CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — Washington football coach Mark Hash recently resigned from his position with the Patriots, ending a six-year tenure as the program’s only coach.

The resignation comes after Washington enjoyed the most success it has had on the football field during its short history as the Patriots won seven games and qualified for the state playoffs for the first time.

Reasons away from coaching the game ultimately drove Hash’s decision to step down.

“Washington High School is a hard place to work,” Hash said. “There are just a lot of things that you have to go through and deal with. I’m a football coach and I always wanted to be a head coach since I was in the eighth grade. But when you’re a head coach, you can’t coach the game of football – at least I don’t feel you can.

“There’s too much stuff that you have to deal with administration (wise),” he continued. “You have to deal with parents on a daily basis. That takes the fun out of it – I’m a football coach and I like to get in there and get dirty, coach defense and come up with schemes, which we still did. But you always had that other stuff as a head coach that you had to deal with and they are things I don’t want to have to deal with anymore.”

Photo by Christopher C. Davis/Clark's Artistic Photography

Washington made the playoffs for the first time in school history this past season.

After Washington’s season came to an end in the playoffs to Cabell Midland, Hash took some time over the next few months to weigh his options.

“Right after Christmas break, we started back in the weight room like we normally do,” Hash said. “I just kept waiting on the day to where I thought, ‘yeah I want to do it.’ But that day never did come. We got the school up and running and that’s been a very tough task to do. They did away with all freshmen sports in Jefferson County when they split the schools and it’s been hard on those kids when they come in.”

The Patriots graduated 19 seniors from this past year’s team, more than double what Hash had in seniors when he first took over the program.

“From where we started at to where we are now, we’re real proud,” he said. “It was a very hard decision. We have great kids here at Washington and kids who are going to work hard for you.”

Hash still plans on coaching football in the fall by joining a coaching staff elsewhere.

“I’m going to coach football,” he said. “It just won’t be at Washington High School. I have a couple of places that are pretty good options, but right now I just don’t want to say.”

Hash, who also serves as Washington’s baseball coach, said he plans on remaining in that position with the Patriots. Washington entered Wednesday with a 17-4 record.

“We’ve had a very good pitching staff with a team ERA just under 1.00,” he said. “We’ve been doing a good job of hitting the baseball and playing good defense. We’ve had a very good baseball season and that’s something we’re real proud of as well.”

Hash’s resignation makes a couple of Class AAA eastern panhandle schools that now have head coaching availabilities as he joins Hedgesville’s Rich Thomaselli who stepped down there late last month as well.

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  • Dennis Jenkins

    Coach I hope you read this,don't let the politics of High school football get you down.Sounds like they need a new Warden as well! I'm sorry your leaving but I hope you find the happiness your looking for and bring the joy back to your job!

  • Dennis Jenkins

    Washington High school just lost a valuable influence for the kids attending there!Coach is a stand up guy and has a lot to offer the kids!Its a terrible thing that this is happening,As for parents you need to step back take a breath and let the coaches do there job!It isn't Day care,coaches do yell and feelings get hurt,but this is how the game is taught!If "Little Johnny"cant handle it now How will he later in life when it really counts?

  • PreviousPlayer

    From a player who has played under coach hash for 4 years, I have gone through the good and the bad. And while it could get nasty at times, I never once doubted coach hash had my back no matter what. Coach hash taught us the valuable lessons in life that I will always appreciate.Those lessons being that it's not always perfect in life, but making excuses is not going to change anything, Coach Hash would simply tell you to get it done. If you didn't perform he took you out, just like in the real world. Jobs are extremely competitive and I feel that anyone who has played under coach hash has the valuable lesson of perseverance and being leaders even when times are tough and things aren't perfect. Anyone who has criticism of coach hash is either looking from a far and has no experience in what they are talking about or Coach Hash has been honest with them and told them exactly how it was, no sugar coating. And personally I worked my ass off for my position and earned my spot and that's a lesson I will always have with me. With all that being said I wish coach hash the best of luck wherever he ends up and I hope he doesn't change a damn bit.

