MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Offensive tackle Jamie Herr, the lone holdout on national signing day for West Virginia, has reclassified for 2015 and remains a priority for the Mountaineers. photo

Jamie Herr has reclassified for 2015 and continues to list WVU among his favorites.

The three-star lineman from Elkton, Md., was the only one of 22 committed players who didn’t sign with West Virginia in February when it became apparent he was unlikely to qualify. As he works to solidify his academic standing, Herr told this week he remains in constant contact with WVU assistants Lonnie Galloway and Ron Crook.

“I’ve been talking to a couple schools: Florida State, Michigan State, Arizona State, and of course West Virginia is still in the picture,” Herr said.

Though the 6-foot-6, 273-pound Herr plans on visiting several schools this summer, Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of said the Mountaineers remain the leader.

“I would consider it likely he stays committed to WVU, although he plans to open up the recruiting process, which could change things in the coming weeks and months,” Cummings said. “By reclassifying he will be able to get everything in order both academically and on the field and that shouldn’t be a concern moving forward.”

Two of West Virginia’s budding offensive weapons—Daikiel Shorts and Wendell Smallwood—were teammates of Herr at Eastern Christian Academy.

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  • Independent View

    Most of the posts are obviously one-sided, while wearing rose-colored glasses.
    The kid's ego was obviously inflated by WVU recruiters, all the while believing that no other D-I schools were interested.
    Then, after his commitment to WVU--which he turned his back on, he gets advice from other scholls that are interested and he de-commits.
    This kid is not knowledgeable regarding NCAA Rules to understand "reclassifying."
    He broke his word--let him go! He has "problem-child" written all over him!

  • richard

    i hope he recommits to WVU. HE LOOKS LIKE A BEST WHO CAN HELP.

    • richard


  • Mister Man

    Take your time and do it right, Jamie. The offer will still be there. Good luck.


    I hope this kid makes it to WVU and is a great success story... and if dreams come true leads WVU to its first nation championship... "HIS FUTURE IS SO BRIGHT HE'S GOT TO WEAR SHADES"!!!!!!! ( WVU NEEDS MEN IN THE TRENCHES)


  • Chris1529

    If he can't qualify academically for WVU, I seriously doubt he can get in at the other schools he mentioned.

    I think that players should have to be academically qualified before they are recruited. That would save a lot of money and time, as well as save alot of face.

    • P B and J

      So this kid can't make high school grades??

      I wouldn't take him based on principle. This guy can't make the grades on a free education yet alone making the grades when "someone" has to pay for it.


      • squad

        ...really??...on principal.......hold breath...ready.....ha ha ha ha ha ha

        I would love it if were true but in todays environment, schools go to the ends of the legal earth and beyond..

        it happens every single day of the year. ask the coaches or the kids.

        • P B and J

          Hence the usage of "I".

          What you say though is very true, sad, but true.

        • Steve

          I guess everybody out there is a genius these days. I wish some of you guys would teach these kids and deal with the problems some kids have learning. Not everyone is super smart.