CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas described the last few days of the Republican primary in the race for 2nd District Congress as “spirited” when he spoke to MetroNews Friday.

There are seven candidates seeking the GOP nomination. The seat is open because Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito is running for U.S. Senate.

The race has heated up on the abortion issue with candidate Alex Mooney claiming candidate Charlotte Lane is not pro-life. Lane has answered the accusations saying she is now pro-life after her religious conversion and birth of a grandchild.

GOP Chairman Lucas said all seven candidates are working hard and he attributes that to Republicans having held the 2nd District seat since 2000 when Rep. Capito defeated Charleston attorney Jim Humphreys.

“For so long we’ve seen where Democratic primaries were the de facto general election. Now, particularly on the federal level, we’re seeing with Republican primaries are the de facto general election.”

Lucas said the dynamics are so much different than they used to be.

“Republican primary voters in the past haven’t had seven candidates to choose from in all races combined and in this one they have seven candidates simply in one federal race,” he said.

The chairman said he doesn’t anticipate the party having any problem coming together to get behind the nominee following the primary.

“It’s been very spirited and as time gets closer to the actual election day itself folks are campaigning hard,” Lucas said. “But after it’s over I know the old expression is ‘It will be time for us to heal up,’”

The seven GOP candidates are the aforementioned Lane and Mooney, Jim Moss, Ken Reed, Steve Harrison, Robert Fluharty, and Ron Walters, Jr.

The winner Tuesday will face the Democrat nominee in the fall. Candidates in that primary include former West Virginia Democratic Party Chairman Nick Casey and Kanawha County Del. Meshea Poore.



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  • Rabel Rouser

    Jeff should spend some time out of the office. Ed Rabel, one of his brothers in journalism has the signatures to be on the November ballot as an Independent. He was "no label" before it was cool. As a network communicator, he rocked. As our Congressman, he'll rock even more. On the other end of the scale, Phil Hudok, has the signatures for a Constitution Party bid against Tennant and Capito. His smoking "Mr. Obama Head" is priceless. It's on YouTube.

  • Thom

    Okay, for the first time ever I got a glimpse of Conrad Lucas on television the other day. OMG! Really?!?!?! And this Mooney character are just too much. Like I said really? Very swishy and light in the loafers if you ask me! Open your eyes LOL

  • Tom

    Put all seven candidates in a bag, shake well, and you wouldn't be able to distinguish one from the, pro-life, pro-guns. And anti-Obama. Ho-hum.

    • jcsaunders

      That's where you are wrong "Jonus." Lane has been on the record multiple times supporting abortion and gun control over the years.

      • Tom

        Not any longer. Not in an election year anyway. After getting religion, she's now on board with all the others.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Anyone who opposed Jay Rockefeller in past elections solely because of his "carpetbagger" image would be disingenuous to support Alex Mooney during this one.

    • epteach


      You are 100% correct. Those of us who have complained about Jay cannot in good faith support Mooney. Even Jay had the sense to work as a "volunteer", then the state house of delegates to SOS to Governor...he knew he had to shed the perception....Mooney also ran for office in New Hampshire....Wonder where he will move to next?