FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — Fayette County kindergarten teacher Kathleen Wade says she feels bad about all that’s happened in recent months.

Wade was convicted Friday on two counts of battery following a jury trial in Fayette County Magistrate Court.

She was convicted for smacking a student on the head and smacking another student on his ears. She was suspended by the school board.

Witnesses testified the incident happened last May when Wade was taking her class from Fayetteville Elementary School across the street to the library. Some students were arguing and Wade reacted. The second incident happened the next day.

Wade testified she can look back and see the right thing wasn’t done.

Each of the misdemeanor convictions carry up to 1 year in jail and a $500 fine. Sentencing is scheduled for June 12.




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  • lee

    " Spare the rod , spoil the child."

  • Mom

    This woman has been complained about by parents long before these incidents. It was bound to happen eventually, because we had to make sure her job was protected and she got her due process. She has a reputation for being mean to kids and according to the jury, she is. Remember, these are 5 year olds, not teenagers. I know from personal experience that she is short tempered. She should not be a teacher.

  • Chandra

    I'm wondering what those kids were doing and if a smack saved lives crossing roads.

    It doesn't sound like she uncontrollably beat children. But maybe there is a huge back story of being a horrible cold hearted teacher that had no place being around kids in the first place? I know that there are a couple teachers people say that about now. .. but I also know this community is quick to tear things up. I'm not prone to believing anything I read on line or even see in local media. It's all skewed by local agendas. Certainly a school teacher has no place smacking our children on regular basis for no apparent reason. But at the same time if mine was acting up walking on streets or otherwise out of control I'd expect intervention. Even a swat if that's all that could be done expediently to protect my child or others.
    On a feild or in a class they can obviously be redirected. Run laps, time out etc. But if some kid is out of control and you can't stop them with words you have to grab them or maybe even swat them to even get attention at that age.

    Kids are becoming out of control because adults have no control over the situation. Top that off with issues of many adults here being quick to judge and tear people down you are left with terrified teachers and coaches.

    Im hoping that the school board makes changes. Meanwhile, I continue to encourage people to try to see the big picture. Try not to jump to conclusions. Keep in mind the grape vine effect and don't feed the monster.

    Private schools often retain their right to spank your child. .. which I disagree with. But a redirection from loving caregivers and teachers in an otherwise uncontrolled situation is sometimes needed. They often have our children more than we do.

    • Mom

      Also, this was not a simple correction, as Chandra wants to believe. One child required medical attention. This woman has now been convicted, she is guilty of abusing our children. How about instead of debating corporal punishment (which is pointless at this stage in the game), why don't we start taking claims of abuse/misconduct seriously before it gets to this point? I know that this was not the first time she had been reported for her behavior/attitude. Maybe, once someone gets ten separate complaints over misconduct, the board checks it out? This could have been prevented had the school actually listened to and protected its students, instead of letting it go this far.

  • H.

    It seems that educators, parents and society in general has bought into the idea that children do not need to learn discipline, ethics, morals or self control in schools and that it will hurt their self esteem if we say no or punish them for bad behavior. While I don't agree with what the teacher did, I wonder if she acted out of frustration.

  • Ed

    So many problems with today's schools. Abuse, shootings, unfair treatment, the list could go on. The expense with unsatisfactory results. We have technology to educate electronically at home.

    Let parents bring their children to the local libraries to register and get an iPad with appropriate educational programs on it. When the student feels they have completed these programs they return to the library to be tested with a proctor watching. If they meet standards they move to the next---grade/course. If they don't pass they continue study until they can pass.

    No gathering in a central location to be shot at.
    No grouping with other kids to be bullied.
    No abuse by adults.
    No lack of school days because of weather.
    No expense of busses, building upkeep, or an army of employees.
    No fights about the pledge of allegiance.
    No passing an unprepared student because of their age or height.
    Freedom for students to study any time of day.
    Freedom for families to travel as they wish.

    We have the technology, let's use it.

    • Chandra

      The main issue with this is social behavior issues. Children need a structured environment and to have social interactions.

      Other issues are work schedules and overwhelming number of parents that aren't prepared to be teachers.

      That being said you're right. Many States have cyber programs. I had my daughter in PAcyber for 2 years. There were local group activities and sports.

      Churches in larger towns often have cyber school parent co-ops and the state of Pennsylvania gave each child a lap top with Web cam for classes and a printer/scanner. .. It was great. I chose who she hung out with and there weren't any issues for me..

      But parents that worked or have no transportation had issues. ..


    • Don Jr.

      Ed - Your plan would work and be better than what we currently have. The only problem that I see with it is there is now a huge lack of functional families in America, which would derail the whole thing. The lack of functional, and dare I say traditional, families in America is one part of what is wrong with the current educational system.

