MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Former West Virginia football recruit d’Vante Henry received five years’ probation and a suspended prison sentence Monday afternoon, two months after pleading guilty to first-degree sexual abuse.

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2013 West Virginia football signee d’Vante Henry, who pleaded guilty to sexual abuse, received five years’ probation.

Monongalia Circuit Court Judge Russell Clawges, Jr. delivered the sentencing, which could have ranged up to five years in prison.

Henry, originally of Moore, Okla., signed with West Virginia in February 2013 as an outside linebacker from Arizona Western Community College, where he attracted offers from Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oregon State, Iowa State and Utah. Though Henry reported to campus that summer, he never practiced with the Mountaineers during fall camp, at which point coach Dana Holgorsen said Henry was dealing with personal issues.

Henry was arrested on charges of second-degree assault after a Sept. 8, 2013, criminal complaint filed with the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department claimed that he entered a woman’s room in the early morning hours and physically forced her to engage in sexual intercourse.

Henry was dismissed from the team and pleaded guilty in February to the lesser charge of first-degree sexual abuse.

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  • Long Term Fan

    These cases are extremely difficult. Usually a lot of people are involved in the final decision. Judge .PA.victim. victims family . Social workers. Witnesses. Others. Ultimately you want to do what is best for the victim

  • The Truth

    Another sports athlete gets a slap on the wrist. if this was my daughter or a close family member he would be subjected to some good ole fashioned mountain justice. I hope he fails in every thing he does forever. its obvious that our judicial system favors sports athletes everywhere.

  • auroranorth

    Maybe someone should sneak into a judges chambers and see if a judge understands what rape is after that

  • Dave

    Another example of WVU importing a criminal.

  • Dusty Evans

    Where are all the organizations who claim to be looking out for women? When did rape become an offense acceptable for probation? This sentence is complete judicial garbage. Clawges is a disgrace to our judicial system.

  • J the C

    For all of you who are outraged and throwing stones at the Mon County justice system, take a deep breathe. You know nothing about the facts, except for the allegation made in the complaint by a deputy who talked to the victim. There are a number of legitimate issues that could lead to this type of disposition. It may be questionable whether or not force was involved. There may be a problem with the evidence. There may be strong alibi evidence...who knows. Not any of you. Furthermore, his guilty plea may have been made without a factual admission, due to the fact that , although he maintained his innocence, he was afraid of being convicted and incarcerated.

    • auroranorth

      are you out of your mind ?

    • Laura

      JC, you are talking utter nonsense. He did not maintain his innocence and clearly did not have a strong alibi. He plead "guilty" to entering a woman’s room in the early morning hours and physically forcing her to engage in sexual intercourse. And for that, the Mon County justice system let him off with probation. Ridiculous!

  • Another slap on the wrist

    He gets probation? If this was my daughter or family member he would be considered a candidate for Ole time WV justice. Once again, another sports athlete gets away with a slap on the wrist. Unbelievable.

  • Billy72

    So many judges on here who don't know the facts. He didn't kick the door in and it was second degree sexual assault not full blown rape. Still isn't the right thing to do though. I hope they both move forward with their lives.

    • Rich

      Billy...get your facts straight...2nd degree sexual assault is FULL BLOWN RAPE! It doesn't matter if he kicked the door in or tiptoed in--RAPE IS RAPE!

      • auroranorth

        Can you believe these hopeless idiots trying ti justify this ?

  • WVU-Fan4Life

    I wonder how many other women he has abused or raped in his lifetime?


    This kid needs help... who here wants to help this kid, anybody? ...I didn't thinks so, we are to hurt by his actions and we do what we do best ; throwing stones.... (we are to busy to help these kids.... Victim or Henry) Hurt people hurt other people....

    We as a society have failed him and the girl.....

    Sad day no matter where you are.....

    I am mad....

    • Chalkdust

      Here's what we don't NEED..... another bleeding heart liberal feeling sorry for the criminal. What we really NEED is a football coach that'll stop importing mid-west, neer'do wells into our state on the taxpayers dime.

    • MtneerinOhio

      Let us know any updates on the young man and his victim once you have been able to help them.

    • Larry

      His mother and father certainly failed him by not teaching him right from wrong and how to respect women.

    • Lonnie Stuart

      How have "we" failed him?

    • Jeremy

      The way you help someone that rapes another person is to put them behind bars. He is a very lucky man and I hope he realizes that.

    • Inside Out

      So...what are you doing to help these two?

  • TB

    Same prosecutor's office than normally plea bargains involved cases. Great work Judge Clawges.

  • Say What

    Given the fact that the adult woman's name is/was never disclosed is most likely the reason for d'Vante weak sentence. Had this case actually went the distance, her name, address,etc. would have been made public.

  • pghmountaineer

    Allen, I agree.

  • Allen

    He should have went to FSU. He would still be playing. Ask Winston.

    At least WVU kicks these types off the team.

    • donn

      well said ty im glad im not only one thinking that

  • 1olewvufan

    This is BS!!!

    However, the same just happened in Texas, and the female judge in Texas stated the 14-year old girl was asking for it.

    Our justice system is going to the dogs.