway, I sincerely feel for those of you who are struggling to make ends meet. Hopefully congress will do the right thing soon and pass a reasonable unemployment extension through both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The American people truly deserve better than this, in my opinion.

        • Lisa

          Aaron who are you to judge! You have no right to assume that people on extended benefits are just sitting around wanting to get paid to not work. The one thing that I don't think everyone realizes is that once people lose their extended benefits what else are they to do but go on WELFARE! well that makes everything better doesn't it? So not only are we getting paid now we have free medical, free child care, free food! Yea, I would say that's a motivation to go find a job!

        • Mike

          Perhaps you're an idiot??

        • Talisha

          I hate to see if something ever happens to your job, you will feel the raft of these needy people. Some people just don't have any compassion for others, you'll be in their shoes one day and I'll pray for you.

          • Aaron

            Once again, been there, done that, moved on. If it happens again, I'll find something else. It really is not that big a deal.

          • jeff

            They simply do not care. Cut and dry. I WAS a Republican, not anymore. 3 million just doesn' t matter to them.

        • Karen

          I have a bachelor’s degree. I was laid off from a major bank in July of 2013 that moved their facilities to another location without an offer to relocate. Over 200 people lost their jobs. I have put in over 200 resumes. I was turned down for a job as a gas station attended without an interview. I made over $40,000 a year. I make $8.25 per hour now. I never relied on welfare. I worked. What the government does not understand is that they are going to take care of me and my family one way or the other. If the unemployment extension is not approved, I will be eligible for food stamps, liheap, and other federal programs.

          • Aaron

            "Hey Aaron dummy, ya ever think she doesn't have a BA?"

            Nope Tom it never occurred to me that she doesn't have a BA.

            Mostly because her post began with "I have a bachelor's Degree."

            You want to rethink you comment Pal?

          • Aaron

            I had a good friend who was let go from United Bank when they moved their operations from Charleston to Ripley.

            She's now working full time making $2.00 more per hour and all she has is an associates degree.

            When I look on indeed under banking, I see hundreds of jobs, many of which I see every other week. I wonder why, when there is an apparent need, that someone with experience and a degree cannot get a job.

            At any rate, I wonder, have you thought of switching fields. As the unemployment rate for those with a BA degree is less than 5%, you should be able to find something.

          • Tom

            Hey Aaron dummy, ya ever think she doesn't have a BA? Have another drink. We get it, you've had it way worse than everybody and been through way more. And have overcome it. So everybody should do the same. Except most people that need the benefit don't have a good lie like you do. And you know it all. And have all the answers, oh wait the radio show ya listen to does. Nothing but a parrot that injects himself in every situation to try to make your point more valid. Your only hope at your 15 minutes is a joke.

        • Jane

          You are IGNORANT!!!

          • Aaron

            Far from it young lady.

        • Muhammad

          Shut the f*ck up! there r nearly 3 million people unemployed in America and with an extension program that was already in place it was a very big blunder for government to let it lapse u can't solve an unemployment issue for 3 million people over night dummy the government has to step in .

          • Aaron

            The only reason there are only 3 million people unemployed is because so many have left the work force. The real number of unemployed and underemployed is closer to 20 million Americans, many of whom have exhausted their benefits at 99 weeks.

            So why stop there? Why not 156 weeks? If two years of unemployment isn't enough, perhaps 3 will solve the ills of this economy.

            Heck, why even put a time limit on unemployment. Amerika should should keep people in a comfortable living environment until they can find the right job with the right pay and benefits. It's the moral thing to do, don't you agree!!!!!

        • MG

          Arron I think you're an ignorant pompous asshole who don't know his ass from his elbow. My husband has worked since the age of 16 was on his last job for 10 yrs and then got laid off no fault of his own so don't you think he is entitled to his unemployment benefits !!! I DO !!!

        • J R

          Robertson Hey Erin I work my job 10yrs. I paid and the owner paid in to unemployment its not even republicans money. They only want to hurt the president and the middle class and I'm a republican well not any more they and you are going to hell.

        • Charleston

          Aaron: FYI: Your have been subject to SA RFR rule#5.

        • Cody

          It truly is too bad that people like you comment on issues you have absolutely no clue about. Go back under the rock from which you slithered out from. Just remember, KARMA comes back around, and I hope it bites you square in the ass. To think that the unemployed are uneducated and lazy shows just how plain naive or plain stupid you are. Some of us have worked since the age of 15, worked 2 jobs to earn a bachelors degree, and are single parents. Don't lump us all in the same boat. Why don't you use your education you brag about to learn how to research the facts and come back into the American reality instead of your unrealistic and dream world.

          • Rosemary

            I think Aaron is computer generated.......has all the answers and answers to each and every comment! A talking encyclopedia!

        • Barb Ryan

          Hey Aaron...
          hope you never lose a job.What don't people like you and Mr.Boehner must do an active work search in order to collect unemployement.Out of work for a year...had 2 interviews resulting in no job...karma!

          • rosemary

            Because in THIS economy it often takes more than 6 months to land a job. Some interview processes alone take months. It has always been limited. You didn't know that obviously!!

          • Aaron

            Been there, done that, moved on.

        • Rosemary

          Wake Up Aaron!!!!! Unemployment has always been on a limited time basis.....not to become a way of life. These people worked and PAID into it. It is unemployment insurance. Unlike the other breed of people who don't work, never work, and live off the system indefinitely! This is NOT that!!!!! Yes, you are ignorant!!!

          • Aaron

            If it's a limited program, why all the crying?

        • peggy

          Aaron you might not be ignorant, but you sure do not have right to judge those less fortunate than you are!!!

          • rosemary

            AND he has an answer for everyone whether it makes sense or not!!

          • Aaron

            I'm neither ignorant nor judging anyone. I'm stating facts. Sorry that bothers you so much.

        • sue

          Um, my husband has been out of work for 2 years and does not sit on his ass at home and do nothing. He has been looking and looking. Why do people think that the unemployed just sit around and twiddle their thumbs. What about all those on welfare. come on maybe those who have the big mouths and say people on unemployment are lazy should lose their job and go through what we have gone through. And unemployment is not even half of what you make at a job so of course a job is much better. Plus we put money into it as well. Be there for your fellow citizens don't just be smart asses

          • Aaron

            There were lifetime limit on welfare. The Obama Administration has made unilateral decisions not to enforce them.

