MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Coach Bob Huggins contends the attrition facing West Virginia basketball is “not nearly alarming as has been portrayed by some people” because transfers are making the entire Division I landscape nomadic.

During a 50-minute session with reporters Saturday—staged in the wake of Terry Henderson becoming the second sophomore starter to leave WVU this spring—Huggins defended his coaching style, reinforced the state of the program and predicted that next season’s team would meet his competitive standards.

“We’re going to be fine,” he said. “We are fine.”

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West Virginia transfer Terry Henderson averaged 11.7 points as a sophomore and was slotted to be a key player in next season’s lineup.

After reaching the NCAA tournament for five straight years, Huggins’ last two teams have been anything but fine. They have combined to go 30-35 with the only postseason exposure reduced to a one-game cameo in this spring’s NIT.

The prospects for making next year’s NCAA field have been downgraded by the departures of two developing standouts—Eron Harris (17.2 points per game) and Henderson (11.6 points), who were roommates last season.

Harris announced shortly after the season ended that he planned to transfer and subsequently has drawn interest from a slew of elite programs, including Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Kentucky and Louisville. Yet Henderson asked for his release only this week as spring semester closed.

While Huggins had an inkling one of the guards might leave, he admitted “one of them totally caught me off-guard.”

Huggins apparently was referencing Henderson, who became the 12th signee to transfer out of West Virginia or fail to enroll since the 2010 Final Four appearance. That figure was a point of contention for Huggins, who criticized two newspapers for being “misleading” in reporting that attrition culled 12 of 16 players in that span.

“I just wish when you throw figures out there, that you throw accurate figures,” he said. “We’ve signed 23 guys since the Final Four; we haven’t signed 16. We’ve signed 23. So that 12 of 16 number is not accurate, it’s 12 of 23.”

Remi Dibo may become No. 13. Huggins said the 6-foot-7 forward told an assistant he planned to skip his senior season in order to pursue a pro career in his native France. That’s another 7.3 points lost, though Dibo’s defense and rebounding were lacking.

MORE: Watch Huggins and the complete news conference

Huggins, himself the product of a transfer that led him to attend WVU in 1975, repeatedly referenced the increasing normality of players switching schools. For the second straight year, more than 500 Division I players are transferring. Some, like Harris and Henderson, will be forced to sit out a season, while others who have earned their undergraduate degrees will be eligible immediately at their new programs.

“It’s not just here. It happens everywhere,” Huggins said. “It’s kind of the times.”

While reluctant to say he feels the need to “re-recruit” players each offseason, Huggins refuted the notion players are leaving because of a disconnect with the staff.

“You’ve never heard any of these guys say they didn’t have a relationship with the coaching staff,” he said.

And what about the assertion that the 60-year-old Huggins’ boisterous and demanding style doesn’t suit today’s players?

“Every former guy who comes back says to me, ‘Why are you being so soft? Why have you changed so much?”

The closest the coach came toward sounding testy Saturday occurred when a columnist questioned a perceived slip in recruiting.

“We’ve been in postseason six of the seven years I’ve been here. Five consecutive (NCAA bids)—tied for the most in school history. A Final Four, the second in school history,” Huggins said. “If I’m recruiting that bad then I’m doing a heck of a job coaching.”

Huggins declined to reveal Henderson’s rationale for leaving, saying “I’m not going to get into personal stuff.” But despite losing two guards whose development seemed ready to payoff next season, the coach talked about a lineup infused by three newly signed guards and the long-awaited availability of forwards Elijah Macon and Jonathan Holton.

There’s also the returning centerpiece, All-Big 12 point guard Juwan Staten, who said he passed up the NBA draft partly because he felt next year’s team was good enough to play in the NCAA tournament. If that happens, it will be with a decidedly different cast than Staten anticipated.

“The reality is we have five new guys coming in that I think are pretty good,” Huggins said. “And don’t forget, we’ve got probably the leader for the Big 12 player of the year coming back and he’s going to have the ball in his hands.”

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  • Bob Mayhew

    I'll sign my real name and I'll stay with Huggs. Period.

    • william

      How bad does it need to get, before this terrible coach is fired!
      What an EMBARRASSMENT this joker has been for the state of WV!

    • Jrizzle

      Well done Bob.

    • Art in Ohio

      You can't make changes now. Huggs is a great coach and he will replace all those who leave.

