CHARLESTON, W.Va. — You can put away those sweaters and get out your flip flops and sunscreen. You’re going to need it. The National Weather Service is calling for a front to move through Tuesday into Wednesday that will bring with it lots of sun and temperatures that will make it feel like the middle of summer.

“Temperatures outside of the mountains, we’re generally looking at the upper 80s. I can’t rule out a 90 along and south of the I-64 corridor in the southern part of the state,” according to meteorologist Nick Webb with the NWS.

As that front moves through, we could see a few pop up showers but for the most part, Webb said it’s going to be blue skies on Wednesday, Thursday and at least part of Friday.

“Friday is still going to be pretty warm but we’re going to have an approaching cold front that we’re going to have to deal with Friday night into much of Saturday with the threat of showers and thunderstorms,” said Webb.

Temperatures will reach the 70s on Saturday and Sunday. Things are looking a bit better for Mother’s Day. There is a chance for a shower but Webb predicted it will be much drier than the day before.

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  • Wowbagger

    It's May, some times it is hot and sometimes it cools off! Why is this a lead story?

  • David

    Climate change ....

    The greatest hoax on Earth!

    Anytime the weather is an inconvenience just blame it on America!

    You're children have the right to enjoy the same great weather their parents had ?


    All this by people who consume more energy in half a year than most people do in a lifetime!

    Is Obama cutting back on the multimillion dollar vacations.

    You people keep voting yourselves into serfdom!

  • dolphin3111

    In what many experts are calling one of the most serious cases of mass hysteria in modern times, the U.S. government today released its National Climate Assessment

    The release of the report was timed perfectly with the big warm-up that engulfing the US this week with above normal temperatures. They knew we just came ouit of the coldest and snowiest winter in almost 40 years.

    BTW, there is STILL 30% ice in Superior, which is no doubt caused by global warming.

    The report contains claims of U.S. floods, droughts, severe weather, and heat waves, all of which are not unprecedented compared to centuries past, but are nevertheless known to be the fault of humans.

    The report was welcomed by many politicians, lobbyists, government-funded scientists, insurance companies, media personalities, and Hollywood.

    “I can even see climate change in my back yard!” was a common refrain voiced by astute observers, presumably relying upon many decades of precise temperature measurements capturing the fraction of a degree temperature rise around their back patio on a NIST-calibrated Wal Mart thermometer.

    • The bookman

      The report also mentioned the global rise of ...1.9 degrees F... since the late 1800's. Remarkably that marked the end of what is known as the Little Ice Age, a period of dramatically lower temperatures as compared to average for that time period. So when measured from the agreed upon low point in the last 130 years, temps have moved less than 2 degrees F.

      I think that's enough data to demand that fossil fuel industries that we rely on for our electrical needs are the root source of a less than 2 degree F rise. Grab your tents! Sorry if that sounds alarmist!

      • Dr. Know

        The Sun is the contributing factor in the Earth' climate! The malfeasant portrayal of "greenhouse" gases is to perpetuate the "green" agenda to relieve you of your "green"backs!

        • The bookman

          Solar cycles are one explanation for the observed variation over the short term in global temps, as they are short 11 year cycles of high and low activity. There is another longer 100 year cycle called the Gleissberg cycle, and some scientists believe we are heading down the gradient towards a Maunder Minimum, which was the trigger for the little Ice Age. The point is that lots of very intelligent people whose job it is to study weather and climate cannot say definitively what drives climates to change. But I can't see man being able to impact it much, given the size of the earth and the energy of the sun. Man made climate change requires an anthropocentric view of what the human capabilities are on this planet. We are small taters, to use a thorntonism!

      • dolphin3111

        I am so thankful to be living in a time when the earth is warm and food is plentiful as a result of increased CO2 levels.

  • whatamoroon

    A clean atmosphere will make it warmer just like a cloudless day is warmer. If you want to combat global warming then we need to burn more coal, and the dirtier the better. Dirt reflects heat back to space. Don't let these idiot environmentalists rob you of your common sense.

    • The bookman

      I love the sarcasm. The truth is 40 years ago the concept you describe was used to explain the extreme cold weather events of the day. Global cooling was all the rage in the environmental science community and resulted in the call for a worldwide reaction to ....have a guess.....

      That's right the end of the internal combustion engine. The burning of fossil fuels by man was going to cause global cooling...err climate change. If it wasn't documented to be true and easily sourced on the internet, it would seem laughable. So I guess we get to use Al Gore's internet to shed some light on the history of global cooling, or global warming, or climate change, or whatever it is. Unbelievable, yet true!

  • The bookman

    Given the climate alarmists are out in full force today, I was afraid the maps at the top of the story was the new norm. Thankfully , after reading the whole story, I realized that it's just weather, not approaching climate change. Whew! Close one!