MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After making only 38 carries during his junior season at Miramar (Fla.) High, Alex Anderson’s stock escalated quickly during appearances at spring camps.

West Virginia’s interest in Anderson escalated also.

The 6-foot, 194-pound prospect had planned to commit in January only to learn that West Virginia was extending a soft offer at the time. On Monday, when the Mountaineers reportedly firmed up the offer to a full ride, Anderson became WVU’s 11th commitment for the class of 2015.

“I’m hearing him described as one of the biggest sleepers in South Florida,” said Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings of

Two of Anderson’s Miramar teammates— receiver Kahlil Lewis and defensive back Kendrell McFadden—committed to West Virginia in early January, with 48 hours of their high school coach Damon Cogdell joining the Mountaineers’ staff.

Rivals rates Anderson as a three-star prospect and the No. 42 running back nationally. He has offers from N.C. State, Georgia Tech, Boston College and Wisconsin, with Tennessee reportedly showing interest.

“His other offers look legit,” Cummings said. “He’s not a charity offer just because he’s from Miramar. His junior film doesn’t wow you, but now that coaches have seen him at Rivals camps, I’m hearing he could be a stud. He looked really good running routes and catching the ball.”

Anderson is bigger and more physical than WVU’s only other 2015 running back pledge, three-star William Cameron of Durham, N.C., who’s listed at 5-10, 166 pounds and could become a slot receiver in college.

And though Anderson had limited touches last season, he averaged more 6.1 yards per carry and scored seven touchdowns.

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  • local eers

    This WVU commit I looked up his measurables 4.68 40 33.9 vertical and a Sparq rating 83.7 and rivals writer Cummings said he is not a charity offer, his offer looks legit," then what's status would they give the kid from WV who Sparq rating was 99.18.

  • local eers

    WVU commit looked up his measurables 4.68 40 33.9 vertical and a Sparq rating 83.7 and rivals writer Cummings said he is not a charity offer, his offer looks legit," then what's status would they give the kid from wv who Sparq rating was 99.18.

  • local eers

    There is a kid from RCB High School that WVU needs to look at who had 1,459 yard's on 159 carries also 15 TD as a sophmore was allstate selection 6' 197 lbs 4.6 40 36.1 vertical, collar bone injury first game junior sidelined him got best nike sparq combine score in WV 2014 99.18 RATING being recruited by University of North Carolina, Akron and letters from several colleges nothing from WVU his name Ben D'Annunzio

    • Jim

      A couple years ago WV had a local kid from the Craigsville WV area, small school but the kid had record breaking numbers 2.000+ rushing, 2,000+ passing, kicked, 4.45 40. Never played a snap so he moved on. Dustin Brown #23 Hell of a good kid and ballplayer.

    • GoEers

      Who has offered him?

      • local eers

        No offers watching what happens his senior year mail from Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Akron, Nebraska ,Missouri , UNC, so far 3.85 GPA. to go along with his talents.

  • An actual athlete

    Measurables are obviously why this kid is being looked at all over the place. There a a couple of questions that if we had the answers to would let us know more about his talent. Why only 3 carries a game. Was there a stud senior in front of him? Or is it a platoon situation in a pass happy offense. Second what are his measurable, how good are they. The only problem with this is that vision is the most important thing in a good back, how do we know if he has it when we don't see him carry the ball.

  • P B and J

    "His junior film doesn’t wow you, but now that coaches have seen him at Rivals camps, I’m hearing he could be a stud. He looked really good running routes and catching the ball"

    If he doesn't wow on film, why sign him?? Tons of kids can look good at camps when not one player is out to crush'em or hand out pressure.

    I'd feel more comfortable knowing he can perform than thinking he can.

    • An actual athlete

      You sign a lot of talented kids because everybody is going to loose plenty of them before they are on the field. Lack of film on him is interesting but godell has sent us a lot of great players and I trust his judgment.

    • GoEers

      Hey great what you need to is go to the message boards at Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, N.C. State, and Boston College and let their fans know that their coaches should not sign this kid if he happens to de-commit from WVU. While you're at it, make sure to let the Tennessee fans know that their coaches should not show any interest because even though WVU's current list of commits is ranked 14th in the country, you would feel more comfortable knowing he can perform than thinking he can.

      • Really?

        I've noticed you posted twice on the same issue. Ranking 14th on commits really doesn't mean much. It's like saying your the 14th hottest waitress at Denny's.

        Does that mean that every team that beat WVU last year was ranked 12th and under?

        The "star" system is very unreliable. It's like investing in hedge funds. Trying to capitalize on what "may" happen in the future.

        I agree with me the talent first in games, not in practice

        • Not sold

          Hailey, good point only cause it's funny.

          How about this GoErs equation:

          - a disappointing last season - a struggling coach - numerous coaching changes - unforeseen injuries - unknown starting QB + pretty good commits this year = what it matter we still have the "14th best commit class"

          If a TV's picture quality didn't "wow" you, but your friends said it has promising specs, would you buy it???

