MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — As West Virginia celebrated a 12-6 win over Texas in the series rubber game, third baseman Michael Constantini called it more validation for a program on the climb.

“I think it proves to the whole country that we’re for real, that we’re not just some team that gets lucky once in a while,” he said.

The Mountaineers (26-17, 9-8) leapfrogged Texas and Texas Tech into fourth place in the Big 12 standings with six conference games remaining. They banged out 14 hits and took over the league lead in batting with a .293 team average.

“Our kids are growing up, and they’re getting mature at the plate,” said coach Randy Mazey.

Watch the highlights from Sunday’s victory and view more postgame reaction from Mazey, Constantini, Jackson Cramer and Ryan McBroom.

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  • DP

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  • Ike

    Glad to have the Mazey family a part of Mountaineer Nation. Randy is a heck of a ball coach and Amanda does a really good job too.
    Nice for our baseball program to have such a strong rally point. Continued success to the team through a good coach, tremendous assistants and fan support. Keep the recruits coming, coach them up and just win baby. We're not done yet. Lets Go Mountaineers

  • jay zoom

    your right mister g Mazey was a good hire for the baseball program and according to my sources (LOSER LUCK) didn't actually want this coach had to be talked into it.. enough said. also according to sports line (wajr radio) the mlb draft will clean out 70% of this years squad. and WVU will be rebuilding the next couple of years. and will come back a strong contender for the Big 12 crown. well have a winner in Mazey -- Carey for a few years to come. that's more than I can say for one and done HUGGINS and wait until next year HOLGERSON (THANLS OLLIE) hopefully this University will wake up and send you down the road the same way you sent Craig down the road you JERK.

    • rock solid

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    • hailey

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  • GoEers

    What a great way to end the Hawley Field Era!

    Let's Go Mountaineers!!

  • Rick55

    This is a team you can fall in love with, so easy to root for. Mazey is such a great teacher, coach, and role model. Says his team is just flat-out better than yours. And he's right. I'll put them up against anybody in the classroom, and as fine young men there's no comparison.

    You see, from the very first time I saw them play last year, and heard Coach Mazey give an interview, I knew that with this guy, every win is a character win, because it all starts with character and class.

    He always wears a batting helmet, old gold and blue. Whammer increases the fun factor for the team on a team which already likes to have fun anyway. He is relentlessly aggressive on the basepaths and on the mound. He wins. He gives full credit to his players, says they deserve to win for all their hard work. As a Mountaineer fan, I am proud to have him as our coach.

  • derek

    So excited to see the Mountaineers Tuesday its spring gobbler time!!!!!!

  • DP

    A WONDERFUL victory today and a GREAT series win over one of the most storied programs in all of college baseball!!!

    The fan support has been tremendous and with the new ballpark and a SUPER coach and staff, WV WILL become a force in the Big 12 and possibly nationally. We now are able to recruit the elite players in the Northeast, Mid Atlantic AND Texas, which we never could previously! I'm really, really proud of this team! Let's goooooooooo Mountaineers!!!!!

  • Country Roads

    Awesome series. Mountaineers are a good team for all the world to see. Great ball game today, great crowd and excellent performance,pitching, fielding, and hitting. ...... You that was there at the game hope you stayed for the singing with the players. (Country Roads )... I love that at the end of the you Mountaineers...

  • Dave

    Awesome game today guys. Congratulations. The whole series was great even game two was good, if we would have had a couple more hits get in the gap we would have won that game too. Still, we won the series against a very good Texas team. Awesome crowd turnout too. A perfect way to end the games at Hawley Field.

  • Aaron

    I really like the moxy of this team. When one of the storied programs in the nation comes in with a top 12 program and you take 2 of 3, out hit, out pitch and out play that program, that says something. Clearly Mazey can recruit and coach. I love the aggressiveness on the base baths and I love how he forces his pitchers to work. Means struggled early again today but Mazey stuck with him. I have a feeling it will pay dividends come tournament time. Keep winning series and get a top 4 seed.

  • Mister Man


  • Mister G!

    On the diamond and off, Randy Mazey been an absolutely outstanding hire by Oliver Luck, the best of the AD's tenure here...

    • Dave

      THANKS OLLIE !!!

  • The bookman

    Mazey is a great coach. He gets the most out of his players and the program will really begin to reap the benefits of his presence in the coming years. Playing in the Big XII in baseball was the big step up in my opinion, and to be competitive so quickly speaks volumes about Mazey's ability as a coach, and his value to this program going forward. Go eers!