CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Off-year primary elections usually produce the lowest voter turnout numbers in West Virginia and that may be the case again Tuesday. The county clerk in the state’s most populated says the turnout may not reach 20 percent.

“We’ll be lucky to do between 10 and 14 percent,” Kanawha County Clerk Vera McCormick said.

All 100 seats in the House of Delegates are up for grabs this year and half of the seats in the 34-member state Senate. There are also contested primaries in the state’s congressional races along with multiple candidates seeking their party’s nominations for U.S. Senate.

There may be more local issues that generate higher voter turnout in some areas. Contested school board elections dot the ballots while Wayne County residents have an $18 million school bond issue to vote for or against.  Also a handful of counties are voting on the Sunday hunting issue.

McCormick said there are more reasons to vote than not to vote.

“People need to get out and vote,” she said. “That’s a right and privilege that we have.”

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  • Terry Sigmon

    When a levy becomes a tax, vote no

    When a levy becomes a tax it is time to end the levy. On May 15th the voters will decide whether to approve another excess levy. I would ask all voters to ask themselves, is this a levy or a tax? Levies are for special onetime projects. This “levy” has been around since the 1970’s. I would like to think that the county leaders would have had enough time to find better ways to fund their projects. This money is being approved and used over and over again for the same project. Thus, it is no longer a levy, but a tax. Not only do the taxpayers pay for the levy, but they also pay for the services the levy is supposed to fund. If you need an ambulance, guess what, you get a $700 plus bill. If the fire department provides a service, you or your insurance company gets a bill. Levies are not be used to pay for everyday expenses. These services are everyday expenses and do not qualify to be funded with a levy. Privatize the services and pay for the services as we use them. We should not pay for the same service twice. Reject the levy. If a levy is not intended to be used for a one time project, vote no and reject the levy.