FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — There are proper, legal ways to discipline a kindergarten student but slapping them in the head is not one of them according to a Fayette County assistant prosecutor.

Brian Parsons prosecuted the battery case against Fayetteville Elementary teacher Kathleen Wade late last week. Wade was convicted Friday on two counts of battery. Parsons said Wade slapped a kindergarten student in the head at the Fayette County library and then boxed the ears of another student in her classroom.

“When you are striking a child above the neck, when you are striking a child in the head–that’s indefensible. That’s not necessary to maintain discipline or order or to correct the child,” Parsons said.

The prosecution had eyewitnesses to both situations.

“They were disinterested persons, which I thought made the evidence more reliable than maybe say a parent or somebody who was closer to the situation,” Parsons said.

Wade, who has been on suspension for the last year in the Fayette County school system, faces up to two years in jail and a $1,000 fine when she’s sentenced June 12. Parsons said he’ll speak with the parents of the children before deciding what to recommend to the magistrate at sentencing.

Wade has been teaching for 27 years and Parsons said he believes she knew what she did was wrong.

“The incident that occurred at the library she did not have any knowledge of it, but the incident that occurred in the classroom she felt that she had made a bad choice. She indicated she wished she could have a ‘do over’ on that, which I thought was tantamount to admission,” Parsons said.

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  • Brian

    Once upon a time, parents taught their children proper behavior.

  • Elphaba

    Wrong ? Yes. But, jail time is way over-reacting, considering many other worse things in society that are let go.. She was fired, that is enough. No pension, not to teach again......Certainly in a similar situation, suspend pay for a time, reprimand in personnel file, maybe anger-management counseling...but not jail time.

  • Jonus Grumby

    No excuse ever for striking a child in the head. A simple swat across the backside should suffice.

  • Katydids

    Maybe DHHR or CPS workers who bring these charges should work a couple days in the classroom. Maybe they wouldn't be quite so willing to take ridiculous incidents like this to the prosecutor.

  • Steve

    I know I'm out of touch but a "slap" on the head doesn't sound like she punched the kid out and left him bleeding in the street. The schools won't get "fixed" until we go back to an era of a little common sense. I feel sorry for the teacher. It is had to believe she has jail time hanging over her head.

    • JustaFan


  • Debra

    I am always curious to see the number of comments on different stories on this site. As usual, the sports stories are winning in the comment section.

    • lee

      Our social values are truly on the decline.

  • Max

    OK...then enlighten me on some of the "legal ways" to maintain order in classrooms...which would alleviate "police resource officers" decent cops who have been turned into enforcers by politicians who have no spine.

    • Katydids

      Teachers can't even raise their voices to kids anymore, let alone raise a hand to them. No wonder no one wants to be a teacher anymore!