          • Sally

            Exactly...Maybe They Should Put Limits on Welfare...You Can Collect It For 26 Weeks Then YouRe Done...Screw The People That Aren't Even Looking For JobS.(At Least When On Unemployment You Are Required To Look For Job)....On Welfare They Are Sitting At Home Popping Out Kid After Kid And Getting A Huge Tax Return And Getting A food Stamp Card And Eating Better TheN Most People Who WorkA Full Time Job.

        • Frank

          It's "don't p___ down my back and tell me it's raining" Aaron. It's nice you have a job now isn't it? I bet you could've used that government aid when you had no money. To much pride Aaron.

          • Aaron

            Who says I didn't draw unemployment?

        • Tee

          I pray you never have to be unemployed becuz u will need help but yet u say unemployment is not need.

          • Aaron

            "I believe Aaron earlier was making fun of someone's grammar. "

            As the champion of grammatical errors, if you interpreted one of my comments as making fun of someone, the mistake was yours Kalvin.

            As to being made fun of or put down, nothing that has been said thus far on this site has bothered me in the slightest.

          • rosemary

            He says he's not ignorant....lets try obnoxious!!! Putting salt in peoples wounds! Looks like he doesn't know the difference between unemployment and welfare. He's calling it a lifestyle, which it is not! On second thought.....ignorant too! Insecure people sound like that! The grandiose personality!

          • Kalvin

            I believe Aaron earlier was making fun of someone's grammar. He made fun of there education. Doesn't feel to good to be made fun of or looked down on does it. Facts are facts some people do take advantage Aaron I agree, but there are a lot of people who are trying and still getting kicked in the face. Maybe our gov officials should take a good look around into the grey and black areas of life instead of trying to pad there pockets. Maybe then our deficit would reduce. Do they need mansions and $40,000 hunting and vacation trips that's a teachers salary for one weekend of tax dollars. So why don't you start pointing the finger of blame where it belongs and quit kicking people down lower than they already feel.

        • Tina

          Hi Aaron ;
          I have worked since I was 14 years of age . I was not under the presumption that the government was responsible for my life , job etc
          However I have also paid into unemployment since then . I have not had any breaks in my employment until recently . I am an educated individual who is over qualified ; and in my field the market is saturated .
          You seem to have all the answers you may want to consider a political endeavor at some point . Thanks for pointing out the obvious ...
          Have you ever heard the phrase " walk in someone else's shoes , first " before you criticize ?

          • Charles

            I live in California and was reading this article and the subsequent posts by people I would assume live in or near West Virginia. My only comment regarding many of those posting on here would be that perhaps the shear education level has some correlation between the unemployment issues. I am appalled at the very poor grammar, structure, spelling and punctuation used by almost all of those commenting here. Some people claim to have several degrees yet have no clue how to communicate successfully. It is no wonder our education level has dropped compared to other countries.

          • Aaron

            That is very astute of you Cody. You have found my kryptonite. If I do not proof ready my comments, they often contain grammatical mistakes. I have found that when most cannot refute my comments, they either attack me personally as seems to be the flavor of the day, or they point out errors in writing.

            Once edited, I assure you that I am as good with the pen as I am with the opinion which begs one very important question.

            Would you like a position as an editor?

          • Cody

            And he can't even spell correctly or use proper English. Some education he apparently received -- must have been out of a cracker jack box and not an accredited University or College.

          • Aaron

            How doe I not have empathy for my fellow humans?

          • peggy

            Thanks Tina. You made me realize that even though Aaron is highly educated, he cs and empathy for his fellow humans

          • Aaron

            That's a nice try but I've walked there. I lost a very good career in 2009. My comments are based on my experience. I know for a fact that as long as you pay people to stay off work, they will not work.

            I also know that if someone wants to work, they will find something, even if they are over-qualified. Perhaps that is why the unemployment rate among individuals with Bachelor's Degrees was less than 5% during the latest recession.

        • SB

          When you keep lookin and looking and looking and nothing happens, it's frustrating. Unfortunately, I bieve that I have hit the age barrier, thus difficult to find a position in my field. Can't get a job at Home Depot because I have no experience!

        • Tee

          How do you place judgment on others because you are not in that predicament right now! Just because someone is in need of unemployment does not mean they sit on their butt all day!!! To receive unemployment means you had to work for a period of time which tells me that they are trying, you do not what reason or how they ended up to be in need of unemployment in which most cases are none of their own but due to layoffs! There are a lot of ppl loosing their home & don't have any means to feed their children & then there's inconsiderate ppl like u that are placing judgement on them! Leave that up to the higher (God) to don't have any rights!

          • S

            I think the speaker of the house is just trying to rattle you all. What he ( aAron) doesn't know is what is actually happening on the UI lines today. He (she) wants to base comments on their experience from six years ago. Economy now and jobs are tougher to find. People who are looking we all know we are sending in our resumes and applying to what jobs we can. I know I have been unemployed since April of last year and I'm finally just now getting offers. Does that mean I've been sitting my ass aAron? No, does it mean that because I lost my house, car and everything I built up working since I was 15 for 30 years is now gone made me get a job? Nope sure didn't. Just took me this long to find an employer to finally give me a chance. So I hope when or if you and your two degrees find yourself on the unemployment line in the future remember the stones you casted. Opinions are one thing but your not voicing an opinion, your saying your experience exceeds others. Your just being a bully and that isn't very becoming of a so called scholar.

          • Aaron

            I'm no more tough on here Mr. Necessary than I am in real life.

          • byanymeansnecessay

            arron u are nothing but an internet tough guy I believe the republicans payed you to post your comments you will reap what you sew

          • Aaron

            God doesn't pay these people, taxpayers do. Last year, I paid a bundle thus I do have a right to comment.

        • doug parker

          Aaron needs to keep his trap shut, what worked for you doesn't always work for everyone else in other situations. Geez go to your job and shut up since you have a job as you say.

          • PJ Hillard


          • Aaron

            Dad passed in 79 Rosemary, Mom in 06. I've been on my own since I left high school and went to boot camp. I am many things but clueless is not one of them.

            Of course, when you cannot counter my argument all that's left it to attack me. I'm used to it as few can often counter my arguments.