      • JECO

        95% of parents in this country cannot explain what their children do or think. Through in the NCAA rules about contact, why would anyone expect Coach Huggins, or in fact , any coach in America be any different.

        • AppiKid

          Because he gets paid millions to do so! End of conversation!

      • Justin

        Doesn't it send a red flag to any of you loyal Huggs fans that we have had numerous transfers that leave? He has lost more recruits than he has brought in since the final four. And look at the lack of quality kids that he has brought in here. It seems to always be something about grades, getting arrested, etc. WVU deserves better than a losing record since the final four and for all of you fans out there that keep hammering away about "well he is a WV guy". He doesn't get paid to make you all feel better about yourselves because he is from WV, he gets paid to win ball games and he is not doing it.

      • mad hatter

        and the train wreck continues

      • Big Hooptie

        If you call a .500 record at WVU and a Final Four team filled with John Beilein recruits, I've got some oceanfront property in Braxton and a bridge in NY to sell you...

        • Toots

          I'm guessing you're a Marshall alum.

          • Mitch

            @ J. Tyree,

            Yea. Right. You'all don't give a crap about WVU, but you just obsess about WVU 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.....but you don't give a crap about WVU. LOL. That's a good one. Tell us another one.

          • Mister Man

            @J. Tyree. Your post shows you are a Marshall fan. If you didn't care, you wouldn't be here.

          • J. Tyree

            Why is it that every time a comment is made some of you insecure WVU fans think that Marshall gives a crap about anything that is going on in Morgantown. We don't

        • Charles

          2 out of 5 starters on the final four team was beilen's. Get your facts straight. Truck, Ebanks, jones were Huggy recruits. And yes. Truck was the starting pg till the last two games because of injury. Love how people forget facts

          • Whip

            Yes the facts are he has done nothing in the last two years. Top ten 50 results.

          • wvualum10

            But you must not forget the fact that the long time wvu fans are the ones with cash.

            Huggins is doing a fine job and you people that are only good times fans need to just shut up. From what I can tell Kentucky is paying their coach double what WVU is paying Huggs and do they win a championship every year lined up with 5 star recruits? No. Rebuild Huggs and prove all the haters wrong!

          • Justin

            Fact....30-35 since Final Four. To be honest here, BH gets paid to win ball games and he is not doing it, and won't do much winning in the immediate future because of constant turnover. He is NOT paid to make all of you old school WV fans fell good about yourselves because he is from WV. If that is what you want, follow him on twitter, send him a FB friend request or whatever. But he doesn't need to be the HC of WVU basketball any longer. Its time WVU and BH cut the ties and let him fade into the sunset.

  • clark mannihng

    You don't become the 3rd winningest active coach by not knowing your stuff. You guys who are too gutless to print your name think you can do better or know someone who can, let's hear it. I'm an alumni from 1977 and I saw Huggs play and I've seen him coach. We are lucky to have him.

    • Cletus

      We were lucky to have John Beilien a class act. He was not a cheerleader for the state but a great coach. I guess West Virginia has become so pathetic as a state we have to enlist the basketball coach in rah rah. I wonder if Alabama fans need Nick to cheerlead for the state. No where but here, would that be important.

    • Justin

      I just love you Mr Expert....since you say him play, you must know more about basketball than everyone here. SO, with the math that you learned in 1977, please tell me how his record is looking over the last 2 seasons. Please tell me what percentage 12 of 23 is. Tell me how many NCAA Tourneys we have been to in the last 3 years. Oh, and can you please tell me what school BH was at where he accumulated most of his wins at. Use your head, look at a subject with OBJECTIVE eyes and leave your loyalty at the door. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but don' confuse it with fact because your opinion certainly is not backed by facts, just your heart.

    • Master of One

      Oh Please...

      • An actual athlete

        Who should we replace him with. Any ideas. The man is a legend and certainly a HOF coach. Maybe we should get some herd alum or something. Haha.

        • Bill

          The Coach that use to be an ass't at WVU and is now the Coach at a school in Kentucky, would be a good choice.

        • notorius

          You must think little of the program if you think we couldn't attract a good replacement.

          Huggins has had a great career...nobody can dispute that. But, this is the beginning of the end.

