CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Judicial Investigation Commission has formally charged Randolph County Circuit Judge Jaymie Wilfong with violating the Code of Judicial Conduct for a romantic relationship she had with a Randolph County employee.  


Judge Jaymie Wilfong

The JIC issued the charges Monday and said that following an investigation it learned Judge Wilfong had an ongoing sexual relationship with North Central Community Corrections Director Travis Carter.

(Read charges from Judicial Investigation Commission here)

The JIC investigated five complaints against Wilfong and the information she self-reported. The commission has forwarded two charges to the state Judicial Hearing Board for consideration.

The JIC alleges Judge Wilfong and Carter had sex numerous times in Wilfong’s courthouse chambers, and at times, in between court hearings. They were both married when the relationship took place. The charges allege Wilfong violated the integrity of the judiciary by having the relationship with a person who also appeared before her on numerous occasions on community corrections issues.

Judge Wilfong, according to the information released Monday, repeatedly asked Randolph County Assistant Prosecutor Lori Gray to allow her and Carter to use Gray’s residence “to further her relationship and sexual contact with Carter.” The charges said Wilfong asked asked for and gained the use of a garage owned by Randolph County attorney Phillip Isner.

The charges also speak of contact the two had by cellphone including nude photos the Judge Wilfong took of herself and sent to Carter.

(Read Judge Wilfong’s response here)

Wilfong answered the charges Monday calling it a “complicated” relationship that began in Oct. 2011 and continued “periodically” for two years. She called the relationship inappropriate.

“This relationship was not a fling,” Wilfong wrote. “I foolishly thought we were going to be together, but fortunately that did not occur. Since this relationship has ended, I have been able to reconnect with my husband and we are actively working on our marriage so we can remain together.”

Judge Wilfong maintains her relationship with Carter did not impact her work as judge.

“The Statement of Charges does not allege that my work on the bench was compromised by the relationship; it alleges that the appearance of the judicial system and its integrity were harmed and I admit that,” Wilfong said.

Wilfong said since the relationship went public seven months ago not one litigant before her has requested a rehearing.

“I trust when all of the facts are learned about this matter, people will determine that though what I did was wrong, it did not impair my ability to conduct court and do the work the people of Randolph County hired me to do.”

The Judicial Hearing Board will consider the charges and forward a recommendation on to the state Supreme Court. There are numerous options of what could happen ranging from a mild rebuke to suspending Judge Wilfong without pay for the rest of her term.

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  • SoOverIt

    Hopefully Mr. Taylor will be investigated. Apparently, it's happening all around that place. Disgusting Cheaters!

  • Independent View

    The Elkins Intermountain has filed FOIA requests with the Randolph County Commission regarding Mr. Taylor's involvement, the two-year+ affair, the cost of the investigation of Mr. Taylor and the cost of his severance package.
    For you Southern West Virginians, the Elkins Intermountain is free on-line.

    • Nothingisfree

      The Inter-Mountain is no longer free on line. You have to subscribe to it and they charge you $10 to read just one article. Rip off! Since the topic of the judge is hot news, they must have decided to start charging and make some money off of it! LOL not from me, I won't even buy it in print.

    • Bob

      Just what does Mr. Taylor have to do with this, you better get your story straight! Also an FOIA request in this case will be denied. You northerners need to get a life!!!!!!!!!

  • P1

    Sadly, and ive only seen it reported in one news story- judge wilfong was also a "family court" judge. Aint no telling how many families she busted up.......and now KARMA has fully exposed her "family values".

  • wondering

    She even looks like Monica Lewinsky.

    • P1

      Hardly! Lewinksy, who admittedly has weight issues, looks like a supermodel compared to this judge. google the judge and then click 'images'. if u like a whole lotta extra woman to love, then this judge is for you!

  • Col. Klink

    This whole mess smells of a certain County Commissioner in Randolph Co. I know he is slithering in the background someplace.

    • SoOverIt's all around that court house! You might want to start investigating Comissioner Taylor---just sayin! Disgusting people! Cheaters and liars!

  • Medman

    Sorry, I do not get all of the outcry on this. Bill Clinton got BJs in the WH and survived and this judge did the same thing and people are outraged. The Ds said it was a witch hunt by the Rs and claimed that he did nothing to compromise the integrity of the Presidency. I think she has room to negotiate, especially since she self reported. Although I personally think she did compromise her position and should resign, but the precedent is there and fair is fair.