  • Marion County Native

    Its Football, If the players can not take dedication, hard work, and being chewed out when they choose not to follow instruction then maybe they need to choose another Sport.

  • Stephanie

    Football takes heart and determination. If your kid doesn't have it maybe they should find another sport. Coach Hash was and still is an amazing teacher/coach. In sports you have winners and losers. That's a fact of life. I don't feel it is fair to the talented hard working kids to watch others get coddled. We are raising a society people who get " honorable mention awards".

  • Kevin smith

    Frank slusher how dare u talk about this man like this ? Hash has spent his whole adult life trying to mold kids into men. I played for him got cursed at grabbed kicked and not once did I get mad or did my feelings get hurt. Football is for the tough not weak that's why they have 2 a days to get rid of the weak. So u and mrs Marcus can go back to Maryland or stop being babies. Coach hash from your former players at jhigh good luck and u will be a HC coach again hopefully not around here.

  • Rob Johnson

    Good for you, Mark. Take a stand and draw a line. I see that you can take the boy off of the West Side but you can never take the West Side out of the boy. #Proud ofYou!

  • Frank Slusher

    I can't tell you how many times many of the players wanted to quit the game rather than play for Hash. From first hand observation he was an embarrassment on the field and in the locker room. The foul language itself was despicable. How can you have one standard for bullying for the students , and another for Hash. I for one am glad he is gone. Come on Washington High, raise the bar! On another note, how can he continue to coach baseball after the comments he made about W High?

    • dubbhigh

      I would certainly like to know these players names. The only people I knew to have problems with Coach Hash were those who did not want to work; those with their parents in their ears, talking about how they weren't getting a fair shake.

      The man curses, as do 99% of us. Coach Hash wears his heart on his sleeve. He might cuss at you, but there is no stauncher advocate for his players when it comes down to it. He never bullied anyone in my hearing. He is an old school guy. He doesn't coddle anyone. Requiring discipline and demanding work doesn't constitute bullying.

      • Frank Slusher

        Don't get me wrong, I wish Mr. Hash the best where ever life takes him. We need to set a standard for these young people , especially when we are in leadership roles.

        • dubbhigh

          I would much rather play for a coach, like Coach Hash, who is willing to put free time and hard work towards having his teams succeed. Cursing never bothered me, nor anyone I ever played with. Give me a gruff coach who pushes you to be successful over a polite coach who accepts mediocrity any day.

          • WHSPlayer

            I loved playing for Coach Hash. I didnt start jr year until my spot opened up. I made sure to never lose that spot. He even cussed me out halftime during Jefferson jr year, and it pushed me harder. Ill never forget that moment, and it helped motivate me for senior year. Coach Hash needs to stay at Washington to give the underclassmen the same memories I received. We need to get rid of the principle if anything. Hash isnt the only coach leaving WHS...

        • JHobbs

          Dont back track now Slusher...Was your son one of those who didnt want to work?...Were you one of the Friday night bleacher Coaches? Dont say the things you just said about a man and then tuck your tail and wish him luck when you get called on it..Probably a coward just like junior!

  • dubbhigh

    This is such a shame. Coach Hash is a good coach who brings interest and personality to a program that desperately needs it. He made the time I spent playing for him memorable. Despite any disagreements or arguements we had(and they were numerous), I always knew he had mine and my teammates backs.

    I hope he continues to coach. There arent many better defensive minds at the high school level around here.

    Washington High School will lose a couple fine coaches and lord knows how many good teachers this year. All because many would rather travel farther or take less pay than work for the principal. The same principal who collected coaching checks for sports she did not coach. The same principal who illegally removed a student from the special ed program without informing either the student or their parents.

