SPENCER, W.Va. — Four residents of Texas are jailed in West Virginia after they were caught shoplifting at Wal-Mart in Spencer.  Spencer Police say Michael Anthony Gonzalez, 21, Catelynn L. Chapa, 19, Emmanuel Angel Jesus Zavala, Jr., 19, and a juvenile, all of San Antonio, Texas, were arrested Thursday.

According to the criminal complain, the group was passing through and managed to lift more than $1,400 worth of merchandise from the store. When police probed a little deeper they discovered it may only the the tip of the case.

The four are believed to be part of an organized shoplifting theft ring which travels from state to state ripping off the Wal-Mart in every town they visit.

“There were multiple receipts from multiple stores, multiple Walmarts,” Spencer Police Corporal Greg Nichols told WSAZ Television.

The four are facing charges of grand larceny, conspiracy to commit grand larceny, drug possession, altered drivers licenses and carrying a deadly weapon.

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    Wonder how many white people got caught stealing from this store that week.

    And for all you poor multi culturalist who are tired of being called racist...this might not happen if you didnt base the majority of your arguments on race.

    And I had no idea mexican restaurants were a front for a world wide mexican takeover...i mean who knew?

    I will say this...use to eat at a Mexican place in Arkansas...3 to 4 times a week...and also the place in Clarksburg on top of the hill...the menu's were exactly the same....{#10 was 2 hard tacos refried beans and mexican rice} both states.


  • Ole Sasquatch

    Glad they got caught. Thanks to the person who caught them. Now a days you have to worry about being called a racist if you keep an eye out on a minority race.

  • Ray

    I say hang them! They deserve no less. Oh and do it publicly. I don't care what race they are. The morality of our nation has gone to the dogs. I say it isn't their fault for stealing it is ours for letting them skate by with probation or a little jail time. So I say go old school and find an oak tree and string them up like our founding fathers did. They had a very low crime rate back then all the way until the Prison system was established. Because they hung criminals back then. We didn't spend 36000. A year on pampering them and feeding them just 3 dollars for a rope. Reusable.

    • angel

      Y dont we hang u for being so dam stupid an yea publicly

  • Joe

    Wal Mart basically rips people off all of the time. They like to peddle their shelf expired products in the small hamlets like Spencer. I suppose if there is a supply and demand of something, anyone should be allowed to sell it, regardless of the date stamped on the package. However, where I fall out is baby formula, yogurt and milk products. Baby formula ! That is the lowest of the low. I don't advocate crime, but I don't feel sorry for Wal Mart either.

    • Fred

      Oh, ok Joe, so its ok to steal from stores you dont like, I understand. You should be president of mexico

    • RDC

      A lot of times close dated product is not Walmart's fault.
      Years ago I was a vender that sold products to Walmart. We were told by my company to take close dated product out of slow moving stores and roll them into Walmarts. The almost stale dates had a much better chance of being sold in a fast moving Walmart.

    • Jonus Grumby

      Perhaps you aren't aware, but two wrongs don't make a right. They are thieves regardless of who they stole from.

    • Jason412

      I agree. The wal-mart in my town is getting worse by the day. I bought an item that was broke right out of the box, returned it, and watched an employee put it right back on the shelf. As well as seeing items returned with no box placed into sandwich bags, tagged, and put back on the shelf.

  • Joe

    I am pretty sure these young folks are US citizens. Half of Texas is Mexican-American, so it is pretty narrow minded to declare these people on the public dole. Besides, most first generation Mexican immigrants are willing to work the pants off of any native, white, black or Hispanic, are grateful for the opportunity, and obey by the rules. People like contractor proud are aware of this and know there is additional value, above the low wage rate, to hiring these people. When we talk about "immunity", just what is it we are talking about immunity from? Is it immunity from the people and the laws that say you are prohibited from making a better life for yourself?

    • Jonus Grumby

      Just what part of "illegal" in illegal alien don't you comprehend?

  • susanf1218

    Sounds like Wal-Mart needs to reevaluate their security and surveillance since obviously they have been an easy target.

    • DWL

      Wal-Mart's largest group of organized thieves are the employees. All those cameras they have, take note of their locations. They train over 60% of them on the areas where the employees steal the most. Their loss prevention personnel exist for their insurance coverage, not to prevent external theft. That is a by-product. They are also very scared about detaining minorities for fear of repercussions based on race.

  • Harry Crumb

    They will out in time to vote .

    • DWL

      They have to be out to vote?

  • Just the facts

    More fine citizens originally from south of the border.

  • knows

    WHAT federal dollar?? country is in as bad of shape as Greece. instead of doing anything about it they just talk %#@& and print more money. sooner rather than later its gonna implode. im not a conspiracy nut either

  • No Mercy

    Even small town Spencer isn't safe from mexicans. Their people claim they come to the US for a better life to in turn raise their (fill in the blank) kids poorly and turn them loose to ruin towns and cities all across the US. I have a little bit of respect for the ones that want to work and some do a pretty damn good job especially ones that do construction and take care of home needs. Hell, US contractors want to rip people off and take advantage of insurance companies. They want way too much money for jobs while mexicans can do it for a fraction of the cost. I do not have respect for the ones that would rather rob and steal to make a living. Take that crap somewhere else and leave WV the hell alone. Stop and think the next time you see another mexican restaurant open up, what's really going on. We don't need that many mexican restaurants here. They're building their foundation and opening the door for more illegals to swarm right into this great state.