  • Bob

    Would this even be an issue if a Judge wasn't involved, Hell, people kill and don't get this much press! " God Bless both families"

  • questions

    I hope that two simultaneous investigations go on with this situation. Let’s uncover truth here. The JIC needs to investigate but so does the press. To the press I would request an answer to:
    How is she not immediately suspended until a full investigation is completed? I mean, don’t certain attorneys that appear in her court have an opportunity to “blackmail” this judge into favorable decisions?
    Example – I will not tell the JIC everything I know if you cast your decision my way when I have a case in front of you? What about her clerk; who according to the complaint knew “what was going on” for 2 years prior to the self reporting by the judge? Also, what is up with the Supreme Court, who asked this judge to sit in for the chief justice in September 2013? Since this judge seems to be on the committee of judicial review, was a complaint brought previously and prior to the self reporting, and did she use her influence on the committee to delay review of said complaint until she could “self report”? How was Mr. Carter compensated, what did his employment package look like? Did it include a bonus structure that in any way would be increased due to his relations with this judge? What were the things the county administration (commission) otherwise investigated about him and when did those investigations begin? Did County Commissions know about these events prior to the self reporting and what did they do about it? Come-on Maaaaaan – let’s get some FOIA requests going so we can see what happens when this string gets pulled.

  • Independent View

    Spot on! Please continue.

  • Picklebee

    I doubt if her fellow lawyers will take her $125,000 per year salary away from her. She will get to keep her health insurance. She will "retire".
    We common people would be fired on the spot. Remember the line from Animal Farm, " all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".
    We will see how "equal" her peers see her.

    • CaptainQ


  • Robin

    I think that Judge Wilfong has done an excellent job as a Judge in our community. I agree that she made a mistake , but to be fired is not the answer. Randolph county has never had a better circuit judge. Hell look at what Clinton did and he still got to be president. And as far the assistant prosecutor and the attorney , these are more than likely friends that she has had her entire life, this is Elkins.

    • Independent View

      Did you even bother to read the JIC Investigation Report of Findings?
      Not only did the judge violate numerous canons, she lied to court house staff and even the state supreme court.
      Further, she did not self-report until ethics complaints were filed against her.
      Moreover, if a witness would lie in her court, they would be guilty of perjury. As a judge, lying in her court, as she did, should she not be charged by the JIC? There are many charges that she does not deny, but resorts to apologies. Her attorneys used much double speak in her response, rather than deny charges. Somewhat like Clinton--"it depends on what is means?" The comparison between Clinton and this case is ridiculous. In recent years two presidents have had Articles of Impeachment brought against them: Nixon & Clinton. Neither was impeached, which would have beeen devastating to the country. Firing this judge will not devastate the country or Randolph County. What it will do is send a message that violating the code of ethics and then repeatedly lying about it will not be tolerated. Judges, Federal, State or Circuit are and should be held to a higher standard than everyday citizens. Just as you cannot unring a bell, you cannot unspeak lies.

  • DWL

    Nothin' like a sluttin' judge. She's a "contempt" to the taxpayers!

  • Sick&Tired

    Can't believe it's not Southern WV. Didn't think nothing like this went on anywhere else by the posts on here.

  • WV Grad

    Unbecoming. Unfit.

  • Jason412

    “The Statement of Charges does not allege that my work on the bench was compromised by the relationship"

    Her work was not compromised yet she had sex in an attorney's garage and repeatedly asked to use the assistant prosecutor's house? As well as having sex in chambers between trials, I can't think of much more she could of done to compromise her work.

    What I question is how many offenders were alternatively sentenced to community corrections instead of jail so that Mr. Carter had a steady flow of criminals to work with

    She should be suspended for the rest of her term, no question. I know if I admitted having sex at my job I'd be fired on the spot, and I don't decide people's fate on a daily basis.

    • unknown

      Wouldn"t it be a crime to use county property such as a cell phone or a computer to send nude photo's of yourself to another county owned cell phone or computer and Lori Grey was a big help in putting people on the nccc program that didn't deserve to be on it or in jail. was she having a affair with Mr.Carter to.I feel she should be investigated to.

      • bill

        Is it against the law to confiscate a cell/computer and go thru them without permission or a search warrant, even if they were issued by your employer? Would the evidence if any hold up in court or could it be used for a witch hunt?

        • Bob

          I would think it would depend on if the cell/ computer was only used at work it might hold up in court,but if the items were used at home I would think permission would be needed.