CHARLESTON, W.Va. — State Supreme Court Chief Justice Robin Davis signed an order Thursday disqualifying Randolph County Circuit Judge Jaymie Wilfong from hearing any cases involving the Randolph County Prosecutor’s Office.


Judge Jaymie Wilfong

Davis appointed senior status judges Thomas Steptoe and Thomas Keadle to handle the cases on a temporary basis.

(Read order here)

The order said Wilfong notified the Court a notice for her disqualification had been filed. She told the Court she did not want to be disqualified but Chief Justice Davis did so in the order noting the matters “are sufficient to warrant disqualification to avoid even an appearance of impropriety.”

The state Judicial Investigations Commission filed a statement of charges against Wilfong with the state Judicial Hearing Board earlier week. The JIC alleged Wilfong violated the Judicial Code of Conduct during a two-year extramarital affair with the director of the area community corrections program. Wilfong has admitted the sexual relationship with Travis Carter was inappropriate but has said it has not impacted her decisions from the bench.

The JIC said Carter or his subordinates appeared before Wilfong dozens of times during the time the two were in the relationship.

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  • What a joke

    She should be run out of the state. Did they steam clean the court house office, benches and chairs yet?

  • jerry

    I know that Judges are human also but they are looked up to too hold up the law. Elkins and the State of WV will be looked at from across the US on how they handle this case. WV must let this judge go because no matter what she will never be trusted on any decsion she makes.

  • Unreal

    I just don't understand, it boggles the mind, how could they do it? I mean this whole thing would be so much easier to understand if she was attractive.

    • Joe

      You are really screwed up in your thinking. So, since she is not "attractive" you are surprised she had an affair? How absurd. Or, is it that because she is not "attractive" she does not deserve the publicity? Perhaps she should get out of this mess because she is not "attractive". In case you haven't noticed, someone obviously found her attractive, enough to put his family and career on the line. You are an idiot.

      • Judge Jimmy

        That's right Joe some people are "chubby chasers". Are you in that category?

        • DWL

          When they're #2 or lower, they will do a whole lot more to satisfy! That's their "pork chop" necklace to get the dog to play with them.

  • DWL

    Her new job, The Judge Jaymie Show - Live from an attorney's garage and the prosecutor's spare bedroom. The bailiff's cry of ALL RISE has a new meaning. Her robe is open and the gavel is battery-operated for her pleasure, as well as the jailer's. The climax of the event comes when she issues her relief ruling. Oh yea, Oh yea, Oh yea!

    • Judge Jimmy

      Don't forget it gives oral arguments a whole new meaning.

      • P1

        don't forget the legal boxer briefs!

  • Bill

    Now they need to investigate the PA, I hope the Judge tells how she used her position to get Parkers wife a job with the BOE, which was created by school board members for her. She never worked for the school board before and the position was setup where other teachers with tenure could,nt get it.

    • Levelheaded

      There is more corruption in the county BOE offices in this state than in all the rest of state government. Most of WV press has no clue.

  • Jason412

    I read the JIC report yesterday. Amazing to hear that she cried in the court room on more than one occasion and in her words she "denies that it always related to the relationship", but that sounds to me like she acknowledges it was at least some times related to the relationship.

    Please, Judge, let's hear again how the relationship had no effect on your work.

    Hopefully this disqualification is the first step to removing her from office.

    • respect

      Well said, Jason.....Amen!

  • Independent View

    Does the depth of this judge's arrogance have no limit?
    She is obviously in complete denial of any wrongdoing and continues to insult the residents of Randolph County by refusing to resign.

    • The bookman

      It isn't the denial of wrongdoing as much as the inability to accept the consequences of her actions. Sadly, that thinking is pervasive through our society.