MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — View the complete news conference as coach Bob Huggins addressed West Virginia’s rash of departures. It’s a list that now appears three-deep this offseason with sophomores Eron Harris and Terry Henderson transferring and junior Remi Dibo apparently headed back to Europe.

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  • JL

    It's happening everywhere! Coaches all over the country are taking programs that are in good fundamental shape and running them into the ditch. Huggins is a HOF coach riding the WVU Mountaineers into the sunset. Wanna know what the ends looks like? Open your eyes…..

  • True eer

    I would also like coach Huggins to know the day he transfers out of our position as head coach of Wvu will be the worst transfer this fan or university has to endure.

  • True eer

    I read these posts and cant believe the remarks are by West Virginia fans. To start with Bob Huggins was winning Everywhere he has been. They treat him with respect at Kansas State where he made them a viable threat to Kansas. Took Cincinatti to the final four. He loves the state and the University more than any of the authors of these comments.

  • j wilson

    I liked the comments about enhancing the fan experience. Winning would be a nice enhacement.

  • EL Supremo

    "It's happening everywhere," yet those other schools find a way to win. If you had a son that was a highly rated high school player, would you want him to play for a coach that cusses him and the officials in front of the fan base? The big difference between Huggins and Beilein is that John praises his players and pats them on the back, while Huggins screams four letters words--sit behind the bench and learn a new vocabulary.

    My question: IF WVU's 2014 -15 season is another one with more losses than wins, should Huggins be fired?

  • John b

    Guys are leaving Bob because they cany stand you! It is a known fact for anyone who knows kids in town that interact with these players.

    • Allen

      Really. Then why are players leaving teams all across the nation? Do they hate their coach? These guys did not want to put in the extra work it takes to get better. See Staten comment about being the only one in the GYM to work on his game.

    • ViennaGuy

      They knew what they were getting in to when they agreed to play for him. If they don't like it, they shouldn't have come in the first place.