    Until this women is removed from her position, Washington High School will not be a place where alumni can look upon with pride. It will be a place that students dread to go. A No-Fun Zone that still academically pales in comparison to Jefferson High School. A place where school spirit is frowned upon, where passion is discouraged.

    Whoever recieves this job has my sympathies. They will receive no support from either the administration or the AD. I hope they can be successful, but until WHS is headed by another prinicipal, I doubt sustained success is possible.

  • WHS Supporter

    The same administrator that is called 'Warden'? When the band gets more support and money from the school or BOE than one of the sports that brings in the money, its doomed. The Warden doesn't understand the importance of sports to a child's development. The school board cowers to the administrator and things need to change. High School should be memorable and a stage to develop and showcase ALL of the teen's that have excelled in every part from academics to sports to performing arts.. sad with all the talent in the area. Nice job, warden.

    • whs fan

      You call her the Warden, but do you stop and think about how dedicated she is to the school and the children ? You see her supporting the children at every event the school has

      • SGT GRIT

        That's because she is supposed to be there and you don't find her at every event either. She thinks face time will make up for her being a egomaniac. She needs to move on with her life.

    • WVwatchdog

      The band deserves more money. Football in the Eastern Panhandle with the exception of Martinsburg is terrible!!!!! More kids from "the band" will have success after high school than any other group of students..FACT!!!!!

      • KX

        Football in the Panhandle is terrible because the path the board has set. Minimize the importance of football and you get crap.. Jefferson county has a bunch of good athletic footballers but when there is no support from the community this is what you get. It needs to start in the youth which stays competitive with Berkeley county teams and often beats them and build from there.. huge setback with the success of WHS foktball this year

      • dubbhigh

        Considering that all high school bands swim in football's wake(performing at football games, enjoying profits from a crowd football brings) I would say no, they do not deserve more money.

        Every team in the panhandle contended to make the playoffs this past season. There is only one truly impressive band in the ep by the way.

        I would love to see your statistics regarding the success of band kids vs football players. Or are you relying on ridiculous Disney stereotypes of the jocks and nerds?

        Seems like an awfully uneducated statement from such an expert on funding and our children.

    • Harpers Ferry

      This is the inevitable consequence (one of many, all of which are never good) of liberals taking over the decision-making process.

      • Shame

        Harpers Ferry, what does being a liberal have to do with anything? Shes a dictator ...

        • WHS Supporter

          99.9% of Dictators are Liberals.. just sayin'

    • WHS

      Uh ohhh there are three people now speaking out. Wonder how many more people will say something on here, or better yet I think there's a board meeting coming up. Might be something that needs to be discussed.

  • WHS

    I wonder which administrator caused Coach Hash to quit. Maybe the same administrator that is responsible for all of the other coaches leaving. Maybe the same administrator responsible for all of the coaches in the building leaving. Maybe the same administrator that is responsible for over 60 employees leaving the school. Maybe the same administrator that was getting paid to coach, never attended practice, or games. 40,000.00 from the county that will never be seen again! Maybe the same administrator that had the previous comment removed. I dunno sounds a little fishy to me!
    I agree with EPanhandle and Coach Hash good luck you will do well wherever you end up.

  • WHSPlayer

    Hes the reason I loved the program, he made it fun. Twoadays were memorable and I enjoyed my years playing for this man.

    • JHS parent

      Hope Jhigh is on the shortlist of places to come would love to have him

  • EPanhandle

    Wonder which administrator drove Hash & the whole staff away from football. Maybe the same administrator who's driving the other coaches out of the building. Maybe the same administrator that's drove over 60 employees from the building since it opened. Maybe the same administrator who claimed to be a coach, got paid, & never went to practices. I dunno smells awful fishy to me. Coach Hash you will be missed, sorry you have to quit coaching something you love. Maybe the County should realize who really needs to go. Guess we'll find out.

    • College Ave

      Coach also said, "You have to deal with parents on a daily basis."

      Wonder which parent(s) helped to take the fun out of coaching for him?