          • Justin

            It wouldn't be hard to replace BH with the same money we are paying him. The only problem is, will Luck use money like that to go after someone or will he attract some bum and try to underpay, that coach builds his resume, and then bolts. Pony up the dough, see how things go, and in a year or tow, if the progress is good and the program is growing once again, sing him long term for a boatload of cash.

          • An actual athlete

            WVU isn't the biggest hot spot in the coaching world, we have lost the big east cache we had in our previous searches. I'm not saying there wouldn't be decent people to take the job I'm saying they wouldn't be near the couch Huggins is. Again who out there would you rather have?

        • mad hatter

          the janitor can win half the games, my vote with the janitor

          • Aaron

            You're not getting that raise hatter. Leaning ain't cleaning.

  • Master of One

    enough is enough....

    Huggins has to go....

  • Blah blah

    If I recall we had a winning record Harris attitude sucked and Henderson fought injuries dibo wasn't anything special if you ask me this is good he needs to recruit winners . Harris made good shots but shot to much we gonna be okay next year let alone Harris and Henderson were only juniors were young only time will tell how good we are I mean Nate Adrian isn't amazing he good but not amazing we need to get great recruits not good ones huggs isn't shooting the ball he's not the reason were losing they were lazy on defense we blew the lead against Kansas like c'mon leave huggs alone

    • Tyrone

      Maybe if the coach would coach instead of screaming at these young men they would stay. On national television there you see him representing the state . If i was a young man playing basketball i would ask for a little more respect . I would want to transfer where i could be treated and respected better then here . And it isn't just the head coach it is the assistant coaches .also . The times have changed people and so have these basketball players

    • Justin

      Your right, Huggs is not shooting the ball but please tell me....who recruited those players and then kept telling the media that this team will be this or that, well be fine, we could be something special this year, etc. It was Huggs. You can only put so much blame on the players because BH brought the players here.

  • Andy

    Sorry Huggs, you won with Beilein's recruits and suffered with your own. You've trashed your alma mater's program with unworthy and characterless recruits.

  • rekterx

    I do not think that the fact that there a lot more transfers these days completely explains what is going on at WVU.

    In other words, I do not believe that what is happening at WVU is happening "everywhere." By Huggs asserting so I think Huggs is bordering on dishonesty. And I think he needs to be called on it.

    You can tell that Huggs is hoping his new batch of players will mesh enough with Staten and other returnees that the fans will forget about the more recent turmoil.

    Personally I am tired of the Bob Huggins Show.

    • Mike

      rekterx, What a cry baby you are. Just like all the other cry baby WVU fans. If you think you can do a better job than Huggins give OL a shout and apply for the job. It doesn't take a Man to sit behind a keyboard and talk trash about one of the winningest coach's in college basketball. When will be hearing from you or any of the other keyboard coach's. You and the rest of the cry baby's need to find another school to support. We don't need you.

      • Justin

        Oh really, you don't need my money or my donations for season tickets every year. Last time I checked, WVU ticket sales weren't exactly the most difficult ticket to get in town. People are allowed to have an opinion and now that you have voiced your loyalty to BH and the state of WVU basketball, there is no reason to lash out at those of us who don't agree with you and you OPINION. Now here is my opinion, since when did a coach start getting paid for what he HAS done and the fact that he is from WV instead of what he IS doing? And this nonsense about "well if you think you can do a better job". That is equal to "Im taking my ball and going home" argument. So because you can't make a strong argument to support your case, you lash out (that is a page straight out of the Liberals handbook).

        • Mister Man

          I hate your column.

          • Aaron

            Yet you still read...


        • Aaron

          Let me ask you a question Justin, Would you rather have a program where revenues's are up, kids are graduating at 100% but the team is only .500 or a team that loses money, can't pay for scholarships but the team wins 80% of it's games?

          If you want to have an honest discussion about the state of WV basketball, that is fine but I have a feeling that is not your goal. I think you are like many other haters who post on this site and all you want is for Huggins to be gone. So which is it?

      • notorius

        "If you think you can do a better job than Huggins give OL a shout and apply for the job."

        People say things like this when they can't accept the facts.

        • Wenkev

          That's an extremely stupid response!!

    • Aaron

      So call him on it. Here is the perfect opportunity. Post your full name and email address and demand an explanation from him with the ultimatum that if he does not respond to you, you will.....

