CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A former commissioner for the U.S. International Trade Commission is one of the seven Republican candidates seeking the nomination for West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District in next week’s primary election.

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Charlotte Lane

“When this seat opened up, I realized that it was important that we (Republicans) keep this seat and I was the person to keep it because I have spent a lifetime standing up for West Virginians,” said Charlotte Lane.

Prior to her eight-year stint as a member of the U.S. International Trade Commission from 2003-2011, Lane served as a chairperson and member of the state Public Service Commission and was a member of the state House of Delegates.  She currently works as an attorney with Shuman, McCuskey and Slicer in Charleston.

If elected, Lane said she’ll support repealing the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, and replacing with an alternate plan.

“We would come up with a comprehensive plan that would get input from both Republicans and Democrats so that it is a bipartisan buy-in and explained to the American people, so we do not have this travesty that we have seen for the past several years,” she said.

Lane was a guest on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline” as part of a series of interviews with the statewide candidates prior to next week’s primary election.  She told Hoppy Kercheval she is a pro-life candidate, despite claims — she said she’s heard — from fellow Republican candidate Alex Mooney, a former Maryland state senator.

“He is raising questions about my pro-life stance and I resent that and he is wrong and people should be aware that he moved to this state just to run for this seat,” said Lane.

In addition to Lane and Mooney, the other Republican candidates in the 2nd Congressional District are Robert Lawrence Fluharty, an investigator from Charles Town; Ken Reed, a pharmacist from Morgan County; Steve Harrison, a former Kanawha County state senator; Jim Moss, a cost management specialist with Toyota Motors Manufacturing and Ron Walters, Jr., a financial consultant in Charleston.

The Democrats running in the 2nd Congressional District are Nick Casey, a former state Democratic Party chair, and Meshea Poore, a Kanawha County delegate.

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) currently holds the U.S. House seat in the 2nd District.  She is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in West Virginia’s primary election that will be held on Tuesday, May 13.  Early voting continues through Saturday.

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  • Steve

    I'll vote for anyone except a Democrat.......

  • John Stein

    Charlotte Lane voted (among other things) for taxpayer funding of abortion. She was pro-choice her entire life.
    Now she is running for congress and suddenly she is pro-life, well how about that? Too bad her voting record doesn´t hold up. She even tried to change the Republican platform from pro-life to pro-choice. These are recorded facts.
    If Lane is accusing Mooney of being a carpetbagger for moving states, then Lane IS A CARPETBAGGER FOR SWITCHING IDEOLOGIES WHEN IT IS MOST BENEFICIAL TO HER.

    • timbo g

      Dear John,
      Mr. Mooney isn't a carpetbagger. He is worse. He is an opportunist who will leave and go back to the DC area as soon as he is elected. If he wants to be a West Virginian then he needs to work here, live here, serve here in other capacities and then run for office. 2qa

  • Rudy Shumer

    I feel like Lane would help bring back a federal government that actually functions, which is a novel concept these days. She's got my support.

    In regards to Mooney from Maryland; the guy is a carpetbagging opportunist. Everything WRONG with politics these days.

    • Angie Hott

      What about Ken Reed? He sounds like a refreshing answer to what Washington needs, a congressman with a business background and his eye on healthcare (an issue important to all of us)!

  • Jim Donnan

    Why would Alex Mooney prohibit the construction of coal-fired power plants in Maryland? Seems worse than Rahall.

  • timbo g

    Alex Mooney moved to the eastern panhandle from Maryland less than 2 years ago to run for what he saw as an open seat. He was run out of Maryland Republican party politics after a stint as Republican chair. If Maryland Repubs didn't want him then why should we in WV? His adds push traditional values and I'm for conservative values but what does home schooling have to do with values? Vote anyone but Mooney.

    • reality check

      I'm conservative and totally agree with the home schooling comment. So he hides his kids from society and that is supposed to somehow make him more qualified for office?

      • Angie Hott

        That's just not right. What about Ken Reed? He has four kids in public school and will work for opportunities for our West Virginia children... I'm from Morgan County and believe me, Ken Reed cares about W. Va.

  • Funny

    I am getting tired of EVERY candidate saying they are going to work on bipartisanship, change the healthcare law, balance the budget, and etc. Is the same crap with everyone. Then when they get there they fall into the same boat as the rest of them. They do what their bosses Boehner & Reid tell them to do.

    How about they tell us what they really want? Power, money, and status!

  • Rich

    I'm not a Republican, but I would vote for Lane if I could, and I will if she gets the nomination.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Jim Moss, a cost management specialist with Toyota Motors Manufacturing and Ron Walters, Jr., a financial consultant in Charleston. These are the two to consider. At least they have experience managing money and aren't lifer politicinas tainted by previous political crap.

    • Angie Hott

      What about Ken Reed? He's a successful businessman with experience. Plus, he is not a career politician...?

    • C. F. T.

      Walters and his dad are such political operatives, I'll vote for Nick Casey in the General if Walters is the Republican nominee. Vote any of the other 6 Republicans. Probly the only reason Walters is in the race is to throw it to Casey.

  • Aaron

    She says she's not willing to vote for a budget that is not balanced yet she is unwilling to touch Medicare, Social Security or Defense spending and she is unwilling to raise taxes.

    Not surprisingly, she had no plan to balance the budget.

    • The bookman

      She has not a single original thought. Pure pandering, and emblematic of everything wrong currently in Washington. So far, for me, I like Reed!

      • Angie Hott

        Me too!