CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A Morgantown business owner pleaded guilty Friday to federal income tax evasion.

Mitch Brozik, the owner of Secure US, admitted in a federal information that he filed fraudulent income tax returns from 2005-2009. Federal prosecutors said he lied about a bank account, personal accounts and personal tax returns.

Brozik could be sentenced to three years in prison. The issue of how much he may owe the IRS remains unresolved.

A guilty plea under a federal information generally means the defendant is cooperating with prosecutors. Sentencing will take place later this year.

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  • suba suba

    WrN0B6 You are my inhalation, I have few blogs and infrequently run out from brand . Actions lie louder than words. by Carolyn Wells.

  • Mike

    I heard some of Mitch's old friends had a celebration in his honor the other day. A competitive game if you will. So funny, I wonder if he was there to give out any of the prizes and pose with the winners? Its a shame he didn't win anything, he may have been able to use some of the stuff!

  • Tony

    From what I know there is a lot more than was disclosed in this case. He's had fake business ventures everywhere and money that was given to him multi times that was never on any books. They need to check with the scum that he hung with for the truth.

  • rick

    Just heard about this had no idea any of this going on. In the same boat. I read Bill's comment about having to use secure us through his office and had to speak up. Have wanted to switch for awhile with all our properties but threatened if we did. I believe the comment posted earlier tonight about everyone being held accountable is true but overall glad we will be able to have a new company to service our systems so any ideas about good local security company please post in process of finding new.

  • Bill

    I don't know if I totally agree with that I have done work with Mitch for years because I was forced to Through my company and he always came off very arrogant But I've heard all the stories and sounds like he's guilty and doing the right thing by pleading guilty Maybe the others didn't realize what they were doing but then again I wasn't there so maybe they did and they should be held accountable Either way really messed up situation and can't believe that people would do things like this

  • They should all plead guilty!

    I am surprised that everyone wants to blame Mitch only there were many others that had a hand in his dirty work I used to work there and you wouldn't believe how many people knew what he was doing and never did anything about it so in my mind and many others they are just as much to blame as he is. There were many people that were very close to him that helped him be able to do the things that he got away with. From what I've read a new company is going to take over hopefully they will know better than to keep any of those people around that were there from before. As they always say about people once a thief always a thief. That company has been ripping people off for years Hopefully everyone there that was involved gets a little taste of what he's going to get. That only seems fair.

  • broken into

    My house got broken into while I paid for SecureUS services, they never installed it correctly, police were not notified, all the details that were detailed in my contract were NOT carried out. Mitch, I hope you rot in jail, and live under a bridge afterwards...

  • Secure your are not

    He thought he was 'one of the boys', you will be 'one of the boys' in jail... You tried so hard to play with the big boys of Motown, you could not hang, you are nothing like them or your father....It is so nice to watch you fall, after your lies, and pleas for money, backing, etc... 'thief'

  • karma is a mitch

    wonder how many of the subscribers are aware that not only are all contracts voided since he went bankrupt in 2012, but anything after that was voided also because all of the contracts signed were to secure us inc., which was the company that went bankrupt. they also have not had a valid license to do business in wv since Nov. 1 2013.

  • vickie

    (Vasoline) for Mitch !!!

  • vickie

    (Small jar of gasoline) for Mitch-- he needs for years

  • vickie

    He loves girls under 18 and always bragged about it. He ripped everyone off. He never cared about any customer either.Where canI send a (small jar of gasoline) for Mitch !!!

  • Jeff

    Mitch Brozik threantend my family if I did not use him in a commercial project, and his bid was twice as high as the competitors bid. Real scum bag and total sociopath. I see he is cooperating with authotities, he needs to go to jail.

  • Ed

    What does this mean to the countless number of folks that does business with Secure US? I guess I need to find another provider! I don't know this guy, but he seems like a real bad guy. Guess we need to check before we do business with someone to make sure they are on the up and up.

  • Craig

    "Nothing but twisted steel and sex appeal" as he would always say, wonder if the boys in county will agree?

  • Tim

    Knew it was coming. Finally after all these years some justice.

  • Karma

    Wow this guy is really loved

  • what a narcissist

    Brozik is no better than the criminals that rob the Hot Spots. What a narcissistic jerk. Maybe they'll give him a conjugal visit with the microphone from the Children's Hospital auction since he loved it so much he would never let it go. And he never knew that everyone was laughing at him and not with him.

  • Jerry

    Known this guy for a long time and finally got what he deserves. I just wish they could give him a few more years for being a straight D-bag.

  • Owes me $

    Convicted felon, that sounds about right

  • Karma

    But he had a limo, just ask him. Maybe he can ride it to the big house. Let's not forget he screwed the Puskar Trust out of 1.9 million. Yep he deserves probation, NOT

  • It's about time

    How about everyone he's screwed out of money over the years? And not just his aunt, the IRS and state tax department. Just ask around. His "successful" business was a house of cards built on smoke and mirrors.

  • Karma

    This guys been screwing people for 20 years and acting like he owns the town. Maybe if he hadn't I might agree, hope he gets a lonely cell mate. He favorite saying is "if your not cheating your not trying"

  • Get it right

    Actually, a recent WVU signee got 5 years probation for sexual assault, therefore this business owner shouldn't get anything more than that sentence.

  • Mike

    Enjoy your stay in the big house, couldn't happen to a better person. Hope you get bf everydayI