          • Aaron

            Why do I need to keep my trap shut? If you're free to express your opinion, why am I not free to express mine. Is it because mine is based on logic and reason whereas yours (and the 300 or so others) is based on emotion?

            Whatever the reason, the day I keep my trap shut is when I can no longer speak.

            Anything else?

          • Tom

            Sounds like a whiskey rant also.

          • Tom

            Yeah, one more comment. Your mother is a douce, loud mouth who thinks he has a valid debate. Well many of us listen to the same show you spew as basis for your argument. Try something original.

          • Rosemary

            I believe Aaron is pretty clueless. Prob still living with mom and dad!

        • Kalvin

          How about the people that get hurt or sick and are let go and then are looked at as a risk and can not get a job. Do we the people just let these families starve. So Aaron why don't put yourself in those people shoes. Not all unemployed people are lazy bums. But you are an inconsiderate ass.

          • Aaron

            If they cannot look for work but other than through the union, why isn't the union taking care of them then Stephanie?

          • stephanie

            don't subject yourself to AARONS Comments he's obviously delusional because hey aaron did you ever think of the people who are union carpenters and by LAW thru the union cannot look for work other than when they get called back to work with the UNION!!! yea didn't think you thought about that, so why don't you just shut up and keep your comments to yourself theres no reason for BULLCRAP AARON

          • Aaron

            Kudos to you Janet. Your desire and work ethic are above reproach. I congratulate you and hope that one day you find the company that will hire you but to be honest, I do not know how that changes circumstances. If no one is willing to hire you within 26 weeks, what is going to change over the next 73 for them to hire you?

          • Janet

            Aaron - again, as I read these posts, I keep finding you do not know what you are talking say people do not pay INTO the unemployment insurance but they then you shut up about say if you are sick or disabled you are not allowed to collect unemployment, but do you realize how many disabled people are working? I was laid off from a job I worked at for a long time and loved....because a larger company bought us out then closed that location 3 months later after telling everyone their jobs were safe. 88 people let go.....and I could not move from PA to TN to continue working for the company. Then I had a leg injury, and am in a wheelchair HOWEVER I can still work, and am looking every day for a job. I have hand controls for my car. There is no reason I cannot work. I do office work in the medical field and had this happened while I was working, I know without a doubt my company would have had no problem with my continuing to go into work every day and do my job. I am also 61 years of age. Take the disability AND the age and tell me where to find these miraculous jobs? I actually get asked to come in for interviews for many positions based on my great resume and work history and references. When I ask about handicap accessibility I get shut down. You may have found a job (hmm in 2009 they still had EUC and I am betting, even though you would not be honest about it, that you used EUC until you got a job which is probably why you say, so emphatically, that you are 100% sure everyone on unemployment is using it not to work....) am glad you did, for you and your family. But not all situations are created equally and while I am perfectly ABLE AND AVAILABLE to work, I do not consider myself someone who should be on disability, as do many other people who WANT to work even though they have a disability. SS disability looks upon disability only if you are disabled for 1 year or more or will die within a year and cannot work! I AM ABLE TO WORK AND WANT TO....What happens to me w hen no one is willing to hire me even though I can do everything I was able to do before except walk...and walking was NOT a part of my job requirement.Yes there ARE companies that are willing to hire handicapped people...but they have to be in my area where I live, and they have to be accessible, and they have to be willing to modify a work area if it is not accessible, AND they have to have a relevant job opening. How many strikes do you think that is for someone WHO REALLY WANTS TO WORK? Taking a lot of other jobs, like fast food, etc, is not possible because you really CANNOT be unable to walk or stand for those. SO PLEASE, like someone else not open your mouth unless you have walked a mile in my non-walking shoes. I HATE being home and my life was my don't put us all down as lazy people who do not want to work. For that...when people say you are an idiot, you ARE an idiot.

          • rob

            You make assinine statements. You said you were unemployed in 2009. Did you collect these benefits. I would say you probably did or maybe your such a great American that you refused. These people are asking and deserve the governments help. This is called Unemployment Insurance just like any other insurance. No one says they should get infinite benefits. Only until they find employment. Stop being such an insensitive jerkoff. Maybe you should swallow a pill for insensitivity.

          • sear

            Kelvin, this man do not care. He think it will never happen to him again, but one day something bad will happen to mister aaron where you will need help, and I hope it will be that unemployed, homeless, mother, child, father staring you in your face. While you waiting on them to help your ass .

          • S

            Those people do not qualify for unemployment. You must be able to work. If your sick or disabled you need to go to social security, UI is not what they are to be collecting.that is one of the reasons the politicians are putting on the brakes because there are two many people double dipping and sitting on unemployment for three years. It's the bad apples that ruin it for us folks that really needed assistance.

          • bobby

            arron y don't u and Boehner go out on a date

          • Aaron

            I think until our national debt is eliminated, we should eliminate foreign aid. I also favor drastically cutting military spending to defensive needs only, no more policing the world, I believe the 100 trillion combined unfunded liability of Medicare and Social Security should be addressed, I love it when people calls me names as it means that statements are generally spot on and for someone who has 3 degrees, you do not write very well by an means necessary.

            Anything else sir?

          • byanymeansnecessay

            arron is a clown people like him are just haters we are the one percent arron tell me why there are 7.5 billion people in the world and the wealth is controlled by 5000; people I have three degrees im in the mental health field which is co-occurring people over fifty are discriminated against 90 percent of jobs are out sourcing to staffing agencies mr. arron this world is messed up what do u have to say about us giving 44 billion a year in foreign aid u clown ass joker

          • Aaron

            If you are hurt or sick, you are not eligible for unemployment. One of the first conditions is that you are able to work and actively seeking employment. If you cannot work for any reason, you do not qualify for unemployment.


        • meek747

          Aaron you must remember people who recieved unemployment went threw a qualfiying process calculating approx. wage earned, an approx. wages paid into the program an your benefit awarded is a percentage of that split up over so many weeks,this is not something that is a hand out people have paid into this for years. Furthermore unemployment is not even close to a half of what you would make if employeed, So no one sets on unemployment its not possible especailly if your single an have no spouse with an income. An if its not a right

          • Aaron

            Katieskates, I would assume that even though you quit your job, you drew unemployment or you wouldn't be seeking extensions.

