HINTON, W.Va. — Two police officers shot and killed a man early Saturday morning in Hinton after he had allegedly assaulted his ex-wife with a knife and stabbed her boyfriend.

State Police spokesman Lt. Mike Baylous said Shane Gumm refused to drop the knife and made aggressive moves toward a State Trooper and Summers County sheriff’s deputy before they shot him.

The trooper and deputy arrived moments earlier at 105 Miller Ave. where they met Mika Gumm. She told them her ex-husband Shane Gumm had broken into the house, attacked her and stabbed her boyfriend Rick Cline. She said she grabbed a .22 caliber pistol and shot Gumm before leaving the house.

Lt. Baylous said when the two officers entered they heard Cline crying for help and spotted Gumm in the hallway between them and the victim. He said Gumm refused to put down the “large hunting knife” and made a move toward the officers who shot him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mika Gumm suffered several cut injuries. Cline was flown to Charleston Area Medical Center and is in critical condition. He was stabbed multiple times in the stomach.

Mika Gumm had a protective order against her ex-husband.

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  • arp

    We need more knife-control laws! No right to bear knives! (Ha!)

  • tb

    There used to be a time in this country where law enforcement was truly respected. Years of corrupt officers, well have certainly changed that perspective. WE still have tons of great officers to be respected. But yers, police powers have waaayyy overstepped their boundaries in this country. And we, the people are now scared and far from the respecting those powers. Any one can be shot down now, without cause n the name of the law...One thing for sure only 3 people know exactly how it went down....everyone on here back and forth back and forth wasn't there, don't know for sure what happened. Used to be a time in this country where people could speak their own opinios without fighting and name calling...guess that's gone too....lots of sadness here.....now i am not saying that i even have an opinion on what happened cause i dont cause like everyone else i wasnt there either....

    • Jeffrey Cline

      That was my uncle. I hope you die. That man deserved it.

  • JC

    My, who is the hater now...FACTS are you don't know the facts. You are over reacting, and emotionally out of control, name calling. Name calling is a sure sign of emotional immaturity...well overall immaturity. You like cops gunning down people; wait til they do it to your family. You don't know the facts, you don't know me but yet you call me names and label me as a hater; what happened to free speech; oh that was taken away as well? Are You aware of the laws and recent changes for the power law enforcement has now? I doubt that you are an educated person. You make that arguement clear. You weren't there either. I suggest you educate yourself to the new age powers of law enforecment; You need to wake up. You support whom ever you chose; while I still have a few rights left; I will freely do the same....even if that means I do not support multiple law enforecment people gunning down one man with a knife....that's my right. I will also chose to not lower my intelligent level to call anyone, including you names.

  • zero tolerance

    Lethal force being used when faced with an edged weapon that was already to have been determined to have been used on a victim is justifiable in any Use of Force Continuum.

    There are no other mitigating circumstances.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    JC... you are just another pathetic police hater! Your jealousy is obvious. 99.9% of police officers are great people and serving for the right reasons. Just like society the police profession has a few bad apples. Unlike other professions, most bad police officers are identified and dealt with. I SUPPORT OUR POLICE OFFICERS! You certainly weren't there & have no clue how hard thier job is... You are PATHETIC!

    • edog355

      99.9% of police are not "great people and serving for the right reasons". Your fabricated statistic is totally wrong to the point of being almost comical.

    • Todd

      So Martinsburg, how doe's boot leather taste?

    • Silas Lynch

      Martinsburg, please stop the nonsense. 99.9% of cops are good people? ridiculous! Law Enforcement Industry, and that's right, I called it an industry, enjoy no better ratio of good vs. bad than our society-- maybe even a worse ratio.

      Fewer police officers today understand, respect and follow the Constitution of the United States then ever before in our history.

  • JC

    WV Hillbilly, you wanna bring "morals and values" into this, in regards to your comment,, no he was walking to church....hmmmm married man, having an affair with another woman; got knifed.....whrere I come from people with morals and values don't sleep around with others while their married. You just wanna point fingers without knowing the facts...Facts are this you don't gun down a citizen by multiple cops, when you have a knife. So, you want talk about church- You better believe it; if all parites invoved had spent more time in church, none of this story would be written. I am by no means justiying the actions by Mr. Gumm......I am saying as I said before....cops don't need to gun down a man who is holding a knife....there are many other options

    • Chuck

      The story says "Ex wife" so technically Cline wasn't sleeping with a "Married" woman. Also if a man holding a knife has already used it to injure someone else you don't engage with that person in hand to hand combat.