      • Ed

        Make families responsible for education.
        If they choose not to partake let there be no government handouts to those folks.

        • northforkfisher

          The is a couple more things wrong.
          1 what if parents do the work and grease the proctor to take the test.
          2 kids would not get the social skills they need.
          3 not have sports to help with scholarship.

          • Ed

            #1 happens already
            #2/3 would be left to community organizations

    • Ole Sasquatch


  • DWL

    What, no statement from her NEA brothers and sisters? Seems like the perfect UNION soldier.

    • George

      You are a sick individule and should seek counseling. That's the best you could come up with?

      • DWL

        The shrinks said you liberals and union members are the one that really needed help. He said people stupid enough to support and belong to unions, those that follow the m0r0n aimlessly, (d)'s, leftists, socialists, and most of all - those that still have the m0r0n decals on their cars all need to be institutionalized for they are the issue! George, I think you qualify with that group.

        • I'm honest at least

          Dwl I'm a proud union member. For you to bash all unions shows how shallow and pathetic you really are. Just so you know. I would guess you do.

        • scott

          you Think?

          Thats a good one

  • I'm honest at least

    Coming from someone who has coached kids in sports. As a coach my discipline was running. I see nothing wrong with a tap in the head. I doubt what happened was what an adult would call a slap. Bottom line we as parents need to put a stop to this. Our kids are becoming little sh@#?.

  • WV Schoolboy

    Students can't be controlled because no adult on the school grounds are allowed to discipline them. So the problem will only get worse as the years go by.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    I would have liked to have her in the high school classes that ran totally out of control. It was a daily routine that one or two students could take the control away from the teacher and turn the whole class period into a waste of time. I got out, couldn't stand it. No backing from the administration - they were too worried about the next levy passing. Anyway the poor taxpayers did not have to waste money on me too long. I am sure this is the heart of why public schools do so poorly. At least 90% of the problem is all about Discipline and demanding that their is ideal environment in the classroom for learning. Trying to make it anything other than that (like so many politicians and so called experts do) is a big waste.

  • Bill MC

    We wonder way the children are getting wild, now we know; no one can correct them when they do not pay attention or follow instructions. If she used her hand, I see no problem. She needed to keep control of her students, unless the child has incurred head trauma or hearing loss, then other than being embarrassed in front of his/her classmates they more than likely recovered very quickly. I guess if she let them do whatever he/she wanted it would have been better. But what if he/she was struck by a car and then she would have been asked why she did not have control of her students!

    I have to say I don't like to hear teachers constantly complain about their pay, but it looks like they have a thankless job. In this day and age I would not recommend anyone becoming a teacher because you cannot win!

    • Pudge

      Two incedents of smacking kindergarten kids on two separate days is not a sign of "correcting". It is a sign of a bad career choice. I would not have the patience to do that job and she apparently does not either.

      Wrong is wrong.

      • Shadow

        How many kids have you raised and are they good, responsible, successful citizens and liked by their peers? It is a tough job and you can't control a bull without a fence.

      • Bill MC

        So kids are only out of control one day a week? I do not believe it was the same kid both days, but if it was he/she should have been corrected both times. Every child should learn early that actions have consequences. For example, if your child kept trying to place their hand on a hot stove and you keep telling them don't do that it will burn you, but they keep reaching out to do it, are you going to slap their hand or let them place it on the hot stove just to prove its hot? I would think a sting from a slap on their little hand would be much better than a third degree burn that would require medical attention.
        My guess is teachers have discipline problems every day. It seems someone needs to have the authority to discipline at the time it’s needed, without having to worrying about going to jail.
        Learning actions have consequences early might help years later to keep them out of much bigger trouble, when an “I’m sorry” won’t do them any good!

      • Bill Hill

        Nope, it is a sign that kids are out of control and parents aren't being parents. One of the best things that could happen in the classroom are more teachers like this lady.

        • reality check

          seriously? this is kindergarten for goodness sake!

        • Pudge

          Did the kids smack the teacher or did the teacher smack the kids?

  • Low Rider

    Reminds me of parochial school when I was a kid. If every teacher who whacked me was convicted, the local jail would have been full of Franciscan Nuns!

    • Mike

      And I'm making a guess that you turned out to be a pretty decent, responsible person for it.

  • fayette

    She feels bad because she got caught.

    • pirate

      that's bs. We need teachers who want to teach without being punished

      • More Cover Up

        Agree. Parents don't discipline kids because the social workers will be there in 5 mins to punish the parents. Not sure how to correct this issue, but students are out of control.