            I would recommend you speak to an attorney regarding the harassment. Even if MD is an at will state, your employer cannot harass you.

            As to health insurance, you qualify under Obamacare. Go sign up immediately if you have not done so already.

          • Katieskates

            Long story short...I need EUC!
            My circumstance is that I quit my job of eight years due to ill circumstances, sexual humiliation and harassment. Working for a family owned bbusiness and being called names and my daughter's being called incest.
            As for me and for today's date I have been to 23 interviews and had one fair shot of hope but needed to do training in ATL and I live in was six weeks. As a single Mother with no family that my dear is impossible!!!
            Every interview is the same accept I have tried different theories on how to rationalize my last place of employment and how I "abruptly" quit.
            Current employers see me and my circumstance as a threat or liability. Believe me the last interview was great until they asked the great question of " So can we contact your previous employer". So for a Man Aaron who has all the answers tell me what I should do?
            I, my dear, am screwed and being that I am 31 and have worked and paid my fair share of taxes without receiving any form of Government assistance in my life time for myself or kids and started working at the age of 14. Tell me why I shouldn't be able to get some form of insurance. I agree three years even two is a bit much, but as for me 26 weeks is nothing.
            Do you know that almost half of the interviews I attended had more then one person being interviewed for the same position. Do you know that I took every ounce of pride in my independent being and applied for not one but 12 jobs making 8.25 per hour. That 8.25 is better then nothing but let me tell you this that 8.25 is forcing me to apply for government assistance for daycare aid that I have no control over because I need a job. I have been told I was over qualified, a risk, a liability. My previous bitter employer has bad mouthed me for abruptly quitting in fax returns for pending jobs. Reality Aaron people like you dont care about my story. You are the corporate jackass that sits behind the desk, dissecting, belittling and tormenting others because you are so entitled. At the end of the are no better then the rest feeding your ego and self reassured appetite at the benefit of other's hardship and down falls. I really do not feel you should be ashamed of yourself. I think you should be proud because children who are subjected to redicule and mighty egotistical parents tend to lead the direct opposite of their upbringing. So with all of your opinions and righteous thoughts. ..I can assure you your children will be everyrhing that you are not and for you my friend..I appreciate that!
            Just know this, at the end of the day not every person is milking EUC matter of fact the people receicing benefits are the "working class" it's not like EUC pays your bills with free food and living assistance. All it really boils down to is a small net to give "us" the unemployed a fair sense of hope to ensure that we may have a few bucks for food, gas and a way to "rob Peter and pay Paul", each month until we can find work. I will work three jobs as I did in college and yes my kids can suffer because a sacrifice needs to be made, however you have no right to judge. You are no better then the next man and you are that percentage of America that needs revision!!!!

          • Aaron

            I'm not condemning anyone meek, I'm saying that 26 weeks is enough. At that point, they need to help themselves. People will stay unemployed as long as we pay them to stay unemployed.

            As to the claim there are no jobs out there, I say BS. Get your CDL's, it takes far less than 26 weeks and will beg to pay you a decent wage and work you as many hours as they legally can.

            That's only one option. There are others that do not include long term payments when statistics prove that the majority of people obtain employment upon losing benefits anyhow.

            Honestly, I do not know what is so difficult about any of this to understand.

          • meek747

            Bottom line is people need help an we should help them, because its just the right thing to do. i was out walking in my neighborhood a guy was weeding a fence i assume it was his yard, so we waved an spoke i said hello, i see your getting your yard cleaned up, he said yeah i live next door this is my neighbors yard shes an elderly lady so i help out from time to time. He didnt scald her for not being able to take care of her yard he helped, an thats what we should do. Good for you for changing your situtation, but shame on you for condiming those needing help.

          • meek747

            Aaron ok time for microeconmics lol, employers only pay taxes on the first 14,000 not ever dollar you earn as an employee is taxedfor your employeer , You are correct in a way saying employers pay for EUC. they pay into a trust fund based on employees, there individual company layoff rate, an a couple more factors determing the amount they pay.In which monies is drawn upon to pay EUC. However where do you think the monies they pay comes from since only the first 14k you make is taxed for them? So if you make 60K your employer is only taxed on that first 14k. So ask yourself who really pays for it. thats the way is suppose to be it pays for itself...DUHHH!!! And self-employed people who employee enough people an are a legal company l.l.c or co. franschised etc also are able to pay into the fund.

          • Aaron

            No, they have not. If people had the ability to pay into the fund then self-employed people would have the ability to pay a percentage into the fund as they do with FICA taxes and then draw unemployment. They don't because people cannot pay into unemployment. Employers pay into the fun. Is that really so difficult to understand?

        • jenenne

          I had a good job at the Postal Plant that paid 16.00 per hr. I worked 60 hrs a week. You find me another one just like it. I have 2 part time jobs
          that are not even close. Its back to living like a refugee in West Virginia. The rejects wouldn't do anything about the postal situation ether. thanx

          • Aaron

            Why is it anyone's responsibility but your own to find you a job?

        • darryl Harrington

          How come you say this with pride.

          Our you happy about terrorism.
          What about Bundy being right.
          What the clippers owner
          how about Wisconsin governor
          see ignorance is like racism.
          There no place in the world better then the United states of

          • Lj

            Aaron- a lot has changed in the job market since 2009. I am 65 worked all my life and now can't get a job. I have applied at mcdonalds, dollar store, a nursery, all minimum wage. My background is legal secretary since 1966. Now what, go back to school to get a trade as a cashier ? Not eneryone is as lucky as you.

          • Uncle Unctuous

            Wait, what?

        • Sean

          Aaron wth is wrong with you? People are out here all day everyday looking for jobs. Some have to walk to interviews because they don't have money for gas or public transportation. Don't assume just because they are not working that they are just sitting home chilling. Some people are taking jobs that don't even come close to paying their bills. You sir are an ignorant person that needs a dose of reality!!!

          • Aaron

            How dare me indeed. The gall of me to expect people to work for a living. I should be cast into Hades I tell you, Hades.

            Please. If you have 2 degrees and can't find work, my first question is, what are the degrees in? The 2nd is, where are you looking?

            Perhaps you should try a field that is hiring.

