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St. Louis Rams receiver Stedman Bailey, a former Biletnikoff Award finalist at West Virginia, was suspended by the NFL for four games. The penalty reportedly will cost him $120,552.


Dealt a four-game suspension Monday for violating the NFL’s ban on performance-enhancing substances, former West Virginia receiver Stedman Bailey tweeted out apologies to St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher along with the team’s owner and general manager.

The 2013 third-round pick can participate in the Rams offseason workouts and preseason games but must sit out the first four weeks of the regular season—a suspension that will lop $120,552 off his salary.

During a series of tweets, the 23-year-old Bailey wrote:

“I want to be clear that I’ve never taken any performance enhancing products. I acknowledge that a violation of league policy occurred and that I am responsible for that violation. I sincerely apologize to my Coach Fisher, Les Snead, Stan Kroenke, my teammates and our great fans for my mistake.”

Bailey made 17 receptions for 226 yards as a rookie, entering the NFL after a 114-catch junior season for the Mountaineers that include 25 touchdown grabs.

In a follow-up tweet, Bailey wrote: “I see all the negative comments! Everyone makes mistakes, I guarantee I will bounce back. My promise to my fans & #RamsNation.”

Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin, another ex-WVU player who missed four games after running afoul of the league’s drug policy in 2013, advised Bailey via Twitter:

“Feed off negativity it is what it is Steddy b. learn u lesson and move forward. I got ur back my brother.”

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  • bobcat

    geez could you imagine Baily going to the Jets?

  • Derek

    Who cares leave the young man alone. He didn't kill anybody if it happens again throw stones.

    • GaveUpOnGOP


  • uncle phil

    I used to (try to) read Stedman's tweets when he played. There's one thing I can guarantee - he didn't write that apology letter. I'm guessing some PR specialist or publicist did.

    I hate how all these celebs are sorry - afterwards. Would he still be sorry if he didn't get caught?

    Come on Stedman. Get it together. You're better than that.

  • Charles

    Aderall people. Same thing ADHD kids are taking. Nfl counts it as PhD. It's not. Keeps you up. That's it. Ask your kid in college. They took it on finals week. Moving on. He will be fine.

  • Grant

    (1) He says it isn't PED related, so I'll take him at his word.

    (2) Whether it is PED's, pain killers, or marijuana, it would only put him in the company of probably 75% of all NFL players.

  • Dave

    Learn from it and move on Stedman.

    Real Mountaineer fans got your back!!!!

  • Jim N Charleston

    $120k salary, so about $60k taken out of Stedman's pocket after all taxes, union dues, agent fees, etc for 4 games (4 weeks) because of a failed PED test. Thats a lot of BANK son. It is not a career. It is an opportunity.

    Sad part is you can NOT get it back. That is 40% of the average cost of a house in this country that Stedman basically just set fire to & can NOT ever get back.


    • cutty77

      First of all Steadman makes more than 120,000 grand. Pratice squad players make more money than what you said. Makes know difference he still made a mistake. Most young people do in life. He will be fine.

      • cutty77

        To be right on the money Steadman made 684,500 last year. Google it if you don't believe me.

  • JB

    Curios as to what he took. I guess PED doesn't have to mean steroids.

  • Bill

    Every athlete uses some kind of performance enhancer whether it is for pre-workout or recovery. There are several that are on the fine line of legal and illegal.

  • Independent View

    Obviously, Stedman & Irvin can't stand prosperity.
    Get your collective heads out of your posterior. Your mistake not only cost you money, but hurts your team and puts you on the "watch" list.
    Did you both do this at WVU and get away with it?

    • little Bill

      That sounded real independent!

    • Grant

      Yes, because I am sure the majority of players are clean.

  • mad hatter

    admit you're an addict, and go into rehab before you lose everything,

    • Aaron

      They say one addict can usually spot another one. Kudos on utilizing your life experience to provide sound advice.

  • Mike

    Hope he can put it behind him and put together a good year with the Rams. He's got great potential.

  • DAVE

    ped's ? and you couldnt break out of 2nd string? i'd ask for a refund...

    • uncle phil

      That was hilarious.

    • Kevin

      Name me a WR that was the 2nd WR taken in that draft for a given team, was a 3rd rounder, and started his rookie season. I'll sit back and grow old while you google your answer. Idiot!

    • Mister Man