    • Fred

      Hispanic workers are about twice as productive as American whites. Hispanic families are very tight and care for their homes far better than 'locals'. The two crews I worked alongside had no problem putting in 12 hours per day while the hungover, doped up white guys were begging to go home at 2:30. I saw a crew of Mexicans from Chicago drywall a 10,000 sf home in ONE day. I say let the illegals come on in, we need the help!

      • Jonus Grumby

        So, you advocate hiring illegals while putting your fellow citizens out of work? Nice.

        • Anonymius Orginization

          Well sir i believe that if our fellow american citizens would stop complaining all
          The time and appreciated what they get; im pretty sure they would not be unemployed.
          See most "illegal" by passers come for a life they cant have in there country. They come here for peace. Not to meet up with racist folks to try and kick them out of their indigenous land. If you did not know, the first real illegal immigrants were the European pilgrims. Aka "U.S. Citizen that are caucasian.".you see if you took the time to study you would be enlighten.
          Thank you for your time.
          We are anonymous
          We are legion
          We do not forgive
          We do not forget
          Expect us.
          (anonyous enlightenment teacher)

    • ContractorProud

      "Hell, US contractors want to rip people off and take advantage of insurance companies. They want way too much money for jobs while mexicans can do it for a fraction of the cost."

      You, sir, are an idiot. Do you have any clue what it costs to stay in business in the construction industry? It's called overhead, stupid. Overhead has to be passed on to the customer. Advertising for you to find us, and for us to remain competitive with others that do. Workers Comp is on average, 21% of payroll (higher if you do roofing). City B&O taxes, State sales tax, Liability Insurance, Employer match (medicare, social security, SUTA) of the Employee's Withholding, Office Expenses, Fuel, Vehicle Insurance, Escalating Material Costs, Unemployment Insurance, Accounting Expenses, Utilities, Phone Bills, Vehicle Payments, Tools and Equipment, Safety Training and Personal Protective Equipment. I guess you think being in business is free, right? You're one of the one's that expect something for nothing, and more than likely never honor the end of the contract agreement. In other words, you don't pay when the work is complete.

      • angel

        Agreed to many idiots are on here!!

      • BE

        Contractor Proud - WC costs for contractors is not $21 per hundred.

        • ContractorProud

          Apologies for the rant above. It irritates me beyond measure when people assume every contractor is a "rip off." I am giving a general summation of the costs associated with my particular trade. If you're an office clerk, it's probably 2%, offshore fisherman and construction trades are the highest.

          Given that, I vaguely understand that each type of occupation is assigned a risk classification. Risk is determined by two factors: the frequency of on-the-job injury, if any, and the severity of injury, if any. Severity is measured by both medical payments and indemnity benefits (payments made directly to the injured employee to compensate for losses suffered as a result of an accident). I have been quoted rates in excess of 21%. I currently pay 17%, therefore, I assumed the 21% average nationally baed on ost of living in other areas of the country, say, New York City.

          If you're an agent, I may need your services.


          • No Mercy

            I make an honest living without owning a business and finding people dumb enough to pay an outrageous amount of money for different services. A lot of contractors also use the work of illegal immigrants because they will work for less and the business can make a lot more, tell me how that's ethical? I know a lot of contractors personally. Live pretty nice to. They inflate materials and labor while trying to stay competitive against other crooked contractors. You're in no position to judge me either. I have great credit and everything I own is paid for. I save a lot by avoiding contractors and not sacrificing quality either. People that do work for me believe in making an honest days pay with an honest days work. They don't need a damn piece of paper with a bunch of crap on it that most people wouldn't understand. I just choose to get my work done by American citizens for half the cost and the same, if not better quality.

  • TB

    Will not hear anymore of them after the initial report due to the lenient judicial system. They had childhood problems, mommy was mean to them, they grew up poor, etc.

  • Steve

    These are the kind that the Democrats want to provide Medicaid, food stamps and immunity . This is one reason why it is mandatory that all welfare recipients be given the opportunity to register to vote when they sign up. With all of the freebies you know they will vote Democrat........

  • Silas Lynch

    Yea, right! from Texas,,, try a little further south.... Don't let Danny Jones know about them are he will ask for them to be held in Charleston. He dreams of making Charleston a sanctuary-city for the federal dollar.

    • Joe

      Charleston needs to be a sanctuary for the federal dollar, because is sure as hell isn't a sanctuary for the private dollar.

      • Silas Lynch

        Yep, The only tax Danny Jones doesn't like is one that loses him a vote,,,

    • Hailey

      Huh? I feel less intelligent now that I've read your post

      • Silas Lynch

        Hailey, sweetie, just what are you having difficulty with? Certainly you understand the loss of Federal Dollars for a city with less than 50K population? 2012 Charleston was les than 52K and dropping,,, Federal government isn't currently requiring you to count only legal citizens and Danny Jones has expressed many times on WCHS Radio he leans towards open boarders and amnesty.