          • Matthew

            I agree!! I hold two degrees and have been searching for 6 months now. I make it to these interviews and then I hear nothing back. I had to go back to school and take out more student loans so that I can feed myself. This will be my third degree. I am not sitting on my butt doing nothing. How dare you Aaron. BTW I am a republican and I am ashamed of my own party right now.

          • Aaron

            I am many things but ignorant is not one of them. I lost everything I had when I lost my job in 2009. Since then, I've not only returned to work full time, I returned to school without government aid and earned 2 degrees, all while graduating the last of my 4 kids from high school and getting them into college. Don't try p***ing on my leg and tell me it's raining.

        • D

          Seriously, do you think people want to loose everything they have? Are you really that IGNORANT that you think any of us want to starve our children and become homeless and commit suicide because we don't have anywhere to turn so that we can sit at home on our duffs? You need to find God for real and get off your high horse and not speak on what you do not know and have not endured!!!!

          • Aaron

            None of that happened to me when I lost my job. I think you're being a bit dramatic.

        • Sue brown

          I think the people who have just recently become unemployed and have lost or are about to lose their benefits should be entitled to at least the same amount of benefits as those who have gotten help for the past couple of years.... Perha

          • griselda


          • WhgFeeling

            there is the mentality of once an entitlement is given it is NEVER taken away no matter what!!!

          • Aaron


  • Janie Spaventa

    I have been out of work since Sept 2013. My job closed and I had never drawn unemployment benefits in my life. I am a widow with a small SS benefit and need to continue to work. It is not easy to find a job at my age. I never missed work. I want to work and need Extended benefits til I find work. It takes gas money to look for a job. I dont want UE forever. Please help get it extended. People cant pay their bills . Or find jobs. I a

    • Karen

      I have been out of work since the end of September 2013. My unemployment ran out on April 14, 2014. This is very difficult, but we all must trust God to hear us, and not put our trust in man, for they will fail us. I have never been on unemployment for years. The most is 6 months in between jobs. I think it is horrific that is April 28, 2014 and nothing has been done. More than ever we got to pray!!!!

      • Marsha

        I totally agree with God we trust...not in the government we trust..I myself have been working since I was 16 years old and I am now 49..was laid off 7/13 due to my department being outsources to Costa Rica for cheaper labourer and I had to train the new crew that was to have our job. I have put in hundreds and hundreds of resumes been on a few interviews but to no avail. I am overqualified for most positions but willing to take minimum wage. I lost my apartment, my husband due to this situation. I had to relocate and I now live with my daughter and her pay is not really good. I have read many of the post and it saddens my heart to some people ignorance..I do not mean it in a rude way but for some reason they choose not to be merciful esp since they claim to have been there and done that. I am praying for all that are in this situation that their trust be in the only one that can help us and that is God and yes Karen we must pray!!

  • marian

    Enough is a enough . People are in desperate need of this extension .bills need paying food to eat . Come on now are u serious . U were put in office by the people . We are the same ones who can take u out of office. Remember that

    • Deshannon Jackson

      The sad part is rent is right around the corner. So stressful when you don't know where it's coming from.

    • cammy

      marian I never put him in. I was happy with Pelosi not about everything mind you but if she was in this would not be going on. it would have been passed.

    • Lisa

      Amen to that it is now April 28 as usual they do not care about us. We need help while we are looking for a job. We have bills to pay gas and food are going up every day we have children to feed and take care of. Please pass this bill ASAP to help all of us and the economy. Put yourself and your family in our shoes for once. I pray every day for everyone to find a job and for the economy to get better.

    • Michaele Thelemaque

      Oh how they forget about the poor once they make it big

  • carol

    The benevolent society in which we used to live is being threatened every day by the Republican party. They profess to be conservative Christians, but show again and again that they do not care about their neighbors. Boehner does not run this country and we all need to stand up to him and tell him so.

    • Phyllis

      We need to find a way to march on Washington because Simple Boener need to see all the people that are on the verge or have lost a place to live. People can not take more of his selfishness, we are going to find more and more hungry and homeless people in the next weeks or even days if this is not done soon.

      • Princess

        Trusty me he knows he just wants to force his issues pass the President & the people; he doesn't care point blank.

  • Christina Single

    It's very sad and heartless how john Boener has the authority to play with people's lives. Many Americans are going homeless because of his game playing! His karma will soon kick him in the ass! Obama needs to override this heartless man he's the president right!

    • alex

      Im confused why obama wont find a way to over ride bone head ?

      • Aaron

        Read the Constitution. There is a checks and balances system in place for a reason.

  • cindy

    If everyone who reads this article lets Boehner know this is not acceptable it will increase the chances of something happening. Tell him this is not acceptable and that you want change now.

    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205
    (202) 225-0704 fax

    • Marie

      I called this morning they don't care his rep sd they won't put up for vote cuz it won't pass

    • Colleen Worried

      Contact your Representative in Washington D.C. People dont have $ to eat let alone pay their mortgage! I am one I justkeep PRAYING!!

    • scott v

      we need a foundation to get our lifes back on track for deer god help the american people please

    • angel baker

      I have contacted his office by phone and email numerous times a day. I get a generic response that has nothing to do with my message. I still prey that something happens but losing more hope daily.

    • Jay

      It's over forget about it move on and do what you have to to survive good luck god bless

  • Chester

    I've been working since I was 18 years old and have paid into the system on a regular basis. My job was eliminated thru no fault of my own. I've been trying very hard to be re-employed. At this stage in my life I am finding it very difficult on all fronts. Either I am over qualified, or not qualified enough. I am at the point of desperation. The idiots on the "Hill" have no concept of what the real world is and what it is to survive. I'll never vote for ANY one of them again ever. I've lost total faith in our government. THEY SHOULD ALL BE FIRED


      Fired tried and hanged for crimes against humanity.
      The media would rather make a huge issue about someones private conversation rather than talk about the millions of people loosing everything they have. Don't get me wrong, I think the conversation despicable but at the same time it was a private conversation so there goes our jobs, our unemployment and now our freedom of speech within our private conversations at that.
      No the media is trash and never mentions the unemployed or the lack of jobs. Who is paying them off?? I read on another blog that the unemployed can get food stamps. No one I know has applied for them yet as they do not want to stoop to that level of shame. They are this countries working class and would like to keep it that way. Shame on our Gov.
      Sorry for the venting.

    • Jan

      We all need to vote! Just don't vote for any Republicans.

