Charleston, W. Va. — The third and final winner from the most recent Powerball drawing claimed his prize on Tuesday at the West Virginia Lottery’s headquarters in Charleston.

Angel Gonzalez bought the ticket that would win him $2 million from the Shell gas station in Ranson, where he lives.

Gonzalez, who plays the lottery regularly, said a nagging feeling helped him find out he had won.

“Saturday, I was laying down with my new great grandson and about three hours later, he fell asleep. Then, I go up stairs to watch the baseball game and something told me ‘Check the numbers, check the numbers.'”

Gonzalez came to America from Puerto Rico to continue his work as a horse trainer in places such as Florida, New York and finally in Charles Town. The first thing he will do with the money is help his family, some which still remains in Puerto Rico.

“My daughter in Puerto Rico lost her job,” he said. “I told her don’t worry, something is coming.”

He will also use the money to come out of retirement.

“I’m going to spend some of this money, buy me a couple of horses so I can have my job back, again.”

This is not Gonzalez’s first lottery win. Previously, he won $125,000 playing the Pick 4. He used his favorite numbers to play, 6-2-8-5, which represents Building 6, Apartment 285, his address in Puerto Rico.

He said he plans to continue playing the lottery.

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  • Erick Walton

    Do I win

  • Jephre

    Wait a minute - he's using the money to COME OUT of retirement? Angel, you've got that backwards!

  • THP

    Keep playing and keep winning, Angel. West Virginia needs those taxes.