MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Del. Cindy Frich, R-Monongalia, is upset about the way she was portrayed during a recent segment that aired on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with John Stewart.”

Frich was interviewed for the liberal leaning political satire news program concerning the Jan. 9 chemical leak in the Elk River and the state legislature’s response. She said her word’s were taken out of context.

(Del. Cindy Frich Daily Show interview)

“I thought I was a good sport going a liberal comedy show when I’m elected Republican,” Frich said on MetroNews affiliate WAJR’s Morgantown A.M. Friday.

During the Daily Show segment Frich described drinking the contaminated water and even did a reenactment which included spitting out what was supposed to be contaminated water that she drank in a Charleston hotel.

“After that grueling interview that was getting really rough, I really didn’t think there was anything wrong with doing the re-enactment so the focus would be on the fact I ingested the water,” explained Frich.

Frich said she decided to do the interview in an effort to start an open dialogue about the impact new regulations are having on the state’s coal industry and jobs.

“Well, I’ve take a not of unusual interviews,” Frich said.

When asked if she’d watched the show before she agreed to do the interview, Frich hesitated and admitted she had not seen the show much.

“I do know it was a big risk, I do realize that,” she agreed.

Frich is running for reelection in Tuesday’s primary election.

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  • Bob

    Does anyone think we may see clips from this interview in campaign commercials this fall?

    I wish I was running against her. She just handed all the ammunition to her opponent needed to seal this election.

    It's kinda like taking a knife to a gunfight!

  • flossrancher

    I want to ask her how Obama's parents, on the day he was born in Kenya, managed to place a fake birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper. Because the announcement is there, on hundreds of photocopies in libraries around the world. I could easily fake a birth certificate, but I can't possibly break into hundreds of libraries and alter the the Wheeling Intelligencer photocopy of the announcement of my birth. But this lady believes that Obama did this!

    • Wowagger

      Ohio County's method of producing a new birth certificate on every request, unless they have adopted a new one recently, has been used nationally as an example of one of the easiest ways to obtain a fradulent or alterable birth certificate for identity theft. News paper announcements are not legal records. Photoshop alterations of these are trivial and the high acid content of newsprint and storage issues pretty much garantee that searchable originals no longer exist.

      • flossrancher

        It's true that searchable originals of newspapers do not last long. That's why newspapers are microfilmed and distributed to libraries. My own birth announcement in both Wheeling newspapers (February28, 1962) is in at least 50 libraries by now. It's not a legal document, but as opposed to a birth certificate, it is impossible to alter at this point. I believe that Obama's parents, in Kenya, placed a fraudulent birth certificate in the Honolulu newspaper on the day he was born, just in case he might want to run for president some day. I see no other way it could have happened (other than him actually being born in Hawaii, which we all know did not happen).

    • flossrancheratemybutt

      You must have had someone type this for you because you sound so stupid there is no way you can type.

  • flossrancher

    Fifty-ish woman, never had a job or family, lives in her parents' basement. I agree with her on some important points, but I will never vote for anyone who has never worked. And the parental basement thing, that's just weird.

    • flossranchermadelovetomymanbutt

      I think you two would get along great, you could both hang out in your mom's basement.

  • Mitch

    @ Leon,

    Only a Liberal could paint 80+ years of Democrats driving the state over the cliff as a preferable alternative. Yea, Leon, let's keep right on being 50th in EVERYTHING, because that's just worked out SO WELL....hasn't it?

    • Leon

      No I didn't paint the alternative , Cindy Frich did. You're naive if you think we re 50 th and won't drop lower. Elect more like her and watch!

      • Jim Smith


        We can't sink any lower.

  • Bobby Runnion

    Ok, Frich is nuts in my opinion and I don't believe all she said was out of context. What about Dr Gupta? Same thing, poor judgment! They both in their awe to appear fell hook line and sinker. What did they expect. Praise? Both of these people should be smart enough not to be on a satirical show about our water. WV is made fun of again at the expense of two state leaders for what? Three minutes of fame? Hope it was worth it.
    I only hope that Mayor Jones and Commissioner Carper and Senator Manchin request public apologies. Ms Issac and her board should seek an apology from Dr Gupta? Sometimes you just do the right thing and say no thanks to the press, even national shows.
    For the show producers, your water segment was not only insensitive, but in bad taste and degrading for an emergency crisis. Lots of blame to go around for this interview. Not sure you would have done a satirical segment on another crisis or 9/11 or something. Just not funny for those of us who lived it. Shame on all of you. Hoppy, you agree? Geesh.

    • Matt Spurlock

      Request an apology for what? The truth?

    • Halley's Comet

      I agree the entire segment lacked any moral integrity of making light of a tragedy that left 100 of thousands with chemicals in the water.

      However; I can't get past the lack of acumen the Del. displayed in her interview.

      She is in a leadership role in our State????

      Please, my children are more informed and better speakers than she

      • Karen Bealey Martin

        Pandering by both of these officials is really disturbing. He was on twitter encouraging people to watch the show announcing the replay times if people missed it. Why? SMH.

  • Halley's Comet

    After watching the clip of this Del.

    It amazes me how she was elected !!!!!

    WOW is it any wonder we have no plan in place to fix our infrastructure, spent most of the last session on water bills, teacher raises, and a bill the governor could have had the nerve to tell senate and house leadership he would veto so stop wasting time on it.

