CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Sometimes you win approval, sometimes you don’t. Wayne County was the big winner Monday when the state School Building Authority met to divvy up $43 million in SBA funding.

The authority made Wayne County its top priority this funding cycle, awarding the county $8 million this year and another $10 million next year. That will go toward two new schools, one in Crum, the other in the Ceredo-Kenova area, plus renovations to Wayne County High School.

Wayne County Superintendent Lynn Hurt said she’s not worried about the two-year deal.

“We’re just glad to get the total 18 million dollars. That’s what we came for. That’s what we asked our voters to match,” Hurt said.

The money from the SBA doesn’t come without a hitch and it’s a big one. Wayne County voters will go to the polls May 13 and decide whether to support an $18 million bond issue.

Hurt said, “I feel confident!”

History hasn’t been kind to the school system. Wayne County has received SBA funding twice before, only to have it taken back when voters failed to pass a bond. This time she said, it’s do or die.

“If we don’t get a ‘yes’ vote, we’ll have to regroup, probably consolidate some schools, close some schools,” she said. “Hard decisions, hard decisions to make.”

On the other end of the funding spectrum was Kanawha County. Superintendent Ron Duerring requested $2 million to get rid of the portable classrooms at Andrews Heights Elementary in Tornado. Kanawha made it through the first round but was cut in the final funding process.

“We got on the board, yet we got taken off through the process. I wish we would have stayed on the board for funding. We really could have used it…but that’s the way it goes,” said the superintendent.

As for funding the project entirely with county cash, Duerring said it’s not going to happen.

“We can’t do it without SBA’s help.”

Other school systems to receive SBA funding Monday included: $5.3 million for Ohio County, $8.6 million for Monongalia County, $380,000 for Doddridge County, $100,000 for Brooke County, $12.2 million for Gilmer County and $8.6million for Mingo County.

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  • MyView

    Which is more corrupt the SBA or the State School Board

    • MyView

      My opinion they both make Mingo County look like a Saint.

  • mntnman

    Always a tough job for the SBA to pick projects with limited funds. There is a list of factors they consider, and a very important one is local contribution, whether it be cash contribution or a bond issue. Safety is number one. We thought we had a great project here in Mercer County, but then every county does. So, we are disappointed in Mercer County, but as a West Virginian, I am happy for the counties that did get funds; they need them as well. We'll try again next year --

  • Smokey

    Pretty crappy that all the tax payers in Hardy county have to pay for a new school,but yet these people hand out money for it.

    And now the people are having to pay for ambulance service that is volunteer.Gotta love the politics in this county.

  • Tax payer

    Look at an itemize tax receipt. The bonds that were past years ago are still be applied to current taxes. Those bonds were supposed to be removed years ago and have never been. So that means the residents of WC will be paying more taxes for no set time frame. Ask your selves at what % increase for how many years? Take the taxes we have been paying and apply them to the schools not some politicians pocket.

    • ViennaGuy

      How long were the bonds issued for? If it was a 15-year bond, then the additional assessment has to be included for 15 years to pay the bonds off ...

  • Ndk

    So do these other counties receiving money have to pass a bond as well?

    • WV Gal

      No u only have to do that if u live in Hardy

      • Jww

        Yes but in some counties link monongalia we pass levies as education means something. It takes money to run things and if we want better schools and roads we must pay more taxes.

        • WV Gal

          I have no problem passing a bond for long as my child gets a quality education and the higher ups don't pack their pockets. In hardy County at MHS..the kids get the worst education possible..that school is a joke.

  • Chris

    Wayne County High School doesn't exist. It's Wayne High School.