CHARLESTON, W.Va. — One of the seven Republican candidates for Congress in West Virginia’s 2nd District says he thinks the federal government has grown detached from the citizens it serves and Robert Fluharty — a private investigator from Charles Town — says he’s running for states’ rights along with the restoration of fiscal responsibility in Washington, D.C.

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Robert Fluharty

“It’s gotten to the point that you’re paying a lot of money in taxes and, I think I speak for most people when I say, we don’t  have a problem paying taxes, we just want the government to spend our money right,” said Fluharty on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

“Anyone who will read the Constitution will find that the federal government’s powers are supposed to be few and far between and, those powers not specifically designated to the federal government, according to the 10th Amendment, lie with the states and the people.”

In addition to working as a private investigator, Fluharty is currently a member of the West Virginia Air National Guard and has had a more than 20-year long career in the military.

He defined the 2nd Amendment this way:  “To keep, to me, is to have possession of firearms and to bear arms is to carry arms.  We’ve advanced, as a society, to the point that this isn’t the Wild West, but nowhere should your ability to defend yourself or defend your freedoms….be imposed.”

On his website, Fluharty said he’s financing his Congressional campaign himself with a $4,000 personal budget and is not accepting campaign contributions.

His appearance on MetroNews “Talkline” was part of a series of a interviews with the statewide candidates ahead of West Virginia’s May 13 Primary Election.  Early voting continues through May 10.

In addition to Fluharty, the other Republican candidates in the 2nd Congressional District are Ken Reed, a pharmacist from Morgan County; Alex Mooney, a former Maryland state senator; Steve Harrison, a former Kanawha County state senator; Charlotte Lane, a former PSC chair and former commissioner of the U.S. International Trade Commission; Jim Moss, a cost management specialist with Toyota Motors Manufacturing and Ron Walters, Jr., a financial consultant in Charleston.

The Democrats running in the 2nd Congressional District are Nick Casey, a former state Democratic Party chair, and Meshea Poore, a Kanawha County delegate.

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  • DWL

    I have a problem voting for a man who's livelihood is made by deceiving the public at large. Will he do the same as a politician?

    • Robert Fluharty

      There is a misconception sometimes with PI's. As a member of the Private Investigators and Security Professionals of WV, I take an oath to high standards, which you can find on their website. In the cases I take deception is something I look for, not use. I appreciate your comments and hope that whomever you choose has the key ingredient needed in politics, integrity.

      • DWL

        Misconception or a Reality? Every one I have had dealing with would sell their soul for a buck.

        • WV Common Tater

          Chased down because you didn't pay?

        • Silas Lynch

          He's a private investigator not a layer,,, geesh!!

          • DWL

            ...and who predominately hires PI's? Whores for the whores.

          • Silas Lynch


    • ViennaGuy

      Working as a private investigator and serving in the Air National Guard consists of deceiving the public?

      • DWL

        Being from Jefferson County alone is grounds not to vote for him!

        • Robert Fluharty

          Which part of WV would you like me to be from to deserve your vote? Grew up in Brooke County till I was 9, Lived in Wood County through high school, Monongalia County while attending WVU, Berkeley County for 3 years and Jefferson for 12 years. I'd say the state is my home.

          • Silas Lynch

            I heard you on Hoppy's show and you did fine.. Might want to polish up a bit and sharpen your answer on the 2nd amendment though.

            You obviously have heard Scalia's definition of "bear arms" to mean what you can carry---

            Hoppy baited you into conceding there are limitations to the second amendment according to Scalia--- If you must agree with Scalia's definition of what bearing arms means at least cite Scalia believes no civilian authority, Federal police or local, can be better armed than what is available to the general public.

          • DWL

            Your nomadic ventures basically confirms you have no anchors in life. you follow the dollar. That makes me wonder how many dollars will line your pockets in the Dysfunctional Capital.

    • In da stickes

      You have answered your own question, DWL.

    • thornton

      The "deceiving public" deal sounds most like Ted Nugent and his sheep.
      Anyway....I'd always vote for a Fluharty.

      • Silas Lynch

        Ted Nugent's sheep? Go on.