    This state needs leadership, not elected officials who just want re-elected for a mini vacation in Charleston each year with free meals at the chop house

    She should resign just for the general purpose of her attitude and public speaking skills ( lack of )

    • Mitch

      @ Hailey's Comet,

      Why would a state that would elect a complete nothing like Natalie Tennant to one of it's highest offices surprise you with any of it's other choices?

      • Randy

        WOW! Flossrancher burned you on the misplaced apostrophe. Keep your chin up.

      • flossrancher

        "its", not "it's".

  • Mister G!

    The combination of gullibility (who today doesn't know about these Daily Show segments?) self-centeredness ("Look everyone, I'm on national TV!"), egocentricity (re-enacting for the cameras even), and lack of principle (she goes off-GOP message, catches it, backpeddles, tries to hide her face behind a sheet of paper, then catches herself doing that) is excuse enough to drop-kick this simpleton out of the state legislature.

  • DP

    If you were in a close race, this "interview" just sealed your fate! Stewart, Colbert, Letterman and others of their ilk are ALL Left Wing Hacks who 99% of the time earn their money ridiculing Republicans and only 1% of their time doing the same with the Dems (and then ONLY when they can't avoid it).

    I don't know anything about you or your opponent(s), but you sure were remiss in doing your homework. In any case, I hope this show didn't ruin your chances!

    • Wowbagger

      Fortunately my wife and I planned to vote early tomorrow and Ms Frich's naievity just lost her two votes.

      • The bookman


        I must confess, I voted for Cindy once while living in Morgantown. It came down to her or Barbara Evans Fleischauer. After watching the Frich Interview, I still think I made the right call.

        • Wowagger


          This is a primary where you presumably select the best candidates FROM YOUR OWN PARTY! Ms Fleischauer, who by the way is one example of a fine person who I do not wish to represent me, will not be on my ballot until November. Then I will not vote for her!

          The mathematics of multiple candidate voting is that if you vote for less than the maximum number of candidates you effectively give the good candidates you really support more than one vote. I only planned to vote for two, now I will only vote for one effectively giving him four votes.

          BTW: Ms Pasdon lost my vote when she opted to throw money at West Virginia's broken Education system last term.

          Oh, my wife's voting decision was totally independent of mine. One reason we have been married a very long time is we form our own opinions, but surprisingly when we finally discuss the matter we probably agree 99 times out of 100.

          • Wowbagger

            I have never held a public, paid elected office, but grew up around politics in a gentler time. My dad was a Republican Committee man in West Virginia and my uncle (mother's side) was the equivalent for the Democratic Party in the adjacent county in Pennsylvania. They were best of friends, but if you hung around those guys you learned a lot about how local political systems work, or don't in some instances.

            You are correct, I am convinced there are much better choices these days, particularly after this politically foolish performance!

          • The bookman

            I was young and in college , and first general election I participated in Mon County(Sorry Jim Stollings). Fleischauer is just so far left I couldn't do it, and Cindy struck me as an odd ball. I would guess the options are better now on the Republican side then they were then.

      • Cooter

        Wowbagger, why do I suspect that if she refused the interview, you'd be the same person here saying "Mrs. Frich, why won't you do that show? Have something to hide?" I agree she should have never done the show, but not doing the show will make a lot of lefties still hurl insults.

        • Wowagger

          I have been in similar situations myself, although not as high profile. The press, liberal or conservative, must always be handled gingerly. Case in point Metronews is carrying this article a few days before the primary and this article will do great damage. Had Ms Frich said no to the Daily show they would have looked for another sucker and no one would have been the wiser. If no one bit they would have cut their losses and moved on to the next potential hit piece somewhere else.

        • Mitch

          @ Cooter,

          Lefties might still hurl insults, but there's no point in giving them any extra ammunition.

  • Pickle Barrel

    Umm…you know that this is a liberal show…so why didn't you tell Stewart to pound sand?

  • vashti

    maybe she should have done some research before appearing on the show. i must admit i was surprised she did it. it was funny.

  • Joke

    Wow.... Cindy, what were you thinking? I'm trying to figure how you thought this would end well. This should help your opponents in Tuesday's election.

  • CaptainQ

    To misquote the great Star Wars character Admiral Akbar: "IT WAS A TRAP!"

  • Matt Spurlock

    Why is this embarrassing? Hard to face the truth?

  • Roger

    Del Cindy Frich,

    Question.... What exactly were you hoping to gain from doing an interview on well known liberal "comedy" show that is known for making Republicans, like yourself, look foolish and incompetent by running skits disguised as news interviews? (FYI: They succeeded)

    • Bob

      Cindy Fritch needs no help looking foolish, she does just fine on her own.

      As a matter of fact, she has mastered the art of looking foolish. She is the poster child for the WV GOP !!!!!!!

      • Cooter

        Bob, I like the new slogan:

        "West Virginians, Vote Democrat, for a change...errrr....wait, that hasn't worked. Vote Democrat because your daddy did, and his daddy did"

        We live in a state that is by and large a laughingstock, and who has ruled the state all these years?

      • Roger

        I wouldn't call her the poster child for the WV GOP. I would call her the poster child for what happens when your state voting population becomes so ignorant that people like her blindly gets voted in. GOP or Dem, it doesn't matter. I wonder what goes through peoples minds when they are in the voting booth.

  • TB

    Embarrassing! Add her interview to the stereotype.