WESTON, W.Va. — A former Lewis County High School band director pleaded guilty Thursday to sex-related charges and was sentenced to five years probation.

Floyd Friend, Jr., 40, cut a plea deal with prosecutors and admitted to a charge of filming minors in sexually explicit material. Circuit Judge Kurt Hall went along with the plea agreement and suspended a 10-year prison term and sentenced Friend to probation.

Friend will have to register as a sex offender, complete therapy and perform community service.

He was originally arrested last July after police found 422 images, many of them sexually explicit pictures, on his cell phone.

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  • Wholesomevalues15

    It churns my stomach to know that this disgusting pervert is free to prowl our streets at his sickening leisure. On the other hand, get arrested with a drug you plan to use in your own body and expect to spend years in a federal prison with hardened criminals. If there was any true justice in this country the people would have taken this diaper pillager from the courtroom, drug him down to the courthouse steps and hung him by the neck till he is dead dead dead.

  • northforkfisher

    I'm sure people in this state (myself included) made comments about the rape case in Montana, only to have this threw in our face. Any one convicted of sex crimes against minors, especially with this many charges should not be able to get probation.

  • DWL

    I bet he is a card carrying UNION member too. Wear that NEA UNION label ...... Such a finely run educational system the state operates. Perverts and pedophiles abound. Instilling values and habits in your children.

  • Silas Lynch

    NABLA is an even more powerful lobbyist group than the NRA, apparently. At least within our judicial system that is.

  • There aren't any honest or competent judges

    Every judge in this state is either corrupt, incompetent or simply both. There is no justice left in our courts.

  • gandyman

    This is the American Judicial system at it's most putrid. An admitted pervert is given another pass. Over 400 pictures of children depicted in wicked ways on his phone and the punishment.... 4 years probation, secular "therapy", registering (admitting to what you have already admitted to) and a few hours of manual labor? What a world.

  • kilroy

    I think the community service part is the biggest joke, who wants that pervert working around the community? Bet he will be trimming bushes and watering flowers close to a daycare center.

  • northforkfisher

    There should haven't been any plea as far as the jail time is concerned. They should have put in a cave under prison, and have some of the biggest inmates come by once a week to give him total quality education prison style.

  • Mike

    Wow! What the hell is this Judge thinking and what is still a judge. What a joke.

  • stating the obvious

    This is exactly why we have an overwhelming number of sex offenders in this state! Keep these judges that hand out absurdly light sentences to these sickos in mind next election!