CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A primary election is a difficult time for the chairman of a state political party.

West Virginia Democrat Party Chairman Larry Puccio and Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas are more inclined to defend their party’s platform in the public arena. However, the debates going on leading up to tomorrow’s races are among like-minded individuals and the chairmen have to play it cool.

“Getting the infrastructure ready for the general election,” is how Puccio described the last several months. “Helping our candidates get the information they need to they can tough the voters and deliver their message.”

“As a party, we’re excited for the primary to be finished so we can go ahead and focus on making sure we beat Democrats in November,” said Lucas.

You’d be hard pressed to get either of these individuals to not be enthusiastic about the November general election. Puccio said despite the unpopularity of Democrat President Barrack Obama, West Virginia Democrats continue to maintain the majority of registered voters. He said he expects Republicans to use the president’s negative image here, but doubts it will work as November approaches.

“They’re polls show them that’s something that doesn’t help a Democrat candidate,” Puccio said. “On the other hand they spent millions of dollars to try and taint our U.S. Senator Joe Manchin and Governor Tomblin with the president and it didn’t work, we won both of those seats.”

Lucas saw the outlook for November through a far different prism. He’s predicting a win for Republicans in the Third Congressional District and the unseating of longtime entrenched Congressman Nick Rahall. He also believed the seven candidates vying for the nomination in the Second Congressional District can only help the GOP hold onto that seat held by Shelley Moore Capito for more than a decade.

“It used to be you didn’t have seven Republican candidates in all races,” Lucas said. “It used to be that a Democrat primary was a de facto general election, that’s not the case anymore. It’s a new day in West Virginia.”

Lucas said the Republicans are starting to make inroads in the long held strongholds of the West Virginia Democrat Party. They’ll open a field office after the primary in Logan and said they have viable candidates on the ballot in Mingo and McDowell counties.  He’s confident the Republicans will take the majority in the House of Delegates in November.

Puccio didn’t buy it.

“Last election, just two short years ago, in the entire state of West Virginia Democrats won 67 percent and the Republicans won just 33 percent,” he said. “Folks are still voting for the Democrat candidates that actually are with them, working with them, and communicating with them. It’s really up to the candidate—- if they work hard and earn the trust of the voter, they’ll be successful.”

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  • Moose

    I am sure Conrad Lucas and Alex Mooney will be dancing Tuesday night away wearing their Gucci loafers and silk shirts LOL

  • Confirmed

    After reading the majority of these posts, It's been confirmed that WV is still the most ignorant state in the union.

    most of you are idiots

    • Moose


  • WTF

    After reading these comments, its been confirmed. WV is still the most ignorant state in the Union. Job well done.


    You are all idiots

  • Scott Miller

    Voting for Democrats. I hate the thought of a Ted Cruz kind of West Virginia.

  • Gary Karstens

    We also need gay marriage brought to this state. I believe the only way that will happen is for the election of more progressive democrats. The time has come to put away the foolish bigotry. We all have right to marry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rudy

      I just lol'd

  • Gary Karstens

    Democratic candidates are clearly the best in my opinion. They are the solution-makers to problems that average Americans face each day. They have rational solutions to conflict rather than the gun-loving society that Republicans want. I think we actually feel better about ourselves when we have a larger and more broader government.

  • Ken

    Republicans are out of control in this country. When they want regular people to bring guns to fight our police force (think Bundy Ranch), it just shows how extreme they have gotten.

    We need calmer heads, not hate-mongering and fighting all the time.

    • Reality check

      When the forces of China and Russia invade, you will want the help of those Bundy supporters you speak ill about.

      I'm sure you're the type to pick up a rifle and defend yourself.

      In your world all unicorns fart rainbows filled with Hershey kisses

  • Roger

    Reading the comments below is a classic case of why this state is a mess. Yes guys, lets blame the party who is NOT in control.

  • Larry

    Voting Democratic this year. Republicans care more about fighting than solving problems. We need to start solving problems instead of all this partisan BS.

    • Shadow

      Obamacare has really solved the health problem in this Country and it passed with no Republican votes. However, we have job layoffs, shipping jobs overseas, and indecision as no one knows when the other shoe will drop.

      • Larry

        I'm from the Northern part of West Virginia. We are doing pretty well with job opportunities here. I'm afraid if republicans get in, it will ruin what we have going for us because it will turn into a bunch of infighting.

        I would rather have people willing to work together than a mess like DC.

  • Maggie

    Not a fan of Democrats but cannot stand Republicans.

    Republicans are way too radical for this state and this country so it looks like the lesser of two evils=Democrats.

    • brian