    • Aaron

      You have not paid into unemployment. Employees do not pay into unemployment.

      • cj

        Poor Aaron has a mental illness. Axis II diagnosis.

      • vicki

        Look at ur paystub. Yes we do pay into unemployment. Geesh

      • Tom

        Yoy just babble on continuously about what you THINK you know,when in all reality you haven't got a clue...believe me it shows!

      • Steve

        Yes we do Aaron... It is part of the FICA deductions just like Social Security is but that is a separate issue...

      • john

        Ru stupid of course employees pay in employers match the contribution on a percentage of their pay roll tax I hate wen people speak about issues they have no idea about

      • mek

        are you serious?? in the state of CT it comes out of our checks!!

      • emma b.

        Employers DO pay into UI on our behalf.
        But if you are talking about extensions, then you are right. Federal does not come from our employer, only state.

      • chris

        Here in PA and a few other states I believe, it is taken out of your check

        • Aaron

          I can't speak for PA but I know NO employee pays for unemployment in West Virginia. If I'm not mistake, Jenkins is running for a West Virginia seat.

          • Aaron

            If that's the case John then why aren't you elegible for unemployment if you quit work? Or are fired for stealing? Or are self-employed?

          • john

            I just check West VA. you pay 2% weekly wage ui so check your pay stub

          • john

            Apparently u don't know wen they the state government or the federal government they r talking about us THE PEOPLE of that state or government I think it's you who needs to read the constitution apparently u think that government prints their own money no!!!!!! It comes from WE THE PEOPLE you we see those words printed right at the top OMG

      • chris

        Aaron, yes we do pay into unemployment

    • Teresa Morgan

      I totally understand how you feel but if you don't vote then you give them what they want. Voting is the only way to get them out of office.

      I went to a job fair on Friday and happened to speak with someone from Boehner's district and apparently he is not very popular there and really doesn't care about taking care of the unemployed.

      Individuals with unemployment benefits put money into the economy...Individuals without CANNOT!!!

  • Claudine Silverman

    If Mr Boehner had family members or close friends in this situation he would pass the bill until you have been in this position you wouldn't know what it feels like I have a four year old daughter to take care of . Her school fee us $450 for the month my rent is $1000 a month five credit card bill light cable phone plus food with no cash coming in my unemployment cash stopped for a month now. We all need help. I will be the first one tof vote in the next election

    • Robert

      I support this bill but what does you having babies have to do with unemployment. You made that choice on your own. I don't feel sorry.

      • glo

        Robert be a grown man have baby is a good thing if were you went be . now we do need our unemployment wepay in on this

  • Tracy

    Everyone pay attention to who is not pushing for these benefits a s vote them OUT!!!

  • cindy


    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205
    (202) 225-0704 fax


    • Dana Munday

      PLEASE everyone call!!! He needs to hear what we all are going threw. I was laid off last April. Single mother and over 45 and cant fined job.I used up my saving now I dont even have gas money to get anywhere . Living on ppj!!

    • Roger Robinson

      I just left him a long message I hope he listening to the unemployed , last week my car I had for the last two years just got repoed so people are losing everything they worked hard for years ,now I can't keep stalling my landlord rent is up next I don't what to do

  • cindy

    This is just a case of Boehner and his clan of ass clowns using the unemployed as pawns to achieve their political agenda. It is time to drop the politics and help Americans in need of assistance. What is the next step for these unemployed ... welfare. Isn't that just what we need to now go from unemployed to being on welfare just to survive? Time for our politicans to get with the program and do the right thing for a change. I often doubt there is one honest person in politics, one thing is for sure it would not be Boehner that is being honest. He is probably one of the most crooked people in the white house. It is a shame that men like him are doing all they can to make this a third world country and strip of us of what little we have. I only hope someone steps in to stop this corruption.

    • meek747

      cindy is right, boehner,does have a political agenda, but the guy so stupid he cant see that he's not only hurting his agenda he is hurting the republican party, and hard working, tax paying, more importantly voting americans,you'll see an hear more and more of individuals republicans congressmen come out an say extend the EUC. because not only is it immoral its Un-American not to help our own, an nobody democrat or republican wants to be put into that catergory.
      This in the long run will help democrats win the state of ohio in this upcoming election.So he's only hurting himself an his career.Those days of people not voting for change are over,history.

    • Jan

      Totally agree it is politics. They (Koch Brothers???) want Keystone pipeline, and Obama and democrats are using that as their bargaining chip (so are just as responsible as Republicans) Open the pipeline and put those men and women back to work. AND VOTE OUT REPUBLICANS, both the old and the new...

      • Adam

        That pipeline will put a few some to work for a couple years your brainwashed from the republicans that are heading this push. No permanent jobs but a couple. However big oil and your republican devils will profit enormously. Believe me I am a union worker and will do the work ut will be back in cali spending that money like 75 percent of the workers that will do that work in your state. OK

  • crystal morris

    If all the US SENATE come together for the people and stand a united front , we will see results. THIS will truly show bipartisan working together. WHY don't they try that. Stop trying to make something up, work with what was approved, give the people some hope, and modify as you go along.

  • crystal morris

    Why do they think this is a privilege, this is our right, some of us have paid into this system for over 20years, to collect what you have rightfully paid into,is the right thing to do. Maybe the house speaker would like to extend the benefits out of his pocket. Since he feels that this is not important enough to address. 3.7 million people, what are we to do?

    • Aaron

      That is a myth. Employees do not pay into unemployment insurance. Employers pay into this fund and for what they pay 26 weeks is about right for the benefit.

      • Donna

        How about the people who have been on food stamps and goverment aid all there lives and never worked a day in there lives why should they keep getting aid why don't they cut them off after so long at least people on unemployment had jobs and payed in and by the way we are not lazy ! We do want jobs!

      • Talisha

        I bet u live a sad and lonely life. Who would want to associate with anyone like you???

      • vicki

        Aaron...don't speak for everyone while u live in one state. In pa we do pay into unemployment every payday. I've worked for 20+ years and can't find a job in my field but not from lack of trying. So stop. You don't know what each state does. You don't know each persons situation.