          • GoEers

            If you read the article, the coaches saw him in person. Other teams saw him as well and offered.

            But I am sure you know more than the coaches at WVU as well as 5 other Big 58 conference schools. Here is an equation for you.

            Not sold + not smart = irrelevant poster

        • GoEers

          The star system is what is used to rate high school athletes. This kid received a 3 star from rivals, scout, and ESPN. I have never seen him play, just like I have never seen the (3) 4 star recruits that WVU has in this class. You haven't either. I am sorry that you are jealous that WVU is recruiting top talent while your favorite team Marshall is only getting those players who can't qualify to get in to schools in the Big 5.

          • Mike

            PBJ a kid that looked as good on film as he did on paper. Jason Gwaltney that did not work out so well. The problem with film is they are cut up of everything the kid did correct. We don't get to see the missed blocks or fumbles. No dropped passes or work ethic is shown to potential schools. We will never know if these are stand up kids or someone who is carrying around 100 pounds of brain damage until they get on campus. Every recruit is a crap shoot, some are long shots some are considered less of a risk. WVU has made a living on turning long shots in to All Americans. Never underestimate a person that has something to prove. There is no rating system that can measure heart and desire to succeed.

          • P B and J

            Very original, accuse me of being a Herd fan because I question a recruit who doesn't "wow" on film. Way to reach for that low hanging fruit.

            So 38 carries is enough to get signed now???

            10 years ago, if a kid didn't have a good tape then they could just forget their chances. Now it's all about prospective numbers that a bunch of people who have never touched a football come up with that looks good on paper. So he does good in camps, so what? Why can't he do as we'll in games so his tape will "wow" coaches?

            His video is sub par, but he looks good on paper, big deal. You know what else looks good on paper? Communism, but it doesn't work! So I guess you will label me one of those too.

            If prospective stats look good to coaches then look at local eers post. Why does WVU not throw an offer?

        • Hailey

          If there were a121 waitress's working at Denny's and you hooked up with the 14th best odds are you did fairly well So 14th best must be put into perspective as it relates to the overall sample size

  • BR

    Biggest "sleeper" in South Fl., huh?
    I'm sure he's a good player - and probably a good kid; but isn't it time the we landed a few more fairly "known" commodities?
    He averaged 3 and a half carries per GAME last year and we're offering?
    Oh..., I forgot, WVU only has 37 other backs, slots, "athletes" on the roster. We need at least 10-15 more so we can be the best flag-football team in the country.
    Gawd forbid we start getting a few good quality lineman.

    • Steve

      Get over yourself and start supporting this team and organization. It is idiots like you that probably cost us more athletes than we actually get. Why don't you support Marshall, Ohio State or Alabama? Maybe you will help us get some of their recruits.

    • GoEers

      According to rivals, WVU's list of commitments is ranked 14th. To put that in perspective, there are only 13 other schools that have more "known" commodities than WVU at this time.

      Next time know your facts before posting.


    Good looking kid; very nice pick up for the team.

    We need some DL, QB, OL & LB on this team...

    Great Job to our kids and Staff for landing this kid.

    Let's GOOOOOOO!!!Mounatineeeeeeeeeers!!!!

  • JimJim

    Why no recruits from Texas??

    • GoEers

      Why do you care?

    • Kinzer

      You bitter old man, Jim Kinzer

      • An actual athlete

        It would be nice to have some large Texas lineman, south Florida is filled with athletes and we have always had success with them.

  • richard

    jay zoom...... as dumb as he seems!! YES ! stop spewing your hatred. people like you make this world a little worse off.

  • Justin

    Thanks Ollie? You have got to be dumb as rocks. I'm not going to even respond to this other then to say I've seen sides of buildings that are more intelligent then you. Go play with toy airplanes and make whooshing noises while the big people go to work sport.

  • jay zoom

    wonder if this kid has any legal or academic problems hiding in the closet. WVU is good a landing recruits of that nature in football and mens basketball THANKS OLLIE

    • Yogi Wahoo

      Gomer Zoomer...why weren't you at work at 9:07 a.m.......are you still dressing as Little Lord Fauntleroy and prancing around to Jim Neighbors records?

    • Dave

      Believe me, if there was any kind of garbage to be printed about this kid, you would have heard it here first at WV Metro News. Hope that answers your question.

  • GoEers

    Based on what I've read, it sounds like this kid has a lot of potential. It will be interesting to see how he performs his senior year.

  • uncle phil

    Its hard to get to excited about recruits these days. All the flipflopping year after year. Dont get me wrong because I'm always happy when I see a new recruit join the family but I never know which ones will actually be running on the field in the future. Dont get me wrong again because I know its just not our school its actually the entire world of college football. They're nothing but a bunch of flip floppers. Kinda like our president.

  • Mister Man


  • Greg

    Welcome aboard young man.