      • mad hatter

        mrs. huggins, would you please leave this site forever

        • Aaron

          No ma'am

  • Get Real

    Remember that scene in the movie "Animal House" where Kevin Bacon was screaming "All is well, all is well" while chaos let loose in the streets?? Well this is akin to Huggs comments. His house is burning down all around him and he is trying to tell everyone everything is going to be o.k. What a load of B.S.

  • Mel

    Listening to Huggs speak gains alot of respect keep up the good work coach

  • Aaron

    If Terry Henderson wants to make public why he is leaving, that is his option. I agree that Coach Huggins should not reveal that conversation.

    As to those who claim Huggins is running players off with his coaching style and behavior, all I can say is that Henderson and Harris both signed with WVU during their losing season so there is no doubt in my mind that they and their families saw Huggins at his proverbial worst.

    That being the case then, why sign with him. Both had other offers to play elsewhere and neither are from West Virginia, nor do they appear to have ties to the state. So why come and subject yourself to the abuse of his coaching style?

    I think if you look at WVU transfers specifically and in college players in general, the AAU mentality is becoming prevalent. 'Play me know and do so while telling me how great I am or I am going to take my ball and go elsewhere' seems to be the mentality all across the NCAA's as there is already over 500 transfers this year, a point I made yesterday in providing a link to a transfer list compiled by ESPN.

    I believe this entire mentality is fallout from the one and done rule in which so many kids are coming to school and then leaving early, creating "roster" spots with available scholarships. You get a player who's unhappy and there's always somewhere else he can go on someone else's dime and continue playing.

    I think the NCAA is going to have to take a hard look at this issue. I'm not sure what the solution is but with kids treating colleges like AAU teams, something needs to be done. Perhaps it's time to take away the red shirt year and if they transfer, they lose a year of eligibility, simple as that. That might solve part of the problem but then if that rule is in place, JuWan Staten is not playing next year for WVU so I'm not sure how or if you address this issue.

    At any rate, the state of West Virginia's program seems to be in good hands. Crying fans were demanding an answer, and Coach Huggins spent an hour answering questions. While I'm sure there will be some who think that because they partied for a semester in Morgantown they are entitled to more but the bottom line is, the decision is not their to make. As one person said on the Henderson story, if you don't like the direction of the program and want to get Luck's attention, stop buying tickets.

    • Aaron

      You will and have what BH? Is there a point to your post?

    • mad hatter

      mrs. huggins, once again you prove you are so biased, and rightfully so, i mean you husband is making tons of money and hasn't produced, but my goodness, enough is enough, who has the guts to tell huggie, its over, and be classy and quit

      • Steve

        Cut the 5 year old Mrs. Huggins crap. Every time you use it you lose any points you make if you make any. It does sound like your crying and whining like a 5 year old.
        Huggins has some problems but when you look at these teams that have all these all Americans they are not tearing up the world either.
        The more I hear about these AAU teams, the more I think they are a big part of theproblem. When your told your great all the time and you get to a school and your not so great anymore they can't handle it. The word "spoiled" comes to mind. 500 transfers across the country sounds rediculous.

      • Aaron

        Earlier today, you had me as his mother. You really need to make up your mind on your insults.

      • Wenkev


    • Happy Mountie

      Aaron, I think you might have a vision issue there buddy. Not sure if you have blinders on or you just can't see the forest for the trees. In any event, hopefully writing your novel and blaming the entire issue on the kids fulfilled your need to become head Mountaineer lecturer. Perhaps you didn't notice that Big East Championship and Final Four run came with mostly another staff's recruits. I think that coach played to the Elite Eight level this year maybe? Perhaps you never listened to our head coach berate and blame his players in that dry, negative, woe is me voice after every single loss, and sometimes after wins. Perhaps you've never been to the coliseum to hear our coach scream insults at individual players so loud that everyone in the stands is embarrassed for them. Or maybe you haven't observed the famous Huggins hook, come off the bench cold, mishandle your first pass or make any small error as you loosen up and get into the game.....out you go! Miss a rebound, look to the bench to see if you're coming out. These kids play with the threat of the hook constantly. Watch them....they spend as much time looking courtside to see if they're coming out as they do focusing on the game. In no sport or occupation or training program or even in child development is negative motivation ever very successful. Yet it's the norm here. If it weren't so obvious, it wouldn't be a primary subject on this blog every time there is a basketball-related story. I guess my final point would be how these guys are doing after leaving. As I recall, Aaric Murray had a really tough season at Texas Southern, being the leading scorer and conference player of the year. So anyway Aaron, before you jump on your soapbox and become the defender of the corruption that is WVU sports and toss insults at fans who are upset after supporting said corrupt programs for years and years, maybe you should weigh all sides of the issue.