      • Sue

        Aaron when you were laid off in 2009 you still had an advantage you had access to an extension dumb ass.American people are losing everything I was laid off after 12 years at AT&T who outsourced our jobs and collected for 26 weeks. I deserve the same extension people have gotten over the years when I was employed. I am a full- time student with a 3.97 Gpa and job hunting everyday. Everyone is not staying home sitting on their duffs DUMMY !!!!!!

      • crystal morris

        You need to get a clue, unemployment comp is not enough to allow anyone to sit at home comfortably. This will allow you to maybe keep a roof over your head until you are able to find work, or to have resources to find work The amount of benefits one receive is nearly not enough, but it beats a blank. Thank GOD that it all worked out for you. You are more then welcome to chip in and pay someone bills. Help someone keep their car for another month, purchase food, etc. But you do not have the right to look down on others that are in need. You and Bohner seems to be cut from the same cloth. You lost it once , keep judging you can lose it again.

      • Jan

        Wrong Aaron (have you never gotten a paycheck?) Employees do pay FICA taxes and medicare taxes and federal income tax ...

      • Sue brown

        What AreYou talking about????? We have had federal deductions taken out of our paychecks for decades.....

      • Leonard Strachan

        This everybody pays into unemployment isnt a myth,once the gov and state takes out of your working check your money is then invested into the general welfare fund which is really theiinvested in unemployment

        • john

          Arron thinks west VA prints ui checks out of the goodness of their hearts

        • Aaron

          This country is about $16,000,000,000,000.00 in debt while adding close to $1,000,000,000,000.00 annually.

          That's one end of it. The other is that 51% of American pay no federal income taxes at all and 31% are actually tax negative thus they're not only NOT paying their fair share, they're NOT paying into the general fund at all.

          Anything else?

          • Amy Roberts

            Why do you have such a personal issue with this issue ? Just Curious .

          • Tom

            Hey Aaron, It's not the Unemployed whose pushing the debt as high as it is, how about all the money they have been sending to Afghanistan, Ukraine, Pakistan and numerous other countries that don't do crap for us.. Yeah it's the Unemployed's fault..

          • john

            U should be asking China and Afghanistan why the debt is so high oh yea another mess u Republicans got us into u want everyone to forget

          • john

            Oh and by the way people who r self employed file a 1099 and r exempt from paying ui

          • john

            U need a f***ING job to pay taxes

          • jenenne

            you need to run for president. apparently you are next to god. may be you can get the debt down. I bet you are soooo smart you wouldn't need all those extra people to help run the world. you could fire them to pay the debt.

          • Daniel

            So what. We just spent 3 Billion on a ship. We bleed foreign aid by the billions. What's wrong with some help to our citizens? Let it go to a vote, that's all. If it doesn't have support it will be over. I think people are pissed most by the fact that one asshole can hold the process up. How about just a fair up and down vote?

          • D

            Yeah, SHUT UP Aaron Bonehead!!!! Are you currently unemployed and dealing with this tragedy?????

      • Phyllis

        Be quite you do not know what the hell you are talking about. If you do not care about this problem then you need to get off.

        • Aaron

          Actually, I'm the only person who knows what they are talking about. Employees do not pay into unemployment insurance. Employers pay into the fund based on the number of employees they have AND their history of those laid off.

          Try google. It's really not that difficult to find the truth.

          • Aaron

            I'm still waiting on an explanation as to why we stop at 99 weeks. Why not another year? Or two? It's the moral thing to do and 73 weeks only cost us about $20 billion or so. That's a drop in the bucket. So why allow run the risk of someone losing everything at 99 weeks when we can save them all?

          • D

            Aaron- why don't you just shut up... You are nothing but ignorant and don't know it all!! Again, karma will bite you in the ass for what you are saying to all of us. I'm a single mom of 2 who has worked since I was 15 and NEVER thought I would be in this situation. This is what EMERGENCY UE is for!!! I'd rather be working than feel less than a human- do you think people want to be in this position? I live in Pittsburgh and the job market is very bad. If I had the money- I would move, but that is not an option for me. One day you will face adversity again and I hope you remember all the things you've said on here. Just disgusting. I guess it's ok for all of congress and the higher ups to be flying private planes, free cars, etc... And YES Aaron the ignorant- that comes from our tax dollars

          • Adam

            Hey ass hat where the heck do you think the feds get money from. Someone find this guy and shut him up. God I am glad I live in Ca. We pay alot of fed. Taxes as well as state... so what you got to say know. An emergency fed. Extension is paid for by fexeral taxes. Hard working americans. Lack of logic Aaron wearin the dunce cap.

          • john

            Ur an a** lmao check Ur own state unemployment Web page can u read OMG

          • jenenne

            do you want an award for being the only one in the world that knows everything? share your wealth with the rest of us. Get us a job where u work. I will need a ride until I get enough to pay for a truck that will make it on the torn up roads. I wonder if you work in oil and gas. the rapist of the land.

          • Aaron

            What is the level of our national debt Jami?

          • D

            who cares, Aaron, You think you know what you are talking about. We still deserve to get it especially when we are outsourcing jobs so that the rich can get richer and because we want to take care of big corporations and Ukraine war and every other country, What about the heart and soul of America dont we deserve anything...what do you haveto say about that..Are you related to Bonehead!!!!

          • Jami

            Actually employers do not pay for extended benefits. They pay for the regular unemployment. Extended benefits are 100% federally funded. So before you talk about how you are the only person who knows what's going on you might check that out

      • Bob

        Actually when it comes to extended benefits (EUC) everyone who worked and paid taxes has paid into the system. Since it required to be a taxpaying worker to qualify for unemployment insurance (paid by the employer in all but 3 states) and required being a taxpaying worker to qualify for emergency extensions, technically they did pay in. The poster has worked 20 years paying taxes. I don't think it is "welfare" or taking advantage if the system to receive a few more weeks of emergency funds to help and encourage those laid off due to the economy to continue to look for work and survive. They give corporations all kinds of welfare and loopholes and subsites and send all kinds of money to help other countries. So how is it okay for this country to abandon the heart and soul of America, the working class. And to make matters worse they have a bipartisan bill ready to go that has public support and support of the president and the speaker of the house is obstructing democracy by not even allowing it to the floor for a vote. A really sad state of affairs. Almost makes me ashamed to be an American these days.

      • dub wade

        Technically still employed is paying unemployment insurance because if it wasn't being paid in by the employer it would be more on our checks

  • Mason County Contrarian

    I'm waiting for Bi-Polar Politician Jenkins to drop the other shoe.

