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Mountaineer guard Terry Henderson (right) joins Eron Harris (left) and is transferring out of the Mountaineer basketball program.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — WVU announced on Friday that junior guard Terry Henderson has asked for his release and plans to transfer out of the program.

“We have enjoyed Terry and his contributions to Mountaineer basketball,” WVU head coach Bob Huggins said in a release. “We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Henderson’s departure is the second high-profile transfer for the Mountaineers this offseason following the loss of Eron Harris.

Henderson averaged 11.7 points per game this past season with West Virginia and would have been a key returning piece heading into the 2014-2015 year.

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  • Muddy Creek 7

    The program is simply in shambles.

    • WV Grad

      Once Beilein's recruits left, Huggin's program nosedived and the downward spiral continues.

      • Aaron

        Who were Beliens recruits that Ledt and started this nosedive?

      • The Wisetalker

        Huggs will fix it...Don't worry...

    • Aaron

      I wonder why he waited until grades were posted to announce.

      • Mister Man

        He needs a while to get his grades in order.

        • Mister Man

          He, also, should make sure he gets a degree. He, certainly, won't be playing in the NBA.

      • Mister Man

        Yup. He was crybaby's roommate.

  • bb

    Huggins said after the 12-13 season..."I tried it their way. Obviously it doesn't work. It's my way now. If you won't play the way I want you to, you are more than welcome to leave."

    • Justin

      He also said when he's not getting it done anymore, he would step down. The longer he stays, the longer it will hurt the program in the long run. If you all love WVU so much, why is it acceptable for Huggins to run this program into the ground...simply bc he's a WV guy. That is appalling and you all that believe BH is on the right track seriously seek out a shrink bc your not living in reality.

  • BH

    Now would be a good time for Coach Huggins to retire. Why would a so-called "HOF" coach, with millions in the bank, want to spend the last years of his career striving to be a one-and-done NIT participant anyway.

  • FNP

    Listen, I love Huggs but I do think these issues need addressed by Luck and Gee. If his style is too much for kids to perform under, then it needs some attention. I don't get it.

  • Boomgrounder

    Huggins has to go. Luck needs to fire him and start all over with a new young coach. It's time!

    • Jrizzle

      So, you guys that are saying that Luck needs to "do something" about Huggins---- I'm curious as to your thoughts on whether Gee and the university should "do something" about Luck? This guy has only made 1 solid business decision since coming back to morgantown--- hiring randy mazey. Every other decision has either been bad, or yet to be proven as either good or bad. So, if you think huggs needs to be gone, what about Luck? Who holds this guy accountable?????

      • ChasK

        I agree that Luck needs to go. Wish Texas had took him. And as far as being smart in hiring Mazey, I am one of the few who disagree have you forgot the end of last season? They needed wins to get to the NCAA's and he rests the starters against hated Marshall and suffers a humiliating loss. He then holds out his best pitcher in a series they could have and should have won. A couple of more wins might have got us in. I also agree that Huggins is past his time but let's get rid of Luck also.

        • ViennaGuy

          And replace Huggs & Luck with who?

          It's easy to say "off with their heads" ...

          • Billy

            U Conn did just fine with a new coach who had no experience. As for luck Peewee Herman could not do any worse.

  • Erik Enyart

    When will Huggins be held accountable for the demise of the WVU Basketball team? John Beilein leaves to become a national top 5 coach and we get a has-been coach who gets run out of Cincinnati and quits Kansas. How many players has Huggins brought in who have left early???? Fire Huggins now and bring in a coach who can relate to today's players because he can't!

    • Tyrone

      Heck 17 players have left after we were at the final 4 . I say he has to go . My Choice is Patrick Belien he can be no worse then what we have now . And that is all i have to say .

    • Aaron

      Kansas State

      • Aaron

        Kansas State and Henderson is 13 as far as I can tell but I don't think the exodus is done for this year. At least 1 more and potentially 2.

        • Tootie

          You appear to know less about sports than you do politics....which ain't saying much.

          • Aaron

            What have I said that is wrong?

            If you can.

  • Kevin W

    You have to plat defense,, just saying , lol

    • TB

      Then Recruit defensive players!

      • Aaron

        Most can't shoot and then fans cry.

    • Kevin W


  • Guardian

    I normally don't shoot from the hip, nor react without knowing all the facts. With that said, this trend is troubling - not a "all hands man your battle stations" troubling, but it is a matter of concern.

  • mountaineer marv

    This is getting very, very serious !!!! I think the fans deserve an explanation on what is going on ..

  • Zach

    This is obviously becoming a trend. The question is, is this generation of players, generally speaking, too "soft" for Huggs' coaching style or is this now the nature of the beast that is collegiate athletics and we as fans need to learn to live with it? Either way, what once was looked to be one of the more formidable back courts in the country going into next season is now comprised of Staten, Browne and a lot of question marks.

    • Aaron

      Over 500 players on this years list, not counting Henderson. It's becoming a problem in all college Basketball.

      • ViennaGuy

        Aaron, you are exactly right; it's becoming a big problem in all of college basketball. IMO, there are several factors at play.