      • Aaron

        A couple of points here Mr. Mountie. First if you're going to write novels as we both did above, you need to learn how to break it up into paragraphs. When you write a narrative like the one you did above without doing so, it makes it hard to follow particularly with your writing style.

        Now to your comments. You speak of Huggins coaching style. Others have made this same observation as you and my response to them was similar to this. I believe all players who transferred from WVU including Henderson and Harris, both of whom were recruited during the losing year were well aware of Coach Huggins coaching style before excepting his scholarship offer. During each recruits initial foray with WVU and Coach Huggins, were there not many of those stares, quick benching of players and everything else you referenced during each respective recruiting periods?

        As Huggins has not he hid his coaching style with any of his recruits, each and everyone signs the scholarship with full knowledge of what they are getting into when they come to Morgantown regarding Coach Huggins style. Every player who signed including Harris and Henderson could have went elsewhere and played basketball while attending college for free. They chose Bob Huggins knowing the type of coach he was. Now they're leaving and you claim the reason is his coaching style. What does that say about any of the recruits who have came to West Virginia with knowledge of the type of coach Huggins was only to crack under the pressure of his coaching style and leave? Are they less because they wilted under the same pressure in which players like Staten, JOE Mizzula, and DeSean Butler among others thrived?

        One final thought. Murray transferred to Texas Southern after obtaining his degree from West Virginia University contributing to the 100% graduation rate of coach Bob Huggins basketball program. He chose Texas Southern for various reasons, one of them being that it is three blocks from the John Lucas rehabilitation center. He has spoken publicly about his issues. The young man should be commended on how he has turned his life around after being dismissed from West Virginia basketball program.

        I await your response with bated breath.

        • Happy Mountie

          "As Huggins has not he hid his coaching style with any of his recruits, each and everyone signs the scholarship with full knowledge of what they are getting into when they come to Morgantown regarding Coach Huggins style."

          You choose to criticize my writing style and you open a paragraph with this sentence?

          Other than that point, I see nothing in this latest comment deserving of discussion or response. I do, however, appreciate the literary pointers. They are so relevant to a sports discussion.

        • Justin

          Aaron, looks like you were able to follow just fine because you didn't waste an opportunity to to fire back. Please put away your belittle attitude and also the red pen. We are not in a classroom and are not being graded on anything.

          • Aaron

            I can't help but note Justin that you failed to address the crux of my comment. You've been very vocal in expressing your opinion regarding cutting Huggs loose. What about the players? Did they not know Huggs coaching style coming in?

        • Master of One

          Thank you for your wonderful insights Mrs Huggins...

          • Aaron

            Anything for my fans.

    • Bobo

      If being in good hands means good guys leaving and recruits with felonies coming in next year then you would be correct.

    • Mister Man

      Very well done. I'm not saying I was going to post what you just did. However, you did a great job of posting what I was thinking.

  • Billy

    luck will probably give Huggs a bonus for trying to calm down the fans. Irrelevent in football and a abusive basketball coach who can't keep a team together. Is anyone at WVU in charge of luck and this ever trending downward athletic department???

  • richard

    take the alcohol comment out metro!!! thats a low blow and you know it. if you keep it on here---it will show what class of reporting you do!

  • Bobo

    The most overrated coach out there. Jerry tarkanian without a ring. Dominated a weak conference for years to pad that record. Bob would be an average coach at best if he'd been in a top conference for all those years. Then again he probably wouldn't have had a job for that long due to poor coaching. Only hall of fame he'll be in is the Alcohol of Fame.

    • Joe

      Completely out of line comment Bobo, and Metronews drops the ball in allowing the post to stand.

      • Aaron

        There are many things that one can question regarding Coach Huggins but when one claims he isn't a basketball coach and doesn't know the game, all that is demonstrated is the posters ignorance.

