PRINCETON, W.Va. — Two Mercer County residents were being held in the Southern Regional Jail on $100,000 cash only bond for allegedly abusing an 82-year old man who was in their care.

State Police were contacted, earlier this week, when the victim was treated at Princeton Community Hospital for severe injuries to his left ear along with a black eye and busted lips.

When questioned, the man told troopers his caregivers were physically abusing him because he, on occasion, accidentally wets the bed.  He claimed he’d been beaten with spoons, cooking pans and belts and, following the abuse, would be put into a shower where cold water was dumped on him.

The accused are Patina Hypes, 48, and David Small, 34.

They’re charged with abuse and neglect to an incapacitated adult and conspiracy to commit bodily injury.

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  • mdb

    omg they would never stopped as long as he had money coming in he's lucky that something over took one of them carried him to the hospital. They probably thought they get some pain meds. And hat off to the ER its about time they did something right.

  • mazie

    What a shame for them to do this man like that..if you don't want to care for him turn him in to someone that will love him and care for them...mean 2 human animals or the same to them and beat them..

  • northforkfisher

    They need to receive the maximum amount of time. There is nothing worse than people who take advantage of the trust someone puts into them for the care of a love one.
    To bad we can't lock them up and do the same.

  • Gary

    Absolutely horrible.Glad they didn't shoot the poor guy as the NRA would be obligated to defend their sorry butts.

  • CPA

    Just remove this trash from our state. A bullet to the head would work nicely.

  • Pickle Barrel

    Throw the book at them. This could be your father or grandfather.

  • Leo

    Absolutely unforgivable. May they rot in prison.