CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A man who refused to allow his daughter to visit her grandparents was sentenced Friday to two months in jail.

Nathan Mitchell’s estranged wife, Shannon Stafford, 29, was murdered by Mitchell’s father Larry Mitchell in the parking lot of the Morgantown Wal-Mart two years ago. Nathan Mitchell violated a court order when he refused to allow his daughter to visit Stafford’s parents in 2013.

Mitchell pleaded guilty in March to concealment of a child.

Harrison County Judge Thomas Bedell also placed Mitchell on five years probation Friday along with the 60-day jail sentence. Mitchell’s father pleaded guilty to murder in Dec. 2012.

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  • Guardian

    That the Mitchell family retains custody is mind boggling. The mother and son goaded the father into killing Shannon Stafford and the root cause for that horrible act boiled down to power and control - period.

    That mother has dominated and controlled her family and she was never going to let her granddaughter escape that control. When it looked as if the courts were FINALLY going to act and allow Shannon custody, that was the final straw. Mother Mitchell then prodded, goaded, and shamed her husband into "taking care of" the problem. She was cold and calculating - which would she be willing to trade in order to maintain control? Husband or precious son who was her creature? Why the husband, of course. He was expendable.

    Yet here the woman was in the front pew of the church. There will be a special place in hell for her.

    Why doesn't the court do the right thing here and remove all custody from the remaining members of the Mitchell family?????

  • DeeDee

    The hateful family that murdered this child's mother shouldn't have access to a child, let alone custody.

  • Jason412

    This guy gets 5 years probation and 60 days in jail for not allowing his former in-law's to see his kid. The teacher recently in the news charged with sexual assault only got 5 years probation.

    Ridiculous that jail time for people who sexually assault minor's seems to be such a low priority.

    • Tammy

      This so-called "father" should be on his knees thanking a higher power that this is all the time he's getting.

      If you follow this case, he is right up there with the child molesters since he played a huge role in leaving a child without her mother. Unfortunately, this so-called "father" and the so-called "grandmother" have never had to answer for their role in this hateful murder.

      And this horrible family is still bringing agony to these people. Have they no shame or sense of decency?