ATHENS, W.Va. — The Concord Police Department said Tuesday it does not believe a sexual assault reported last week happened on the campus in Athens.

The department released the following statement Tuesday:

“Concord University Police Department has reached a point in the investigation and concluded that the sexual assault did not occur on University property.  The case has been referred to the Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for further review.”

A person reported being sexually assaulted in a campus parking lot April 29.

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  • Not safe in WV anymore

    Check the recent WVU athlete who got 5 years probation for his recent rape. WV Justice system is a joke. Nobody is safe unless you are wealthy or connected to the governor.

  • john

    Round em' all up and send them over to Elkins to Judge Wilfong. She's experienced in this field, and will get right to the bottom of this..LOL

  • DWL

    Must have been an assault with a friendly weapon.

    • Larry

      Or they searched the guy and found "little" to go on...