    What's the catch, Sounding Democrat to Sounding Republican to Sounding Democrat to Sounding Republican to Sounding Democrat to Sounding Republican Jenkins?

    • Bob

      There are several republicans that support this emergency bill and it is bipartisan And as well there are plenty of republicans that need the help right now as not only Democrats were laid off by no fault of their own and are having trouble finding suitable work in only 26 weeks.

      Also to add it seems the VAST majority of republicans supported EUC and voted yes for it many times during the Bush era since 2002 and did not try to extort anything out of it like they are now. And this was at a time when the long term rate was about half what it is now. So why are the House leaders obstructing it now?

      The bottom line is if ANY of the republicans including Boehner really had any "principles" on the issue they would be making a case not to reinstate the emergency unemployment.. But what they are doing is saying they are fine with it as long as they get a pipeline and possibly obamacare repeals...which is essentially obstructing democracy and trying to extort measures and amendments to an emergency bill off the backs of the working class that are suffering due to the failed economic policies of the Bush era that got us into this mess.

    • Kandice Thompson

      None of those people are stronger than God. Have faith he's in control! They don't have a clue what we're going through and I don't think they really care. It's sad that We have to suffer because these cold hearted people refuse to make this a priority.

      • Tina

        Kandice I agree!!! We should pray to God to soften this man's heart!!! He clearly does NOT understand what he is doing to all of us. At the end of the day GOD'S word supercedes his!!!

        • Teresa

          Prayer is our only defense now. Pray for their hearts to be changed. Also remember that the Bible says: "What you do to the least of my brethren you do to me". This will be their cross to bare. Continue to pray for one another and their difficult circumstances right now. He says: "He will not leave us or forsake us". God Bless You All!

      • D

        Amen!!!! We have to pray for all the unemployed right now for each other!!!! I stand in faith that we will all raise above this and the government really needs to do the right thing because Americans are tired of there only looking out for themselves!!!!! We really need to pray for our government also.

      • Daniel

        God doesn't micro manage, sorry.

      • JM

        I agree with you sister....God is in control. Prayer is so powerful, keep the prayers going and soon satan (Boehner??) will be defeated like he always is.

        Keep the will happen!

  • Jill Davis

    People out of work nred this relief. Many are just hanging on by their toe nails including me. I am 58 and lost my. Job for no reason other than I was too expensive. 33 years nevet recievef any "help". Now I'm barely getting by using up my assets because the house is being unfeeling jack asses. I will never bote Republican again, EVER.

    • willie brand

      look i lost my job thru no fault of my own i need the exstention before i lose every thing i work so hard for

      • Richard A.

        This Boehner guy is at a huge lack of natural human moral.It is important to know who it is were voting for before we put these kind of beings in office. May God Help us all.......

        • john

          I think arron is Boehner lol

          • Janet

            Aaron - again, as I read these posts, I keep finding you do not know what you are talking say people do not pay INTO the unemployment insurance but they then you shut up about say if you are sick or disabled you are not allowed to collect unemployment, but do you realize how many disabled people are working? I was laid off from a job I worked at for a long time and loved....because a larger company bought us out then closed that location 3 months later after telling everyone their jobs were safe. 88 people let go.....and I could not move from PA to TN to continue working for the company. Then I had a leg injury, and am in a wheelchair HOWEVER I can still work, and am looking every day for a job. I have hand controls for my car. There is no reason I cannot work. I do office work in the medical field and had this happened while I was working, I know without a doubt my company would have had no problem with my continuing to go into work every day and do my job. I am also 61 years of age. Take the disability AND the age and tell me where to find these miraculous jobs? I actually get asked to come in for interviews for many positions based on my great resume and work history and references. When I ask about handicap accessibility I get shut down. You may have found a job (hmm in 2009 they still had EUC and I am betting, even though you would not be honest about it, that you used EUC until you got a job which is probably why you say, so emphatically, that you are 100% sure everyone on unemployment is using it not to work....) am glad you did, for you and your family. But not all situations are created equally and while I am perfectly ABLE AND AVAILABLE to work, I do not consider myself someone who should be on disability, as do many other people who WANT to work even though they have a disability. SS disability looks upon disability only if you are disabled for 1 year or more or will die within a year and cannot work! I AM ABLE TO WORK AND WANT TO....What happens to me w hen no one is willing to hire me even though I can do everything I was able to do before except walk...and walking was NOT a part of my job requirement.Yes there ARE companies that are willing to hire handicapped people...but they have to be in my area where I live, and they have to be accessible, and they have to be willing to modify a work area if it is not accessible, AND they have to have a relevant job opening. How many strikes do you think that is for someone WHO REALLY WANTS TO WORK? Taking a lot of other jobs, like fast food, etc, is not possible because you really CANNOT be unable to walk or stand for those. SO PLEASE, like someone else not open your mouth unless you have walked a mile in my non-walking shoes. I HATE being home and my life was my don't put us all down as lazy people who do not want to work. For that...when people say you are an idiot, you ARE an idiot.

          • Amy Roberts

            I think he is !!!! LOL

          • Amy Roberts

            Why does Aaron even care about this issue ? Maybe someone he hates is going to benefit from this extension or maybe he wants to argue ....

          • mike

            I think Aarons an a hole that is talking out of it

          • T.J.

            John I think your right!

        • Sheka

          People no matter what, if you believe & trust in God everything will be ok. God has the final say so & no matter how hard these politicians try to fight it if its Gods will it will be done. Fret not, Gods got it in control. I pray that we all overcome this obstacle. I pray for you you pray for me & watch God change things.

          • Sheri

            That is my belief as well. I will always see myself as blessed and highly favored. Romans 8:28 says all things work for the good for those who love God and are called to His purpose. There is no door closed to me, even in these trying times I am confident that His grace and mercy is sufficient concerning every matter of my life. God bless us all real good. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

          • Sam

            Look, God might have it under control but if you'd read your bible you'd understand that God does little to intervene. We are self sufficient. I am a veteran, I collected unemployment and didn't look for work as hard as others but I didn't blame that shortcoming on anyone but myself. This being said, if people will be patient, good things will happen with this bill. If you can't wait, join the military

          • Daniel

            Could you please stop with the God B.S. here please.