CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Almost two years after he was elected, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is hitting the campaign trail again. This time, though, it’s on behalf of some of his fellow Republicans.

“I think it’s important to get reinforcements for some of the reforms that we’re trying in Charleston, so we are trying to help,” he said. “When people ask me to go out and campaign, if I believe that their values are appropriate, I’m happy to go and spread the word.”

Morrisey said he’s backing conservative candidates “who are looking to challenge the status quo.”

He’s especially focused on Republican candidates for the state House of Delegates where Democrats currently hold 53 seats.  Republicans could potentially take control of the House if they add to their 47 House members in the November general election.

“If a voter is looking at what the House of Delegates did this year, and they just focused on the last session, that would be all the proof that you would need to say, ‘Let’s give new leadership a chance,'” said Morrisey who clashed with House leaders during the 60-day session that ended in March.

House leaders disagree with that assessment of the results of the 2014 regular legislative session.

Morrisey predicted Republicans will win control of the state House in November, build on the GOP’s numbers in the Senate, sweep all three Congressional Districts and claim a U.S. Senate seat—what would be a first for the Republicans since 1956.

“When you consistently elect the same leadership time after time and you rank near the bottom of all the economic rankings, something has to give,” said Morrisey. “Finally, there’s a chance for another party.”

The early voting period in West Virginia ends this Saturday ahead of the May 13 primary election. The nominees will move on to the general election Nov. 4.

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  • Ricardo

    If you think things can't get worse, just look at how the Republican take over of legislatures in states like Alabama and Mississippi have actually changed nothing. These states remain at the bottom of the heap. Believing electing Republicans will magically improve WV is for suckers. There are as many crooks and idiots in the GOP as in the Dems. Vote for individuals, not parties.

    • 2XLPatriot

      +1......Couldn't agree more. The 2 party system has failed The People for decades and it's only getting worse.

  • george

    Our State is deteriorating at rocket speed---we have to have a or near the bottom in every good poll .......first or second in every bad poll..teen,,,roads,,health,,infrastructure, salaries, do I need to continue???????????

  • Shawn H

    If you elect progressives, nothing will change. It doesn't matter if they have a D or R by their name, and there are a lot on both sides. Until we elect someone who will follow the Constitution, our rights will be eroded away.

  • 2XLPatriot

    “When you consistently elect the same leadership time after time and you rank near the bottom of all the economic rankings, something has to give,”

    Never has a truer statement been made regarding WV politics. Time to grow up and quit voting like your parents and grandparents.

  • Picklebee

    Remember in some parts of West Virginia, a "vote for sign" generally means, you vote 4 times.

  • Jethro

    Morrisorry is one and done then he goes back to wherever he came from so he can continue his dazzle/baffle nonsense.

    • BS

      I'll vote for him again just for the simple fact he challenged the head clown in city hall in Charleston, about wasting my tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits.

    • Neal

      “When you consistently elect the same leadership time after time and you rank near the bottom of all the economic rankings, something has to give,” said Morrisey. “Finally, there’s a chance for another party.”

      Tell me what is wrong with that statement? I think Morrisey is exactly right. How can anyone rationally think that electing democrats again is the right way to go after so many of years of dismal economic performance by this state. It boggles the mind that some people still think democrats deserve a second chance (make that 50th chance).

    • Rich

      Sure hope you're right.
      Just two years into his term and I actually wish for McGraw back.
      He should stick to his campaign promises to be the state's lawyer and nothing else.

  • jay zoom

    dreams dreams dreams put the bottle away Patrick take a nap wake up and your dream will be over. yes we need a big change in Charleston but the control of the senate and house will remain the same

  • The bookman

    It is no wonder the Leadership in the Legislature dislike the AG so much. He speaks the unhindered truth, without equivocation.

    Still think it's going to be tough to sweep the three congressional seats, and could actually lose two of them if the Republicans relax.

    • Not so fast......

      "IF" the R's win in November how are they magically going to improve our roads, schools, health care, and other infrastructure without any money. The state will have even less because all they will want to do is give out tax breaks to their corporate benefactors. More bologna just with the smell of elephant poo.

      • The bookman

        There is no magic money tree. And dealing with the serious delinquencies and deficiencies in our state will be no easy task. But continuing on the same path just leads us further from where we want to be. One Party control has centralized too much power in the hands of a few well positioned people, and those interests have superseded the better interest of the citizens. We have much to do. Two party rule coming to a Legislature near you!

        • BS