CHARLESTON, W.Va.— More West Virginians continue to enroll in Obamacare.  Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield reports 24,802 individuals have now selected plans on and off the exchange.

Highmark President Fred Earley says the extended sign-up period has boosted enrollment.

“We are quite pleased with the significant upturn in enrollment during the last 30 days of the open enrollment period,” Earley said in company news release. “And that puts us in the range of what we had in our forecast for total on- and off-exchange enrollment.”

Highmark said Thursday 18,631 West Virginians have signed up for one of the subsidized health insurance plans under the ACA, while 6,171 are “off exchange,”  meaning they bought plans without going through the government-created marketplace.

Highmark is the only insurance company offering coverage in West Virginia through the exchange.

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  • dem

    Everyone realizes that, as of today, the ACA reduces the deficit right? So the subsidies costing tax payers argument doesn't hold water

  • Sick&Tired

    Your right everybody in this state who works and is not employed by government should move.Leave the rest of you here to pay your own way which will never happen.

    • Sick&Tired

      That was to Gibbs

  • George

    Yea lets keep puttin those democrats back in a joke...gas at 3.75/ respect for human life...wv ranks next to last in every good category polled. Coal industry sinking. Roads are terrible. Infrastructure a mess............ shall I continue......?......

    • Gibbs

      I would move if I were you

  • Steve

    I'm a 57 year old married male with no children. Had an excellent policy with Highmark before Obamacare. Lost the plan because it didn't meet the gov't standards. Bought a new Highmark plan directly from them. Monthly premiums are 15% higher and yearly out of pocket has increased 17%. I've also lost certain yearly preventative exams and procedures. But hey, I do have maternity and my kids, which I don't have, get free eye exams and other perks. Thank you so very much. Hope you can detect the sarcasm.

  • Just Sayin

    So as long as the stats I found are right...1.885Million people in WV and 24,802 signed up. Thats is 1.3%! Money (billions) well spent! Luckily we will never have to worry about it because its China's money. Those Chinese are so nice to pay for all our stuff. Why are politicians always trashing them?

  • Tom

    If we had a Single Payer System like most other 'advanced countries', we wouldn't have all these insurance hassles. And don't tell me we can't afford it. That's nonsense. What we can't afford are the high insurance rates.

    • ViennaGuy

      Britain has single-payer, and they can't afford it. They are cutting back on the National Health Service.

  • omg

    Yeah. Insurance wins. They always win. High deductibles...high premiums. You pay and pay but can't afford to go to the doctor and if you go you probably won't pay anyway because your deductible is so high. So who wins?? The insurance company because you always always pay them first. Who loses....the patient who pays out the butt and then can't afford to use it. The whole thing is a joke! Mr. Early and his million dollar salary is laughing all the way to the bank!

  • RickA

    What part of "subsidized health insurance plans" don't you understand? We taxpayers help pay the premiums for subsidized participants. We taxpayers will also subsidize the insurance companies if they lose money. That's how someone else (taxpayers) "foots the bill."

  • Mike

    More people signing up hoping someone else will foot the bill. People will never learn. The same ones that have free phone,foodstamps and free housing signing now for free healthcare. Only thing is they are to stupid to understand that the working people are once again paying their bills. Just the way the libs want it. I will never understand the minds of freeloaders.

    • Flossrancher

      No one else is going to "foot the bill." This is a product offered by a profitable insurance company in order to make more money. There is no government subsidy, only premiums paid by people who buy the insurance. The only way "someone else will foot the bill" is if an individual has medical expenses which are paid or out of other people's premiums, but that's the way the system works, just like it does for car or homeowner insurance. There are some legitimate arguments against the Affordable Care Act, but the implication that it is subsidized by taxpayers is a lie, and a distraction from the real issues.

      • John

        The premiums under the ACA are based on income. Therefore it is being subsidized. This is another take from those that work and give to those that don't scam. Funny how liberals hate profitable companies that produce something they don't want to buy themselves, but never say anything about profitable companies that produce things they want. That x-box you spend all day playing is produced by a profitable company. Do you expect them to give you free game consoles? The car you drive is produced by a profitable company. Well, except for Government Motors. Do you expect Ford or Toyota to give you a free car? If insurance companies aren't profitable, there won't be any. Oh wait, my bad, that's what the liberals want.

    • BillyT

      Let us know when it forces you to give up your ribs at Outback, and we'll chip in and give you a few bucks.

  • Charlie West

    24,802 really smart people who will live healthier lives. No thanks to Republicans.

    • Mike

      What world are you living in. Must be the BHO world,full of lies and BS

      • Jason412

        The world of reality. If someone doesn't work, how could they pay for insurance? The answer is they couldn't. So they would get Medicaid. Medicaid is not part of the obamacare enrollment. Look it up, it's on this very site. The WV Medicaid enrollment was over 100,000 people

    • Jim

      I want to know how many of those 24,802 already had insurance but were forced to purchase new policies. I also would like to know how many of those are people who refuse to work and just live off the government for everything. I have no problem helping those in need. Not those who are LAZY.

      • Jason412


        If someone doesn't work, they would qualify for Medicaid not for Highmark insurance. The medicaid enrollment is separate, and significantly higher. Therefor, this number of 24,000 wouldn't include any people who don't work.

    • Rob

      I am one of the 6171 that did not go through the exchanges. What you wont hear is that I had pretty good insurance prior to Obamacare, and my payment is much higher now than it was before, and so is my thanks to the democrats there Charlie. Oh, and the highly touted Highmark of WV has yet to process any of the 6 six claims that has been sent in correctly....not one of them has been paid correctly. If you had to pay for your own insurance Charlie, perhaps you may view things differently.

      • joe


        • Rob

          Nice try Dem, but I am an Indy......I never made it political buddy, just pointing out that it is easy for someone to point fingers and say that 28000 people are better off, and some of them may be, but not all of the 28000 are more healthy now, just poorer.

      • Charlie West

        Sounds like you should have kept that "prior" insurance. And if it's the same insurance, your higher premiums have nothing to do with Obamacare.

        • Rob

          I lost it kicked off my plan....didnt change by choice....that is why I had to buy it.

  • Jethro

    Hoppy tried to downplay this on twitter.