    • Kiddkornbred

      Dear Mr. Bobo. I agree with everyone that something must be done. You should not lose half your players yearly, however to call the old big east weak lets me know you should not be allowed to post on a basketball site

      • Bobo

        Who said anything about the Big East? The majority of his wins came at Cincinnati before they were on the Big East.

        • Justin

          IN CONF USA if I remember correctly. Look, I don't think anyone on this site is actually debating that BH has been a very good and at times a great coach over the course of his career. But it is very difficult for me to believe that some of you actually believe that WVU basketball is trending in a positive direction. WE have been hearing, "just wait till next year" for what 2, 3, or 4 years now? The excuse is getting old and something has to give. I read earlier that someone posted about the coaching style was not the reason, which I disagree with to a point but if your going to say that is a weak argument, then shouldn't you point to the lack of quality players being brought in as a huge issue with this team? I am the first one to back WVU sports but when i don't see a positive trend and what I see is a downward spiral, I wouldn't be being honest with myself or any of my fellow Mountaineer fans.

          • Aaron

            You are right Jason. He is recruiting 4 star kids, many of whom are being sought by other programs and it is fault that after they get to Morgantown, they fall flat on their face. It's his fault that Jabarie Hinds, a top 100 recruit never panned out, Tommie McCune was arrested after signing with WVU, never fit, transferred to Oakland and was subsequently kicked off their team, his fault that 2 players did not qualify for medical reasons, his fault that Dan Jennings cried more than mad hatter, who cried only slightly less than Eron Harris, his fault that 2 players left to be closer to ailing family members and his fault 4 other players left after being told that they would have to improve defense and rebounding in order to become role players. All Huggins fault. That's what you're saying, right?

        • Kiddkornbred

          Duly noted and I appologize for that but still do not try to run Huggins out of town. The kids are leaving because the culture of today's kids do not allow for them to be satisfied with anything. They push a button for everything they need or need to know. If the kids do not want to be Mountaineers then I want them to leave. Huggins wants to be a Mountaineer and I do not feel he would abandon like whatever coach you replace him with would surely do. Just like Dana will do if he ever wins more than Six games more than two years in a row. And I refuse to separate into paragraph this is a news article comment.

      • Billy

        I believe he was referring to his time at Cincy. That is where most of Huggs wins were at.

    • GoEers

      yeah the only thing he did when he started coaching in the Big East was win a conference championship...I'm sure you remember the old Big East was arguably the top conference in college basketball

  • Art in Ohio

    Go find someone else and bring him in. Again, this is nuts......


    Only time will tell. I hope next season is a good one! This losing stuff in BB and FB gets old really quick.

    • ViennaGuy

      I do believe that the basketball squad posted a winning record this past season.

  • Mister Man

    Stay the course. That includes both players and coaches.

    • Justin

      Or at least the players that stay that BH has to work with....LOL!

    • Jima

      3 things need done ASAP at WVU---Get rid of Luck and Dana and Huggins.Then and only then will our school have a fair chance of success!

      • An actual athlete

        Replace with who, hugs and luck are mountaineers. I'm not sure the the holg was a great hire, let's see what happens this year.

        • Justin

          I would not replace Luck but Huggins (sorry Huggy Bear, you gotta go). And you make it seem like, winning games doesn't matter as long as you are a Mountaineer! There are plenty of coaches we could get here that would put this program back together for 3 million a season. Gregg Marshall, Mick Cronin, or Fran McCafferey (sp). All three are making well below 2 million a season. Some people keep asking for who would you get then, well there you go!

          • An actual athlete

            Greg Marshall would be great, but he seems pretty happy where he is. His coaching style is similar to huggs, so maybe we have the same problem of kids running away from critism. Cronin isn't a good fit and again a screamer. The other guy coaching at Iowa only has a 500 winning percentage at major schools, and that is in a very top heavy and then lackluster big ten. Really I see no difference with bringing anybody but Marshall in. Bob is a more proven coach than any of these 3 guys.

    • mad hatter

      you're right, one thing i like is mediocrity and the laughing stock of the big 12.
      the revenue sports are a bad joke on wvu, and for goodness sakes "stay the course" ,, LOL,,you may want the losing ways but not the donors...
      If Luck can't handle holg. and huggins, lets get someone in there who can..seems we're pretty much the scum of the big 12, and stuck in a bottomless pit.... but let's stay the course