        First, players have seen that coaches are increasingly mobile; colleges are more willing to cut coaches loose to pursue other opportunities. The players, with some justification, are thinking, "Why can't I do the same thing?"

        Second, we have a generation of players who, at a young age, see big money in the NBA and want it - now. Too many of them think success is automatic or comes with a minimum of effort. They were the cat's meow on their high school teams; they find out the hard way that it isn't the same in Division I basketball, and they don't like spending three or four years working hard to get to an NBA-level of performance. The media is partly to blame for this, with the way it focuses on the latest high-school hotshot who leaves college for the NBA draft after their freshman year of college ball - look at the way it focused on LeBron James(even though he didn't go to college).

        Third, and dovetailing on the second point, Huggs is a coach who demands that his players put in the time necessary to be successful in his program. Huggs has said on the radio more than once that he has had problems getting players to come out for practice and or put in the time needed to succeed. Why is that? The players knew going in what kind of program Huggs runs. Do they not want to put in the time and effort needed? Why did they join his program? He's not known as a pushover coach. My opinion is that there are fewer and fewer players who really want to put in the time and effort necessary to be successful in a program like Huggs' program.

        Fourth, the NCAA hands-off rules change had a huge impact on WVU. Huggs has always run a physical defense, and the rule essentially forced him to start from scratch. I think the rules change was terrible; if the NCAA wanted to speed the game up and boost scoring, they should have cut the shot clock to 24 seconds. However, the rules are the rules, and Huggs must work within them.

        For the other posters who are making the comparison between John Beilein and Bob Huggins, let me point something out. Remember, John Beilein took over a totally broken WVU basketball program(no slight to Gale Catlett, who I still think was a great coach). Remember also that Beilein was not the first choice to become head coach. And remember that Beilein didn't have instant success; it took time and effort - how quickly we forget! I'd also like to point out that Division I college basketball as a sport has changed markedly since Beilein left for Michigan.

        All of that being said, it would appear that there are some problems in the WVU basketball program; however, I doubt that the coaching staff is the sole source of the problems. If the problem resided solely in the WVU coaching staff, we wouldn't see a laundry list of players across Division I wanting to change schools.

        This is a problem that the NCAA needs to deal with - now.

        • Alum

          How dare you make such a logical and well stated post. Don't you realize where you are posting this? lol

          Well said, very well said.

  • L77

    AFTER HUGGINS........

    The Mounties will put a team on the court that all players want to play for.

    If the coach doesn't fit.....he must find another place to do his thing. He cannot continue to run off our players.

  • Protechcpa

    Bob Huggins has earned unconditional respect in my opinion. Respect is one thing. This issue has reached a level that requires some sort of explanation. WVU fans and supporters (financial and otherwise) have a right to know what is going on within the program. That is, of course, if the university wants their continued support. With this level of disruption, how can fans look forward to ANY upcoming season? This is not pro sports with the free agency and "any way the wind blows" personnel changes. At least, it is not supposed to be.

    • Zach

      The problem with the system is that coaches can up and leave for a perceivably better job whenever they want so players should have the same right as well. Unfortunately, collegiate athletics have become a lucrative business and constant roster turnover is one of the side effects.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Hope not.

    • Ut Oh

      See Aarons post above from ESPN concerning just this years transfer's. The article printed out 9 pages of transfer's alone. I think this shows the problem is everywhere, not just WVU!

      • Ut Oh

        These kids hear all along how great they are, then after a little success or maybe lack of playing time outside people start telling them how green the grass is elsewhere and that they should transfer. The grass is seldom greener on the other side, stay in school and get your education and accept the fact that you may not be as good as someone else (who would like to follow your coattail) tells you! Good luck kids...

        • Leroy j Gibbs

          The grass is always greener over the septic tank

  • BH

    What, exactly, is the problem with the WVU basketball program?

  • Art in Ohio

    I hate to see this. What is going on in Morgantown? Last night, at a Mountaineer dinner in Parkersburg, Huggs was asked if the moving around of players was over...he said to stay tune.-----its not over. He stated that hundereds of D-1 basketball players had changed teams this year. This is nuts.

    • Aaron

      While we see it more in Morgantown, it's not just WVU. Maryland coach Mark Turgeon, his program hit particularly hard said when ask this was becoming a pattern said no but it was an issue that had to be addressed.

      The Huggins haters think this is a problem only at WVU but as over 500 kids transferred in D-1 programs last year, clearly this is an issue that needs addressed.

    • Class of 04'

      Art....Twitter is buzzing that Dibo is wanting to leave for a European pro team.....which I guess says a lot for the state of European Bball ;)

      • Aaron

        He should ask Brandon Jennings about the Euroleague. Jennings opted for a year on that league and averaged 6 points a game in 17 minutes. As an NBA rookie the next year, he average 17 ppg. It's not all cake, candy and scoring over there. Jennings said in the 2009 NBA draft that his statistics suffered because his defense was weak. If that's the requirement, perhaps Dibo should look elsewhere.