      • AL

        Cline in married

  • JC

    Yes, wake up and look at what cops are doing in this country, every day innocent people get gunned down, sometimes in the back by trigger happy cops. Cops have way too much power and authority now days. As for Gumm....no one know what really happened-but he didnt have to be gunned down by multiple cops when he only had a knife. And they didnt have to shoot to kill; which they did.

    • ME

      Ok JC,
      WTH would you have done if a man whohas already used this knife to stab another victim comes toward you with this same knife. Was told several times to drop the weapon. Come on genius, I want to hear what you would have done. Its easy to see that you do not care much for L.E.

  • jb

    Ended exactly as it should have!! Good job officers!

  • More Cover Up

    Most cops these days are wimps. Two cops with tasers should have been able to subdue one man with a knife. Cops are trigger happy in this state. I have no respect for any of them. It's there word against yours.

    • el

      you are so right

    • Not all cops are issued tasers.

      1. Not all cops are issued tasers. Including WV troopers.
      2. You do not know the facts and thus cannot offer an opinion.
      3. Unless at some point in your life you have been a LEO or related to a LEO you have not one ounce of understanding of what it is like.
      4. What does it matter whether any of the victims are married, not married, cheating, Christian, agnostic, etc. A victim or human being's life is not valued because of their religion, race, sex, etc.
      5. If it was you/your family in that situation then you would be more than happy to have a cop, even if you assume he is not as morally innocent as you would like, show up and save your/your family's life from a psychopath wielding a knife and holding you/your family hostage. Assuming that anyone with the intent to kill a person/multiple people can be called a psychopath since a sane person does not have a desire/act upon desire to take another human's life.
      6. Most people that do not like law enforcement feel the way they do because they are on the wrong side of the law.
      7. At what point did the public start defending criminals instead of innocent victims and law enforcement??? How do you justify this and sleep at night?
      8. When did it become acceptable to bash/slander/hate heroes rather than celebrate them?

      • Fred

        I am related to two 'LEOs' and both are life-long criminals and sexual predators.

      • Todd

        It's not hard to understand cops, all a person has to do is watch they're behavior. Now a days its shot first ask questions later. Its a very disturbing trend.

    • C. F. T.

      Law enforcement must have the respect of citizens or else Officers become the victim. Gumm actions met the elements necessary for an Officer to use lethal force, so killing him was an much, much better solution to resolve an incident that Gumm himself was responsible for.

      • edog355

        Respect is earned, not demanded. When cops eradicate their ranks of the corrupt (which is a sizeable number of cops), then they can begin to rebuild their reputation and the respect of the citizenry.

    • WV Hillbilly

      He cut-up two other people. Bring a knife to a gun fight and it ended just as it should. No trial necessary and no burden on the tax payers.

  • DWL

    Good Job in dropping the bad guy! He won't be a trouble to anyone else again. I hope the Trooper & Deputy are ok.

  • JC

    You don't know what really happened; so the cops say he made agressive moves at them

    • WV Hillbilly

      No JC, he was walking down the hall heading to church, after having cut up his ex-wife and serious injuring the other fella. Sounds like in your mind the police had no reason to shoot this fine, upstanding citizen. Wake up!

      • Retired Charlie

        Low life with knife vs two policemen with automatic pistols each with 17 rounds in my opinion comes down to how many times he was shot. No problem if he was shot twice, but if he was shot 6 or 8 times I think it's the police saying they can shoot you if they want to.

  • MT


    Damn staight if u ask me.

  • mike

    Show's why we have our second amendment.

  • Tom

    Won't be necessary to try Gumm for this 'alleged' crime. Case closed.

  • Jonus Grumby

    When in the presence of police, it's usually a bad idea to make threatening moves while holding a weapon. So much for that magic piece of paper called a protective order. Hope Ms. Gumm makes a full recovery.